Sog City shares ‘the hitch hiker.’

Ohio heavyweight Sog City shared a new album ‘the hitch hiker.’ Their previous album ‘Thoroughbreds.’ was pretty damn awesome so I expected more of the same but this new album is different. The first track ‘tiny hooks’ is 14 minuites long and is a eerie sludge/doom track with incredible heavy riffing and atmospheric vocals at the end. Second track ‘shutterbug’ is 7 minutes of dirty sludge and ‘the hitch hiker.’ is all noise and doom. An excellent album that is way darker than their previous work. pretty damn awesome.

tunic release ‘Exhaling’

Winnipeg noiserockers Tunic are a force to be reckoned with and they prove it on their new album ‘Exhaling’. First thing that stands out is that this album has 23 tracks! 23! The tracks are short bursts of energy that are about 2 minutes in length. Each track is incredibly loud and intense noiserock, filled with fast paced punk riffing. This album is quite awesome because it is really heavy and intense but at the same time it is easy to listen too and even catchy at times. The music from ‘Exhaling’ is a brutal, intense noisepunk riff feast that is brimful of nerveous energy. Tune in now.

Favourite tracks: ‘Dissapointment’, ‘Radius

Bloody head to release ‘The Temple Pillars Dissolve Into The Clouds’ on Hominid Records

It has been a while since we got a new release on the great label Hominid, so I was really glad when I crawled out of bed, opened up my phone and saw there was going to be a new release. The upcoming release is from UK rockers Bloody Head, a band I did not know before today. The first track is called ‘Homeaopathic Mountains’ and what a goddman crushing sound is this! I am really excited here, this is a mix of punk, noiserock, psych and metal. It is goddamn gorgeous and makes me think a bit of Gnod in moments. I cannot wait to hear more of this! Bloody Head will release ‘The Temple Pillars Dissolve Into The Clouds’ on May 31. With only hearing the first track I know this will be high up my end of the year list. Tune in now.

Terrible Lovers release ‘Tough Luck’

Terribe Lovers is Kenny Johnson. Kenny Johnson was/is in Reverse Engineer, Black Racers, El Chupa Cobras, EK3, He is the Queen, Knucklefish. Kenny Johnson made with his Terrible Lovers project a new album called ‘Tough Luck’. This posthardcore/grungy/punky/noiserock EP is a fun listen. Check it out and buy the digital album.

tunic to release ‘Exhaling’ in April

In April 2021 Winnipeg noiserockers tunic will release their new album ‘Exhaling’. The first three tracks are out and this will be some awesome stuff. The short tracks are brutal, fast and in your face noisepunk. Fun thing is that these are short tracks but to compensate they just have 23 of them on the album wich gets me more excited the closer we get too April 9th. Check them out now and pre-order the record on their bandcamp page. An absolute blast and only three tracks are out!

Cabale release their new EP

The French rockers Cabale released a new EP and it is quite powerfull noiserock and postpunk. The trio is made up of Rabih Gebeile (Mondo Cane, Murmuration, Backbone Party) on bass and vocals, Arthur Travert (Maud Octallinn, Sundown, Vodka Gun) on drums and Michel Malégeant (Moonman & The Unlikely Orchestra, Desmond Korma, Maps of Jupiter) on guitar . The album is released on Greed Recordings. Tune in a order the 6 strong tracks of the French noiserockers Cabale.

I added Cabale to the list ‘Psych and Noise in France’.

Greylock & BEDTIMEMAGIC split

I like splits, I do, and this time it is a really awesome split, it is a split between the Boston doom duo Greylock who makes really angry doom/sludge/evil music and covers a track from BEDTIMEMAGIC on this split. And believe it or not, BEDTIMEMAGIC is also a duo and makes this gorgeous fast paced noiserock. Make your day better with some agressive music. Be Cool and Buy it on Casette.

Denmark Brunsten released their debut in October

Must have missed this record last year and i cannot not post this so really happy to come across it now because it is a really good piece of noiserock. The trio is from Denmark and their recently released album is called ‘1500’. Angry riffs with a good punk vibe. Check them out now.

FFO Exhalants, usa nails

‘Alien 3’ by Gary, Indiana

Gary, Indiana is slowly creeping up as one of my new favourite band. They have their fourth track out and it is again something that really resonates with me. For me Gary, Indiana makes very original music and they do what they please, they mix up post punk and noise and electronic music and whatever. This time they made a track called ‘Alien 3’ and is their most electronic track so far but good lord it rules. Check them out.

deyssi release ‘$273​.​96’

I am from Belgium so I gues this album translates to ‘225,30€’. Hahah very funny. I am writing this because I don’t have a lot of info about this band and I am to lazy to search for it. The info I got though is that they are from California and that they released their album on January 15 in the second year of the virus 2021. The first track is like 17 minutes of bleak building darkness till it explodes somewhere in the tenth minute with industrial sounding terror (wich is very awesome). Most of the other tracks are a bit shorter (except for that other 12 minute beast) and are very brutal and noisy. Deyssi create a very own vibe with this album and it is really good. A very pleasant surprise in the beginning of 2021.


tunic to release ‘Exhaling’ and share second track ‘Fade Out’

In March 2021 Winnipeg noiserockers tunic will release their new album ‘Exhaling’. They already shared their first track ‘Exhaling’ wich was 1:40 minutes brutal noiserock and now they have shared their second song calles ‘Fade Out’ and is again instense noiserock with post whatever riffs and the track goes faster then a puma on coke. Only two tracks in and this sound really awesome.

Echoplain release ‘Polaroid Malibu’

Echoplain is a french trio that makes a mix of noiserock and post punk. I got to know the band through my post about French heavy bands. Their new album capturezs the atmosphere of postpunk perfect and they have the heaviness of a noiserock band wich makes this record really awesome. Good riffs and enough agression to make it interesting.

FFO Luggage and Spectres

Update 5: The Cosmic Side Of Japan

Now and then I give you an update n the evergrowing list ‘The Cosmic Side of Japan’ wich is filled with heavy psych, japanoise and noiserock from, guess it or not, Japan. This is Update number 5. Tune in and if you have not checked out the immense full list, then do it HERE.

Musica Transonic

The Black Editions release remixed and remastered by Asahito Nanjo
Vinyl Mastering by JJ Golden, Golden Mastering. Musica Transonic (Asahito Nanjo, Makoto Kawabata, Yoshida Tatsuya) released this in 1995 on P.S.F. Records.


Mike Vest (wich playes in a lot of bands like Blown Out, Melting Hand, 11Paranoias,..), Junzo Suzuki (20 Guilders, Astral Travelling Unity, a lot of solo work and a lot of collabs) and Dave Sneddon are Mienkakunare and you can buy their new album on bandcamp and check out the 17 minute first song.


Fuji are Mik Quantius, Bart De Paepe, Louise Frères, Warre Fungus and Junzo Suzuki. in November 2018, they did their first time touring around Belgium/Nederland with Junzo and legendary Mil Quantius of Embryo. this recording is the Document of their Complete Show at Barley in Brussels.

Angel’in Heavy Syrup

This is gorgeous psychedelic rock from this Osaka band that started in 1990. They made four albums and a best of and afterwards fallen into indefinite hiatus status it seems.


This is the first full length from the Copenhagen sludge punkers Quitters. They have released three EP’s in the past and now they have shared their new LP called ‘Man’ wich has been released on Virkelighedsfjern. An album filled with really good riffs that can bring joy to everyone that likes their music heavy. Tune in now and play loud.

Skiska Skooper shares new clip for ‘Heroin Shifter’

“Surreality Check” is the latest album by the Belgian trio Skiska Skooper. The album ended on my end of the year list and has some absolute killer songs. They made a couple of vids too wich are shared below. Now we can check out the new vid for ‘Heroin Shifter’ wich is the campfire vibe track of the album. Tune in and enjoy.

You can find Skiska Skooper and more on “The Big Belgian Noiserock List”.

TRVSS release new EP ‘The Boiling Frog’

Experimental noiserockers TRVSS released their awesome album new distances somewhere in July this year on Cruel Nature records and now they are back with a new three track EP called ‘The Boiling Frog’. These are three bursts of agressive noisepunk/hardcore. It is shirt, fast and in your face and an absolute blast to listen too.

The best albums according to Ralph Schaarschmidt (TRIGGER CUT, Buzz Rodeo)

It is list season! I am not really a big Christmas person but I do love list season.I already made my end of the year list but this year I decided that one list is not enough. So you can expect two lists from Fuzzy Sun writers Brad and Ryne and now you will get a list from the great Ralph Schaarschmidt whom you know from his work in Buzz Rodeao and Trigger Cut. Be sure to check out the two new tracks from the upcoming album from Trigger Cut named ‘ROGO’. Ralph also made 5 part collection of the best noiserock and postpunk wich you can check out here. But now ofcourse you are here for the best of 2020 according to our friend Ralph. Dig in!

Moon Pussy – Moon Pussy

Hoaries – Rocker Shocker

The Domains – Enter

Adulkt Life – Book of Curses

Carnival Crash – It Is A Happy Man

Patois Counselors – The Optimal Seat

The Hammer Party – Smashed Hits

Twisted Ankle – Twisted Ankle

Lié – You Want It Real

Trainer – Athletic Statics

Ryoki Center – Strychnine

Sky Furrows – Sky Furrows

Live Skull – Dangerous Visions

USA Nails – Character Stop

Blacklisters – Fantastic Man

UK GOLD -Epigram No. 2

Exhalants – Atonement

Shifting – It Was Good

June of 44 – Revisionist: Adaptations & Future Histories In The Time Of Love And Survival

New Primals – Horse Girl Energy

Alpha Hopper – Alpha Hex Index