Rotterdam Garagepunkers Knife Massage

On the Belgian rock label Belly Button Records comes the new EP by angry Rotterdam Garagerockers Knife Massage. Three short tracks but enough to give you a sonic orgasm. Knife Massage sounds like a lofi guitarfight going completely berzerk.


Bristol rockers SANS release new EP

Very glad I got to know this band from Bristol with their absolutely awesome sound! They just released their selftitled new EP and the first track that was already released is called ‘Aztec Drips’ and immedialty shows the strenght of this band. The track starts of good with a postpunk math feel but, brooding vocals mix in and then suddenly the track is like a punch in the face, noiserock comes from everywhere and shifts between the brooding rock and the noiserock, this track is extremely cool. The second track ‘Deja Vu’ is filled to the brim with mathrock energy and post-whatever music. ‘Flip Flip isthis dense groovy riff and some psychedelic effects and moody vocals. Sans is a band that owns their sound, they know what they want and it is heavy as fuck.

Blush Hurts My Ears!

Joshua Rush Crawford seems to be the man after the Blush project wich is an experimental heavyweight. The new album is called ‘Blush Hurts My Ears!’ and is a mix of very heavy industrial and noiserock. I have never heard of this and just stumbled upon it and I am quite amazed, the music is varied, original and most of all it is really heavy. This is the perfect mix between industrial and noiserock. Tune in now.


watch out for Twisted Ankle

Pretty good band name to start for because a twisted ankle can like really hurt. So the name is sticky but so is the music. The trio from England makes something between punk and noiserock and it is fresh and in your face. They made a song called “Landlord Laughs” wich seems to be from some upcoming album on a label called Breakfast Records. I think you should check it out.

Sex Swing release their ominous new album ‘Type II’ on Rocket Recordings

“Type II” is out on Rocket Recordings! The album by Sex Swing (members an contributers from Mugstar, Bonnacons of a Doom, Part Chimp, Dethscalator, Earth, Dead Neanderthalls and Idles and who the hell knows who else) is released and is a ominous feast. The music Sex Swing makes is something in the psych/noise/postpunk spectrum but it is pretty bleak, their is an unnerving atmopshere throughout the whole album. The thing that does it most for me is the sax in the music, the music is already very layered  but with the addition of Colin Webster’s sax the music is downright scary. This album has a lot of dimensions and is one of those albums you need to listen to a couple of times to hear how good it actually is, all these different artist have put their signature wich makes it extremely original and a true feast to listen too.


Even more Thurston Moore

Thurston seems to feel pretty good, constantly sharing music from his solo project, Thruston Moore group or even Chelsea Light Moving. He now shared a new track May Daze with lyrics!

You must be on some kind of revolution kick
Modernity is on the line and says you’re making them sick
Wars and borders, prisons and swords we don’t understand how
Let’s already overthrow overthrowing now

I’m not the type of guy
Who wants to change the world
She’s not the type of guy
He’s a new century girl

Transparency especially in your soldier’s dress
Screw policy if you’re in prison then we’re the one’s under arrest
Star children have taken over they’re broadcasting peace
Time and space have no place for a sister who needs to be free

I’m not the type of guy
Who wants to change the world
She’s not the type of guy
He’s just a new century girl

You took me by surprise
When you dared me to
Glitter everything with change
And i’ll break the rules with you


Australian noisepunkers KNT release first EP ‘Rock Never Die’

This is one of those bands that’s perfect for a hype. Their first track from this EP was called ‘Fix My Head’ and is just one bomb of energy and punkriffs and a free remix of the track. This Melbourne band now released their first EP called ‘Rock Never Die’ and it is so heavy in your face noise you can’t ignore it and it is an absolute blast. Superfast, Superloud, Supercool lyrics, everything is super.

Tune in for KNT.