Alexis Marshall (Daughters) release first track ‘Nature in Three Movements’

In 2018 Daughters released ‘You Won’t Get What You Want’ wich was not only their first album in a long time but was an amzing piece of art, that album is intense, original and godlike. It still is one of my favourite albums.

And now it is Alexis Marshall, the vocalist from Daughters, is making himself ready to release his first solo album. When this album will be released and when we will hear music from it is unclear but he shared a standalone singel just now called ‘Nature in Three Movements’. Tune in for the powerful new track now. Out on Sargent House.

Couldn’t be left alone.
He picked up a pen, drew a line across his throat.
Couldn’t be left alone.
He picked up the hammer and nail, tied his feet to the ground.
Then the telephone came alonging,
The front door started calling.
Can’t be weighted down.
He took it as a sign of weakness.
He couldn’t put the hammer down.
He wore one right between his eyes.
He couldn’t be left alone, and took it as a sign of weakness when the baroque tune came upon.
Oh, the telephone came alonging.
The front door started calling.
He couldn’t put the hammer down.
Can’t be weighted down.


Two tracks up for listening from the new Exhalants

Exhalants has this ferocious energy. With their noiserock and excellent riffs they released a full album in 2018 and a split with Pinko and their self titled debut. The Texas noiserockers return with a new album wich will be called ‘Atonement’ and will be released September 11.  Their first track is called ‘bang’ and shows us a even stronger Exhalants, their music fierce and powerfull, fast and intense. Now we get the second song ‘Blackened’ before the release on 11 September.


Shit and Shine release ‘Goat Yelling Like A Man’ on Riot Season Records

Dear people of Planet Earth, I have listened to a lot of Shit and Shine over the last years and I have to admit that I love them, I absolutely adore Shit and Shine. Their has been acid and electronic music and stuff like that and I that stuff is really good but what I love most about them is their extremely heavy sludge/noiserock. Their previous album ‘Doing Drugs, Selling Drugs’ on Riot Season Records was a such an album and it instantly ended on my number two of the year 2019.

Now, Today, ‘Goat Yelling Like A Man’ is out and it is darker and more evil and maybe even more slow then their previous  ‘DOING DRUGS, SELLING DRUGS’ . This music sounds like the evil twin brother of doommetal. Shit and Shine does it yet again.



Heavy noise and sax on Coach Campa

‘If You’ve Got A Hamer’ is the upcoming album by Coach Campa wich will be released on Already Dead Tapes on July 10. The first track ‘Don’t Be Sorry, Just be Safe’ is out and is pretty damn cool. something between noiserock, grindcore and free jazz. in your face coolness. It is going to be released on tape wich will shine in your collection.

Since I am quite addicted to Sax in heavy music I made a list about it and I added Coach Campa too.

Enough Shit and Shine to keep everyone happy

Okay, so there is a lot of stuff that really sucks this year and it seems a lot of it will keep on sucking but one thing that is pretty damn cool that is the constant stream of releases, re-releases, digital long lost releases and what else from Texas noisemakers Shit and Shine, the band that feels at home in extreme sludgy noiserock as acid techno beaty stuff.

I have shared already a couple of re-releases and lost stuff and now their are again three released.  This release ‘Good White Good Green’, was released in 2016 on HEATED HEADS label from Glasgow.

Another release is ‘KUSS MICH MEINE LIEBE’ released in 2008 on the fabulous LOAD RECORDS as a double available digital.

Another long lost super limited sold out vinyl only release 12″ from 2013 again from the mysterious gangsigns label based out of south london. only 300 copies of this WTF -weirdo-masterpiece were released and they were snapped up immediately. ‘FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS WHEN PEOPLE START BEING POLITE FOR A FUCKING CHANGE’

And this one for now is the digital version of bass puppy 12″ from 2010 released on the kick ass BADMASTER RECORDS out of Philly(home of the cheese steak).

‘JREAM BABY JREAM’ was released in 2012 on Riot Season and is another classic Shit and SHine.

Tune in for again some experimental tunes and if you don’t whant to search te internet you can click on this underlined words and you will find more shit and shine. ‘Ladybird’ ‘Scenic FarmDoing Drugs, Selling Drugs“”No No No“.

Uniform upgrades their sound on two new songs from upcoming ‘Shame’

Again great news now from the underworld. Uniform returns with a new album called ‘Shame’ that will be released September 11. The band released their previous album ‘The Long Walk’ in 2018 but gave me so much pleasure with their bleak destructive collab albums with The Body. Both the albums ‘Mental Wounds Not Healing’ and ‘Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back’ where such incredibly amazing and dark albums. Now we heave two new tracks from ‘Shame’ that are up for a listen called ‘Delco’ and ‘Dispatches from the Gutter’ and for me it seems the New York trio has been born anew. Their sound on these tracks is wy better, it sounds if the producing is better and cleaner but they still keep their industrial heaviness. The atmospheric riff on ‘Delco’ blends so perfect with the industrial darkness. This sounds like a new Uniform and it sounds absolutely awesome. I need this.

METZ is back with new music!

If people ask me what kind of music I like and to give me some examples than Metz is always in them, their music always bursts with energy and heaviness. The trio released their previous album ‘Automat’ in 2019 and has released some absolutely cool tracks in between. So you can imagine how happy I was when I woke up this morning and saw that Metz just released a new track.

The track is called ‘A Boat to Drwon In’ and is on the upcoming album ‘Atlas Vending’ wich will be released on Sub Pop on October 9.

The track is different though then the Metz we know, wich is good, because this is a band that shows how versatile they can be, but don’t worry, they still sound like Metz. The song they released is more modest, the extreme choas and noise is filtered out and the result is a very heavy track with postpunk influences that is 7 minutes long that has a gorgeous atmosphere. This is good, this is very good for 2020.


Mummise Guns release their new album on Riot Season Records

Mummise Gunes is made of members of Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs PigsTerminal CheesecakeLuminous BodiesCasual NunGHOLDBlack Shape, and Michael and all of these bands have been featured on this little website and most of them are on one or another end of the year list.

I really expected a lot from this band, you know, it is filled with members of all these other great bands so the bar was high. And they filled those expectations! Their self titled album is a magnificent piece of work. All these different (heavy) styles come together and I though it would create something ‘normal’ but  what we get is a wild ride full of unexpected turns. The album starts with ‘Flattenend Earth’ wich is  wild rocknroll but then ‘Glitter Balls’ is this gloomy noisy doom track. The fun with this album is that it has a bit of everything in it, wich makes it a varied and fun listen. Like ‘Forever Triggered Forever’ is this riff feuled bone crushing track and ‘Bipolar Brain Transmitter’ is this chaotic noise/spacerock track. On ‘Dog Cocked’ I get some White Zombie vibes and ‘End of Days’ is the perfect fast paces noisrock track to finish this awesome piece of work.

Mummise Guns doses you with controlled choas, wild unfermented noiserock, evil spacerock and Swamp Sludge. This album is clearly for the cool people, the question is: are you cool enough?

TRVSS release ‘New Distances’

The Pennsylvania rockers TRVSS make something between noiserock, punk and experimental rock. Their new album is called ‘New Distances’ and is extremy heavy. The music of TRVSS is refrishingly original and the riffs still thunder in your head long after you listening. Perfect music for any mood or any occasion (I played it at family day and everyone was pretty happy I think).

Terrible Lovers release ‘Theme From Fur and Teeth’

Terribe Lovers is Kenny Johnson. Kenny Johnson was/is in Reverse Engineer, Black Racers, El Chupa Cobras, EK3, He is the Queen, Knucklefish. Kenny Johnson made with his Terrible Lovers project a new album called ‘Theme From Fur and Teeth’. Kenny Johnson seems to be pretty good in creating brain melting riffs and Kenny sound spretty mad too. Kenny created a really good heavy noiserock album. Be like Kenny, be cool.

An Albatross release first new music since 2008

In 2008 An Albatross released their full lenght ‘The Family Album’ and finally their is new music! Tis new EP is devoted to Amanda Medina, wife of vocalist Edward B. Gieda III. All proceeds from the song “Mort Bleu” will be donated to Black Lives Matter Philadelphia.

The two tracks are short bursts of grindcore/noiserock brilliance. Tune in an be blown away.

Second Mummise Guns track

This is a record that I look forward too! Mummise Gunes is made of members of Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs PigsTerminal CheesecakeLuminous BodiesCasual NunGHOLDBlack Shape, and Michael and all of these bands have been featured on this little website and most of them are on one or another end of the year list.

The band has already released the first track ‘Flattened Earth’ and I was really happy that I could premiere the video for that track.  The track is made of awesome riffs, a heavy rocknroll track that feels like a kick in the ribs.

Now the new track is called ‘Glitter Balls’ and it makes me truly happy that it is a completely different track, it immediatly shows that the band can do magic stuff with loud music. The new track is trippy, feels like angry aliens that are cruisin with their spaceship through the cosmos.

They will release the full album July 17th on Riot Season Records.

Time for you to listen to Mummise Guns.

One man noiserock machine REPTOID

Jordan Sobolew is Reptoid. Reptoid is Jordan Sobolew. Reptoid will release a new album called ‘WORSHIP FALSE GODS’ and Jordan released a first track called ‘PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE’ wich is absolutely awesome. The riffs are extremely destructive, there is a scent of grunge in it but it is just absolutely awesome! very curious to hea rmore of this. The album will be released August 28. Tune in now and listen to REPTOID.

Industrial heaviness on the new Primitive Knot

Combine massive riffs with electronics , noise and splendid heavy vocals then you get Primitive Knot. This band is quite impressive in their unstoppable in your face riff destruction. Each track is heavy as the next one. their album ‘Lost Wisdom’ has an Industrial feel to it, this sounds like music for trolls and orcs. Tune in for eleven tracks of some sludgy noise.


Exhalants release first track from ‘Atonement’

Their two previous released date back to 2018. The excellent split between them and Pinko and their self titled album. The Texas noiserockers return with a new album wich will be called ‘Atonement’ and will be released September 11.  Their first track is called ‘bang’ and shows us a even stronger Exhalants, their music fierce and powerfull, fast and intense. A band we need in 2020, an album that surely will be magnificent.

More Sounds of CHUNK To Come

This is the second compilation by Chunk! Chunk is  a Leeds based DIY practice space and venue, primarily producing weirdo noise rock, psych rock, metal and noise. And with their awesome compilation they raise funds DIY practice space and venue.

The bands on this compilation are really cool, just as in the first comp their are a lot of new bands for me, and all of them are something else alltogether. Some of the bands like Thank, Hamer and Territorial Gobbing have been featured on Fuzzy Sun.

So buy this new comp (and the old one).


Modern Technology share second song

The first released track from the duo Modern Technology is called ‘Semi-Detached’ and is  instantly good for me. Heavy noise and riffs, dirty and gritty. Now the UK band has given us the second second single called ‘Blackwall Approach’ wich is yet again awesome. Starting more ominous and with a bass the track slowly builds up to an excellent noiserock track.

Modern Technology is going to release their upcoming full album ‘Service provider’  on August 25 through Human Worth (who made a fantastic Compilation a while ago) and Cruel Nature Records.

Enjoy the track and video of ‘Blackwall Approach’.


Twisted Ankle shares second video

Twisted Ankle shared an excellent track called ‘Landlord Laughs’ a while ago and now theyr are back with the second track called ‘A Bag of Pasta’. Not only scoring with the magnificent track name but the track is quite cool too, an original sound full of experimental energy.  Twisted Ankle is quite the band. give them a listen. Their debut will be released on Breakfast Records probably this year if its not the last year.