Live Skull share first track ‘In a Perfect World’

The New York band Live Skull formed in 1982 and has returned after 30 years with their new album “Saturday Night Massacre” that was released in 2019. Together with Sonic Yout and Swans they defined the term noiserock. I would like to say I was around when this epic stuff happened but I was not even born when they were formed. Now they announced another album called ‘Dangerous Visions’ and shared their first track from it.

Holy Scum release ‘Fuck’

Holy Scum is canalizing their anger into their music and the result is pretty damn cool. The band featuring members of Gnod, Schoolhouse, Shuck and vocals from Lauren Bolger from Locean has released an EP called ‘KILL’ a while ago and new they are back with a new EP called ‘Fuck’ wich is filled with trippy experimental noise, guitarsounds and general angryness. Yes, it is very great and yes, you should listen to it, and yes I mean now.

Oxford noiserock Drore

The new track by Drore sure is heavy and nice to listen to. The track is called ‘Lone Ranger by Kittens’ and starts with some good percussion and vocals, then the punk riffs attack but what make this track really awesome is the sudden and unexpected banjo in the middle of the track. And it is a real ‘Hell Yeah’ moment. Tune in

Metz release ‘Atlas Vending’

Metz is one of those bands that will always be loved by the noiserock fan. They have released the most ferocious music in the past and their new album ‘Atlas Vending’ is again a gorgeous piece of noiserock. But this time their are tracks on  ‘Atlas Vending’ that sound more controlled, tracks that have a more postpunk in them and have almost poppy hooks. I almost feared the absolute rage and ferocious feel was lost but no way, their is so much typical Metz chaotic noiserock on this album it will please every fan. The album is really good produced and the you can hear how good the band works together to create ‘Atlas Vending’.

‘Atlas Vending’ is proof a band can evolve and grow in theit sound and style but still stay true to their core music, wich in the case of Metz is still bone shattering, face melting noiserock. Tune in and be like the new Metz album: ‘Beautiful’

Favourite track: ‘Parasite’ and ‘Pulse’

New music from The Psychotic Monks

Big fan of the French band The Psychotics Monks here. ‘Silence Slowly and Madly Shines’ still rings in my ears and now they have announced their new album ‘Private Meaning First’ wich will be released 27th November.

Now we get the new track ‘Closure’ wich may be the strongest of the Psychotiv Monks till now. Tune in for this postpunk, noiserock and psych ear-shattering track.

Heavy Medical

Due to lazyness and general life stuff I have not read my mails in a while. Now I checked them and came across Heavy Medical who are a Portland band that has just released a new EP called ‘Problems’. These are five tracks of angry noispunk by three angry dudes. The lyrics of the EP are about sucky life stuff like work and people and stuff. Are you too angry about stuff? or maybe not? Either way I don’t care and I don’t think Heavy Medical cares. shut up and listen

TRVSS release ‘New Distances’ as limited-edition cassette and digital download on Cruel Nature Records

The Pennsylvania rockers TRVSS make something between noiserock, punk and experimental rock. Their new album is called ‘New Distances’ and is extremy heavy. The music of TRVSS is refreshingly original and the riffs still thunder in your head long after you listening. Perfect music for any mood or any occasion (I played it at family day and everyone was pretty happy I think).

Now the band will release their album as limited-edition cassette and digital download on Cruel Nature Records on October 30. Now you can pick up a cassette and own your own strip of magnetic tape with the album printed onto it! Head on over to Cruel Nature Records now.

Together Forever release ‘Hammertime’

This trio from Salt Lake City just released their new album ‘Hammertime’. This is the first time for me that I hear this band and it is instant love. ‘Hammertime’ is filled with math rock riffs and a real awesome noiserock sound. These seven tracks are an absolute delight to listen to.

Favourite tracks: ‘Twit’ and ‘Maybe’

Girls in Synthesis release “Now Here’s An Echo From Your Future”

The London band Girls in Synthesis make something in the lines of DIY noiserock/postpunk and they do it good. The band released “Arterial Movements” in October”, released their winter single “Pressure ” and not long ago they released  the collection “Pre​/​Post: A Collection 2016​-​2018”.

Their new album “Now Here’s An Echo From Your Future” is out and the vibe on the album is a perfect mix between noisy punk and eerie, dark post punk. It is very brutal and heavy and it is dark and atmospheric in moments. A great album by a great band.

Abandoncy release ‘Hollow​/​/​Living’

Do you have problems with your inner energy? Finding it difficult to get through the day? Do you find it hard to concentrate? Then this trio from Kansas City will help you with some brutal noiserock. Their album ‘Hollow​/​/​Living’ was released August 21 and there is this nice switch between angry punk and brutal hardvore/noiserock. Nine tracks of destruction made by this trio. It will help you both mentally and physically.

Out on The Ghost Is Clear records. Tune in now.

Human Impact share new track ‘Genetic’

Following the quite impressive self titled album and the recent single ‘Contact’ and the two tracks ‘Transist/Subversion’ the band (members of Cop Shoot Cop, Unsane and Swans) does not show signs of slowing down. The noiserockers with their peculiar industrial sound have yet created another track that sounds ominous and heavy. Tune in now

Krause share first track of upcoming 7″

Somewhere in 2019 the Greek noiserockers released their sludgy noiserock album ‘THE ECSTASY OF INFINITE STERILITY’ as a joint release by Riot Season Records and Fuzz Ink· Records! Krause is made up out of active and past members of VULNUS, Cut off, Rita Mosss, Casual Nun, Progress of Inhumanity, Dusteroid and Straighthate.

Now they are back with a new 7″ that will be released September 26  on Inner Ear Records. Their first track is out and is called ‘Vague Outlines of Almost Recognisable Shapes’ and is Krause at their best, very dirty, sludge noiserock. Tune in now and enjoy.

New Metz track ‘Blind Youth Industrial Park’

Can not get enough of Metz, their music always bursts with energy and heaviness. The trio released their previous album ‘Automat’ in 2019 and has released some absolutely cool tracks in between. Now Metz released their third track ‘Blind Youth industrial Park’ before the release of ‘Atlas Vending’ on October 9.

KLÄMP release ‘Hate You’ on God Unknown Records

KLÄMP is Jason Stöll (Sex Swing, Twin Sister, Mugstar, God Unknown Records, Bonnacons of Doom), Greg Wynne (Manatees) and Lee Vincent (Pulled Apart By Horses, Concentration Champ). And on the new album you can hear Colin Webster (With his amazing Sax on a dozen projects) and Wayne Adams (from the brutal Deafbrick) too . Now Put all these people together and you get something really dirty. Their new album ‘Hate You’  starts of really heavy with the same titles track ‘Hate you’, then you get this aslmost catchy heavyweight ‘Arise’. ‘An Orb’ shows what the band is all about, this is a noisy track full of great guitar work. ‘Big Bad Heart’ is an industrial remix like destructive track, ‘TJ’ is riff feuled energy and epicness and the album ends with ‘No Nerves’ wich got me thinking a bit of Fu Manchu.

This album is a eerie noisy fuzzfest. Absolutely love it.

Uniform release ‘Shame’

‘Shame’ is an impressive album, it shows the Uniform at their strongest. Their blend of noiserock and industrial metal is refined and shifts between an epic feeling and dirty industrial filled with bleak heaviness. The tracks are strong and perfectly transfer the feeling of dread that is so strong in their music. A truly amazing album that has catchy tracks as well as destructive punk and choas.  Tune in to hear ‘Shame’ the new album by Uniform that is out now.

Exhalants release ‘Atonement’

I must say I was really forward to the release of ‘Atonement’, the new album by Exhalants. The trio have released debut in 2018 and made a split with Pinko and now this, and you can hear they have grown. It is not only very good produced but the tracks are strong, full of gorgeous riffs and still that awesome punk vibe. Their is something epic troughout their whole album. Exhalants does not dissapoint, again. Be ready to be overwhelmed by intensity, riffs and heaviness that shatters the bones.

Sprain release ‘As Lost Through Collision’

LA band Sprain released their new album ‘As Lost Through Collision’. They have this very own atmospheric sounds where they have the brutal attack of noiserock and the eerie vibes of postpunk and that together gets a very ominous and heavy impression. Five absolutely gorgeous tracks with some more then ten minutes of noisy heaviness. Tune in now.