Obey Cobra released “Oblong” and it is magnificent

The Cardiff band Obey Cobra released their debut album “Oblong” and it is quite impressive for a debut to be this good.  There are nine tracks on this record and six people in this band. The first track from the album is called “OK Ultra” and is some epic dreamy rock that gets pretty heavy at the end of the track. Next track “Capita” is in your face garage and synth noise while “Sunflowers” is bleak postpunk but again with that synth sound in the distance that makes it a bit crazy. I think by now you understand that this album has a lot of different angles with mostly a bleak post punk vibe, sometimes very heavy, sometimes epic filled with psychedelic vibes. Obey Cobra does not bore, not on a single track. Every track is a sonic world on its on. one of the best new bands around. Tune in for Obey Cobra.

Favourite tracks: Intermission, Dim beak


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