Øgïvęš Big Band

While browsing the Øgïvęš Big Band facebook page I came across this statement:

“1 week till we release our EP, HARM on Halfmeltedbrain. Its fierce. No one wants to review it. Cus it’s fucking scary.”

First of all, this is quit complex, if I understand correctly there is a difference between Øgïvęš Big Band and Øgïvęš. I think, I am not sure. Am I a good researcher? no. Am I too lazy to ask them or search for the answer? Yes.
Stuff I do now: This EP is by Øgïvęš Big Band and is released October 16 ( I am quite sure, I found this info on their bandcamp). The EP is called ‘HARM’ and I am not scared to review this!
My review: I like noises and riffs, and there are some good noises and riffs on these three songs, however, I like vocals too and I don’t hear much vocals.
I like the third track the best by the way.
Here is a pic of how these guys look, there you go: