Twisted Ankle release self titles album

The UK band Twisted Ankle deals in experimental punk that can sound jolly and fun but also in your face crushing punk. This album is an excellent album, it is fun but still tough enough to boast about it to your friends.

listen, yeah, listen to it and then  buyt it, there are tracks on for every membe rof the family, you can’t miss.

Twisted Ankle shares second video

Twisted Ankle shared an excellent track called ‘Landlord Laughs’ a while ago and now theyr are back with the second track called ‘A Bag of Pasta’. Not only scoring with the magnificent track name but the track is quite cool too, an original sound full of experimental energy.  Twisted Ankle is quite the band. give them a listen. Their debut will be released on Breakfast Records probably this year if its not the last year.

Noisepunkers Cruel Words release ‘Bad Listener’

Goodmorning, Today I have for you some excellent noisepunk to brighten up your day. The Toronto noisemakers Cruel Works released their new album wich is called ‘Bad Listener’ and is a mix of sludgy riffs, noiserock and in your face dirty punk. Together with the great artwork this is an excellent record to blast ridiculouslly loud through your speakers.


watch out for Twisted Ankle

Pretty good band name to start for because a twisted ankle can like really hurt. So the name is sticky but so is the music. The trio from England makes something between punk and noiserock and it is fresh and in your face. They made a song called “Landlord Laughs” wich seems to be from some upcoming album on a label called Breakfast Records. I think you should check it out.

These previously unreleased tracks by METZ will get you in a noisepunk frenzy

METZ share two previously unreleased tracks from the ‘Strange Peace’-sessions called Acid and Slow Decay.

As you know, the Covid-19 pandemic has been hard on artists’ revenues. Today, May 1st, Bandcamp has decided to waive their share on all sales, meaning everything you pay goes straight into musicians’ pockets.

It’s a nice gesture, but what’s really cool is that a lot of bands share new or previously unreleased music. And yes, Canadian noiserock gods METZ are among them, praise the lord! You can download the tracks ‘Acid’ and ‘Slow Decay’ right now. The songs were made during the sessions for the 2017 album Strange Peace, but didn’t make the cut.

‘Acid’ is a full-on noisepunk pounder and sounds very METZ. Every line is drowning in reverb and overall noise, the energy is massive. The verse is as punk as it gets, the chorus is an invitation to shout along and thrash the room while you’re at it. ‘Slow Decay’ is even grittier, a catchy punksong hidden underneath layers and layers of noise and reverb.

These are a must-listen for Fuzzy Sun-readers. Highly recommended!

Norwegian noisepunkers Barren Womb

This new track by Barren Womb is exceptionally good, If I might say so, way better then their previous game. This sounds like a new, more ferocious version of Barren Womb. Their upcoming album “”Lizard Lounge” will be released May 17. Another track is coming soon. Their track “Smokes, Let’s Go” is a heavy punk song and it is still catchy as hell.


Florida hardcore punk Android

I don’t have words for this, like I mean I just woke up and I have no desire to write anything about this. If you are here the reason must be for listening to music so stop being and ass about this writing and just listen too it, okay. Jesus, just calm yourself down.

noisepunk from 44 Days

I recently made a list of elektro infused noiserock and this band is just a gorgeous example of this electronic noisepunk. I can’t find the band 44 Days on social media so I don’t really know a lot about them. The name of the band and the sentence “44 Days is a long time to suffer” is pretty grim certainly if you look it up. So, I don’t really know much but their music is absolutely insane. I feel I stumbled upon a hybrid of Daughters and Thank. Their tracks are extremely powerful, the electronic fits perfectly in to the heaviness. I added them to my robonoise list. I can only keep saying this but this is absolutely amazing and one of the best things I heard this year, this is so explosive and passionate! Listen to it, every frikkin track is really really good!


“Sexe Étranger” by Nüshu

This band form Québec makes the coolest noisepunk ever. And they have a new album out! The thing is called “Sexe Étranger” and was released November 8. There are twelve high energy punk tracks on this album. Nüshu sounds a bit like a hybrid between an agressive noiserock band and a fun and chill indierock band, and the mix is very succesfull! Another pro is the awesome cover art.

Favorite tracks: “Qu’est-ce que t’as faite que t’as pas faite?” and “Où est le temps?”

Noisepunkers Muscle Vest

5 dudes from London creating a hell of a racket on their two new singles. Muscle Vest lives in the spectrum between fast, relentless punk and destructuve noise rock. And that is ofcourse what we like. Tune in to check out these two tracks called ‘That’ll Do, Pig’, and ‘Pinch Me’ wich are both awesome tracks filled with energy, groove and power.

Check them out now.

Australian noiserockers Macros

Through the Australian band Lost Talk i came to know the band Macros with members of  LOST TALK, Overtime, Mile End, Mongrel Country. They released their EP called Macros July 1 in 2019. Macros deals in agressive punk and noiserock. The five track EP is great stuff with ‘Medicate’ as my favourite track. Tune in and listen to some Macros.

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Gloop release ‘Smiling Lines’

The Baltimore noiserockers Gloop released their new album ‘Smiling Lines’. This album is one rollercoaster of wild punk and noiserock, frenzy unpolished rock that enters your brain unfiltered. ‘Smiling Lines’ is loud and energetic.

Released September 27. Tune in now and buy this stuff on CD and Cassette


Dead Kaczynski release ‘Yakuza Attack Dog’

Dead Kaczynski (pronounced Ka-Zin-Ski) is one of my new favourite bands. The trio from Kent just released their EP called ‘Yakuza Attack Dog’ on Skingasm Records. Their music is a feral version of punk, noiserock and fucking awesome riffs. The five tracks that are one this EP are short but its not the length that counts right, Its the effect that counts and Dead Kaczynski’s sound is so effective i hardly remember my name.

If you are a fan of music that  destroys your face, eats your ears and makes your eyes bleed than you have also found your favourite new band.

So let us welcome these walls of sound, these superfast and agressive riffs, the vocals from hell and enjoy a bit of loud music shall we.

Favourite tracks: two, three and four (love the intro and outro two but i like track two, three and four more, there i’ve said it).

buy and stream and do stuff with it here =>

5th October – New River Studios, Zoofest, London

12th October – Billabong, Make Some Noise, Medway

14th November – Poco Loco, Noise Floor, Medway

4th January – Mother’s Ruin, M4D SM4SH, Bristol

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Track of the Week: Dead Kaczynski release explosive ‘Mr. Scratch’

‘Mr. Scratch’ is the first single from the upcoming EP ‘Yakuza Attack Dog’ that will be out on the Fourth of October on Skingasm Records. Dead Kaczynski (pronounced Ka-Zin-Ski) is a UK three piece that must play the most wild live shows with music like this.

I hope these guys are planning to release more music like this, music that is as ferocious as this first song. Their first track is one minute and a half long but with an intensity that hits you right in the face. I even feel a bit dirty when this track ends, like i have been in the same underpants for a whole week and have only eaten blood sausage for breakfast. If you think this is stupid then you are stupid, HA!

So the good news: This track frikkin rules

Bad news: It is only 1 minute and 28 seconds and we will have to wait till October (hopefully sooner) to hear more.

Tune in for this post-hardcore/noiserock/punk concoction. Buy it Here:

6th September – Drakes, Make Some Noise, Maidstone.

11th September – New Cross Inn,London

27th September – JT Soar, Buttonpusher, Nottingham

5th October – New River Studios, Zoofest, London

12th October – Billabong, Make Some Noise, Medway

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Lost Talk release ‘Tenterhooks’

Melbourne band Lost Talk  released their second and final LP ‘Tenterhooks’ July 19 on Spooky Records.

It is an absolute shame this band has called it quits because their new LP is absolutely gorgeous. Filled with aggression and energy Lost Talk delivers a great piece of work. Splashes of punk, posthardcore and noiserock right in your face.

Tune in now.

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Australian noiserockers Lost Talk

I did not know Lost Talk since like 5 minutes ago and the first thing I have to say is that the band calls it quits.

The Melbourne band plays energetic noisepunk and have released some live stuff and a debut album. Before the band quits they will release their second LP called ‘Tenterhooks’ and the first track is avaiable for a listen so tune in to hear the super energetic noisepunk track ‘Goat Jokes’.

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Dead Arms release ‘Simply Dead’

Dead Arms is dirty noisepunk featuring members of USA Nails, Death Pedals and Los Bitchos.

Their second album ‘Simply Dead’ is released on Hominid Sounds / Rip This Joint Records on 10th May 2019.

Press play for some agressive and noisy punk.

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