Street Sects release track with Nick Sadler & Lingua Ignota

Anthony Fantano of The Needle Drop is releasing a Various Artist LP, wich  benefits the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC), “a national nonprofit that works with immigrants, community organizations, legal professionals, and policy makers to build a democratic society that values diversity and the rights of all people.”

The LP will be released November 8 and features excellent artists like Zeal & Ardor, Oxbow, Street Sects ,Xiu Xiu and many more.

Now we can check out the industrial lords Street Sects. Their new song is called ‘Fourteen Frames’ and features Nick Sadler of Daughters and Lingua Ignota. An extremely powerfull and industrial track.


Australian noiserockers Macros

Through the Australian band Lost Talk i came to know the band Macros with members of  LOST TALK, Overtime, Mile End, Mongrel Country. They released their EP called Macros July 1 in 2019. Macros deals in agressive punk and noiserock. The five track EP is great stuff with ‘Medicate’ as my favourite track. Tune in and listen to some Macros.

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Øgïvęš Big Band

While browsing the Øgïvęš Big Band facebook page I came across this statement:

“1 week till we release our EP, HARM on Halfmeltedbrain. Its fierce. No one wants to review it. Cus it’s fucking scary.”

First of all, this is quit complex, if I understand correctly there is a difference between Øgïvęš Big Band and Øgïvęš. I think, I am not sure. Am I a good researcher? no. Am I too lazy to ask them or search for the answer? Yes.
Stuff I do now: This EP is by Øgïvęš Big Band and is released October 16 ( I am quite sure, I found this info on their bandcamp). The EP is called ‘HARM’ and I am not scared to review this!
My review: I like noises and riffs, and there are some good noises and riffs on these three songs, however, I like vocals too and I don’t hear much vocals.
I like the third track the best by the way.
Here is a pic of how these guys look, there you go:

Djunah to release ‘Ex Voto’ – listen to three tracks now

Djunah is a duo made of Donna Diane (who amazingly plays guitar, sings and does stuff with her feet on a Moog bass organ) and Nick Smalkowski (Arctic Sleep and Fake Limbs) joins on drums and together they are ready to release their debut album ‘Ex Voto’ on November 1.

There are three tracks available before the release. Each track is very powerful and not one track sounds the same. This is original noise rock that is really fun and actually easy to listen too. Excellent tunes from an excellent band. Tune in for the three tracks before the release November 1.

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Gloop release ‘Smiling Lines’

The Baltimore noiserockers Gloop released their new album ‘Smiling Lines’. This album is one rollercoaster of wild punk and noiserock, frenzy unpolished rock that enters your brain unfiltered. ‘Smiling Lines’ is loud and energetic.

Released September 27. Tune in now and buy this stuff on CD and Cassette


Bummer release new track ‘Second Chimes’

On October 25 we get the new 7″ from Kansas City noiserockers BUMMER. August 2018 they released their record ‘Holy Terror’ and now they are ready to release new and agressive riffs into the word.

BUMMER’s first new single is called Second Chimes (Terrence Howard War Machine) and is just simply Brutal. The EP ‘Thanks for Nothing’ will be a feast for every fan of the heavy. To be released on learning Curve Records.

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Belgian noiserockers Youff are back with new face destroying track from their upcoming album “If Wishes were horses, homicidal beggars could ride”. 

’20​/​20 HINDSIGHT’ was the latest album by Belgian noiserockers Youff, this one was released in May this year and is ridicously agressive and loud. Now they are already back with new music from another new album called “If Wishes were horses, homicidal beggars could ride”. 

Their new track is called ‘Quaaludes’ and it seems they are aiming to be the loudest band of the year. There is so much wild frenzy noise on this track that in 3 minutes your brain melts through your nose.

Press play

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