Pamplemousse release ‘High Strung’

You won’t get any exotic tunes from the band from Reunion Island, no, Pamplemousse deals in heavy rock and they do it real good too. Their second album is self titled and is nice track of heavy stuff long.

Pamplemousse is back stronger then ever with this excellent album. For fans of stuff that makes a good racket.

Tune in now. Out April 19th on A tant Rêver du Roi.

Favorite track: Dragon’s Breath

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Beige Palace release ‘Leg’

It is always fun when you here something new, something refreshing and you can expect to be refreshed by this band. The Leeds trio released their album ‘Leg’ on Buzzhowl Records and it really is something special. Beige Palace is very difficult to catagorize and that is what makes this album a really fun listen, they jump from genre to genre and go from heavy and noisy to tender and atmosperic.

Beige Palace needs to be listened to a lot, and it does now.

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Peruvian noiserock Fukuyama

Energetic noise rock from Lima! The band released their first 3 track EP in 2018 and show that the band has a very specific sound, a highly energetic sound that predicts only good stuff for the future. They released two new singles in 2019 in wich you already hear the evolved sound of the band.

Check out Fukuyama now.

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Videopremiere: Moon Pussy shares ‘The Buttler’

When I see a bandname like Moon Pussy I instantly expect good noisy music. And they deliver some freakin good music too, the Colorado trio consists of Ethan A. Hahn, Cory Hager and Crissy Cuellar. With these three people they make a hell of a racket.

In January the band shared their new album called ‘Band Meating’. If you think these cool names going to stop, you are wrong. Moon Pussy does not only deliver crushing noiserock with hellish vocals, they have good names for every track like ‘Buttler’, ‘Sports Fuck’ and ‘Butt Hash’.

‘Band Meating’ is filled with good riffs and high energy tracks. With enough variation on their tracks the album stays interesting and is pretty addictive.  This is the kind of noiserock that everyone needs to hear.

So you can imagine I am very pleased to premiere a video by Moon Pussy. Direct your attention to the new video from the track ‘(She Likes It In) The Buttler’.

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‘Dengue Fever Hypnotic Trip’ by The Gluts

This is the third album by the Milan based noisy punk The Gluts. The album ‘Dengue Fever Hypnotic Trip’ is released March 12 on Fuzz Club.

A ferocious, raw and wild album produced by Bob de Wit (Gnod, A Place To Bury Strangers).

Tune in now and get a copy of ‘Dengue Fever Hypnotic Trip’.

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Belgian noiserockers Vandal X release ‘Blood on the Streets’

I have to admit something ridiculous, i was really looking forward to this release. Shit, the new album of the Belgian masters of noiserock, and this is a blog especially for noiserock and psychedelic rock. So i wanted to check this album as soon as possible, I needed it as fast as possible in my ears. But since my brain mostly forgets everything since the last time I ate I completely forgot about the release of ‘Blood on the Streets’ (which was March  23).

You people couldn’t care less about all this horsecrap ofcourse. What you should care about is this, this fucking release. From start to finish the duo  keep ramming explosive noiserock down your throat. These dudes ooze experience and with it they created this gorgeous record, as brutal as ever and an everlasting wall of sound.

I could go over every track and tell you what i think but honestly i hate doing that and i don’t think you really care about that.

What you should do is turn this really loud and listen to it again and again and buy it ofcourse.

Out on 9000 Records!

You can find them and more dirty stuff on the Big Belgian Noiserock list.

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The Psychotic Monks release ‘Private Meaning First’

The french rockers The Psychotic Monks are back with a new album. This is one of those bands with their very own sound, a sound that can vary from bleak atmospheric rock to riff fueled chaotic noise rock. They released their first music in 2016 and the album after ‘Silence Slowly and Madly Shines’ is the one that hooked me. Shortly after they released the live set called “An Ascent to Confusion”. Gorgeous stuff.

Now it is time for the new album, the thing is called ‘Private Meaning First’. What really is great about that is that they do what they please, on their new album choas and post-punk influences thrive with here and their absolute killer riffs. ‘Private Meaning First’ is controlled chaos at its best. Out on Vicious Circle Records. Listen now!

Listen – Buy:

Favorite track: A Coherant Appearance

Find them and more in Fuzzy Sun’s Heavy list.

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