MoE to release La Bufa

MoE is from Norway.

MoE is loud.

MoE is noisy.

MoE works together with lots of people such as Keiji Haino, Pain Jerk, Lasse Marhaug, Okkyung Lee.

MoE will release a new album on August 23.

MoE calls their new album ‘La Bufa’

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Lost Talk release ‘Tenterhooks’

Melbourne band Lost Talk  released their second and final LP ‘Tenterhooks’ July 19 on Spooky Records.

It is an absolute shame this band has called it quits because their new LP is absolutely gorgeous. Filled with aggression and energy Lost Talk delivers a great piece of work. Splashes of punk, posthardcore and noiserock right in your face.

Tune in now.

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Danish rockers Mavourneen

The Danish SPOT festival the Danish rockers Mavourneen played their track ‘Bliss’ at the Tapetown Sessions. The track is coming from a yet to be announced debut album. A fresh band emerging out of nothing with a ferocious and raw sound.

A band to watch! check out ‘Bliss’ now!

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French heavy rockers Lysistrata

Somewhere in France are three dudes who go under the name of Lysistrata. The band released their debut album on Vicious Circle Records in 2017.

Now the band is back with a new track from their upcoming album. ‘Breathe in/Out’ will be released October 18 again on Vicious Circle Records.

Tune in for the track ‘Mourn’ from that upcoming album.

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The Great Music Dump #10

*Me saying stuff about all this cool music*
Grey Hairs

Nottingham punk rockers Grey Hairs have announced their third album ‘Health & Social Care’ out on August 2nd 2019 on Gringo Records. Pre-order here:…


The track ‘Mars’ from their new work ‘XX’ wick wil have six revised tracks. Re-recorded during their European tour.

Deaf Club

A supergroup made of Justin Pearson, Brian Amalfitano (ACxDC), Scott Osment (Weak Flesh), Jason Klein (Run With The Haunted), and Leo Ulfelder (Fissure). Tune in for some nice morning wake up music.

Drug Hunt

‘The Tower’ is the new track by San Diego psychedelic rockers Drug Hunt. The track is from their Self titled Ep wich will be released in July. Tune in for some goddamn good psychrock.


‘The Silence That Follows’ is a magnificent crafted album filled with soundscapes, psychedelic guitar vibes and drone. Best enjoyed very loud for epic feels.

Twin Dive

Again a band out of Tapetown studio. This time the Danish-based Lithuanian-Icelandic duo consisting of Robert Jancevich (vocals, guitar) and Ragnar ‘Raggi’ Gudmunds (drums).

Tune in for the new track ‘Animal’. Grungy rocknroll!


Warrington, UK band Klaut makes semi-improvised music thats often repetitive and psychedelic infused kraut. Tune in for the feel good track ‘Not Today’.

Allegheny Drive

Texas band Allegheny Driv make a mix of psychedelia, jazz, punk, post-hardcore and electronica. check out their new singel ‘Hyppodrome’.

Hey Bulldog

Check out the new bass driven track by UK garagerockers Hey Bulldog. Catchy and fresh fuzz for you!


First video and track from the stonerdoom band Flowers. Enjoy some gloomy and eerie fuzz!


One of the many great bands rising from Chile. Tune in for some psychedelic doom by Psychotropics. Listen to ‘Ritual’.


noise artist Pharmakon returns with the new single ‘Self-regulating System’ from upcoming album ‘Devour’. The only thing i have to say is that this track hurts my sinuses

free refills

Free Refills sounds like you said something wrong to a nice girl and then she destroys your face with a synthesizer.


Gurt is back with their groovy sludge. Their new track ‘Rolling Stoned’ is from their new album ‘Bongs of Praise’ out in September.

Gorgeous noise on the new Modern Technology

The London noiserock band released their self titled album January 7 and it is filled with bleak noiserock.

This duo constists of Chris Clarke on Bass & Vocals and Owen Gildersleeve on Drums. Togother they succeeded in making an original noiserock album that feels ominous and raw. On June 28 they will play their release show in London. If you can, go  check them out live.

Tune in for some noiserock with postpunk influences by Modern Technology.

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