new music by All Them Witches, a new Brown Acid, AI noise by Curt Parr, free codes for Onset and an official bootleg by Jospeh of Kirezi

All Them Witches – “Fishbelly 86 Onions”


After their latest album ‘Sleeping Through War’ the psych rockers All Them Witches announce their fifth album ‘ATW’ wich will be released September 28. Listen to their first released track ‘Fishbelly 86 Onions’.

Brown Acid – The Seventh Trip on Riding Easy Records


The seventh edition of a collection of extremely rare proto-metal, pre-stoner rock music. Listen to the first track before the release on October 21.

Curt Parr – An Angel (Artificial Intelligence aided composition styled as Electronic Speed Noise Doom)


Here is some weirder stuff for you.
The upcoming album ‘White Metal’ by Curt Parr is an abstract commentary on a future London, sonically detailing and critiquing it’s structures, hyper-professionalism, politics, embracement of new technologies and the coping ability of it’s citizens.
𝘞𝘏𝘐𝘛𝘌 𝘔𝘌𝘛𝘈𝘓 has been created through a melding of human compositional choice and aided by artificial intelligence methods through waveforms and midi data. As the human composers mind changes, grows and adapts to what they believe would best align with how to represent a future London, so does the various AI techniques, as they “learn and reflect” on data from the album. Therefore to create an ever evolving piece of music to reflect London’s ever evolving nature, the album will be updated, new versions will overtake the previous ones.



Onset is a Belgian music collective that makes ominous electronic music. They have given Fuzzy Sun some free download codes to share. Hurry up and redeem them at
  1. ap7s-7ty6
  2. uuya-xedu
  3. v5kg-j3sp
  4. 78yy-ywh2
  5. mnuz-u4pc
  6. f55k-jqbw

Joseph of Kirezi – Bleeding Jam Session vol​.​1


An official bootleg of the studio sessions in June 2018 by Japanese psych rockers Joseph of Kirezi.

New video for Belgian Electronics trio Onset

The Belgian electronic trio Onset released their EP on February 3 this year. Four tracks of Gloomy and melancholic vibes. Now we get the new video for the single ‘Failure’ directed by Alexander Decommere.
Immerse yourself in the highly addictive music of Onset. (A tiny bird whispered in my ear there will be another big video soon, so be ready)


ONSET releases first EP

It is probably clear to you by now that the best music emerges from Belgium. So now I present you the first EP by Onset.
Lonely beats, melancholic waves and jouncing rhythms. Submerge yourself and buy it and like it.
Favorite track: Night Shop