The last time my earholes were so pleasantly destroyed was when listening to Gnod. Orchestra of Constant Distress has that same destructive sound, a sound that you play so loud because there is no other way, it pains you but you need it.

The new song is called ‘Discomforted’ and is taken from their future album ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ out on Riot Season Records on April 19.

It seems we are in for a treat, the controlled chaos is so heavy this will be one magnificent album. Tune in now!



Distress Test by Orchestra of Constant Distress.

I made a curry in my kitchen and when i was ready i saw that there was curry everywhere. Everything looks nicotine-yellow now. I started stress cleaning without much succes and started getting a crushing headache from the currymessfiasco. But everything changed when i pressed play on the new Orchestra of Constant Distress, my headache was so shocked by this brutal noise rock it ran away in total panic. And for the nicotine-yellow, well, who cares.
Listen to ‘Distress Test’ by Orchestra of Constant Distress out through Riot Season Recordings.