MoE to release La Bufa

MoE is from Norway.

MoE is loud.

MoE is noisy.

MoE works together with lots of people such as Keiji Haino, Pain Jerk, Lasse Marhaug, Okkyung Lee.

MoE will release a new album on August 23.

MoE calls their new album ‘La Bufa’

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Magmakammer release new EP ‘Bloody Diamond’

The Norwegian doomrockers Magmakammer released their excellent album ‘Mindtripper’ back in September on Kosmic Artifactz. The album was very good received and ended up on my 2018 best of too.

So now their is a new EP by the band with three excellent tracks. Magmakammer possesses a kind of vintage heavy sound with hints of Uncle Acid in their music.

Tune in now for the latest EP ‘Bloody Diamond’ by Magmakammer.

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Norwegian Doomrockers Magmakammer

Well, this is an excellent record. The heavy Norwegian rocker Magmakammer released their new album “Mindtripper” today on Kosmic Artifactz.
This is trippy doom/psych in the style of Uncle Acid. Magmakammer is one of those rare bands that produces excellent fuzz and hits you from the first listen.
Favorite track: Fat Saturn

Tune in for more heavy on Fuzzy Sun’s spotify

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Release day for Orions Belte

Another of those great finds is the Norwegian trio Orions Belte. Their new album “Mint” is an example of what good chill psych music should sound like. Laid back tunes mixed with a bit of blues and pop tunes.
Orions Belte is one of those bands to enjoy in the sun accompanied with a huge amount of drinks. Ou today on Jansen records.

Find them on Fuzzy Sun’s Spotify list.
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Cosmic rockers Magmakammer

Psychedelic doom from Norway! The band Magmakammer released their first track “Along the Crooked Roads” from their upcoming album Mindtripper. Find them on Fuzzy Sun’s spotify list.
The slow fuzzy riffs and awesome vocals on this track make me want to hear the rest of the album now but I will have to wait for September 10.
you will want to hear this!

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Norwegian rocker ÅRABROT

The Norwegian grammy award winning band return with a new full album called ‘Who Do You Love’. The band rehearses and records in a former church in rural Sweden, surrounded by pianos and organs.
Their new album will be out September 7, but we can listen to the two released tracks already.

foto van Arabrot Official.