New Primals to release ‘Horse Girl Energy’ on Learning Curve Records

Minneapolis noisy punk rockers will release their new album ‘Horse Girls Energy’ in March on Learning Curve Records. I learned about this band through the great New Primals/Pinko split. The band shared the first track and it is called “Modern Lover”. Play loud and enjoy.

Rasberry Bulbs release “Before The Age Of Mirrors”

Well this is quite something, this NY band is called Raspberry Bulbs and makes the most dirty punk and noiserock I have heard in a while. Their music is raw, catchy and really really dirty. Their new album “Before The Age of Mirrors” is freshly released and contains 13 tracks of singalong heaviness, you can just feel the fuck you punk attitude dripping of this record. 2020 is bringing the most amazing and awesome music and Rapberry Bulbs is playing a big part in it. Tune in for some really cool and original heaviness. The best track for me is “Midnight Line”.

HEPA.TITUS “Night Goat/Bobwire” 7″

‘Blue Fat Pussy’ was the latest album by heavy noiserockers Hepa.Titus. The album was released September 19 and was pretty frikkin awesome. The trio (with Kevin Rutmanis  from Cows, Melvins and more) released a limited 7″ with a Melvins Cover (Night Goat) and a new track “Bobwire”.

Crowd of Chairs release “Mod Kid With Dog”

Belgian rockers Crowd of Chairs return with their second full length called “Mod kid With Dog”. Their previous album “FUCK FUCK FUCK” was released in April 2017. On that album you could hear the band experimenting with noiserock and postpunk but on this new album the band has taking the experiment a little further. “Mod Kid With Dog” is weirder, darker,complexer and more experimental. What is most remarkable is the intensity of the album, it is not necessarily heavier or harder it is just very in your face, the music very nervous. This is an album that needs to grow on you, you have to let it in and listen to it with intense focus. Then this album will devour you.  I haven’t chosen a favourite track yet because I will have to listen to this album a lot more before I know what track has chosen me. “Mod kid With Dog” is released February 21 on sentimental. Listen now.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 3 mensen, staande mensen, plant en buiten


Muscle Vest release “Human Resources”

Uk band Muscle Vest create dirty I-Don’t-Care-noiserock. Filthy, noisy and with a splash of punk. Last year in March they released two singles called “That’ll Do, Pig” and “Pinch Me” wich showed a lot of promise for  Muscle Vest. Now the band is back full force with a new EP called “Human Resources”.  4 dirty tracks made for you, and a cool video too. Enjoy.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 2 mensen, mensen op toneel

Kill Life w. Dwid Hellion & Penny Rimbaud / Casual Sect / Melting Hand / KLÄMP (GOD050)

Are you in need of some experimental stuff? Do you need some noises to trip away too? Then you have come to the right adress, God Unknown Records has put out a double split 7″ for the celebration of its 50th release. Tune in to hear the mysterious Kill Life featuring CRASS’s Penny Rimbaud and INTEGRITY’s Dwid Hellion / Casual Sect / Melting Hand and KLÄMP

Be sure to check and buy more music from the label. Check out the Vol. 4 sampler here:


Crowd of Chairs share second track

“Tourist” is the second track by Belgian noiserockers Crowd of Chairs. This track is taken from their upcoming album that will be released through Sentimental Records. This will be their second studio album called “Mod Kid With Dog” and will be released February 21 on Sentimental.

The track “Tourist” makes me really excited for the full album. This song is way more experimental then the first track, it is difficult at first but after you give it a couple of listens it creeps under you skin. It is eerie and dangerous, a track filled with nervous energy.

The Belgian rockers Crowd of Chairs have been a couple of times on Fuzzy Sun. The trio makes intense noiserock with post punk influences. They have already three releases out and their latest “Fuck Fuck Fuck” ended on my best of 2017 list. Crowd of Chairs is on my Big Belgian Noiserock list too.