Noyades – Tomaga – Jozef Van Wissem – La Jungle

A 4 bands split on S.K Records with Noyades – Tomaga – Jozef Van Wissem – La Jungle. Check out the French acid/psych sound by Noyades, The very experimental stuff from Tomaga, Lute player Jozef van Wissem and the Belgian riffing duo LA JUNGLE.




Xiu Xiu release “Girl With Basket of Fruit”

Xiu Xiu has always amazed me, Jamie Stewart, who is the only constant member since the experimental band started has been releasing music that is wildly imaginative and original.

Their previous album “Forget” ended on my best of 2017 list and was a little bit more accessible than the new work that has been released today. But this is good news, Xiu Xiu always shifts and turns and never delivers the same product. This time the music feels more nervous and bleak.

“Girl With Basket of Fruit” is again a magnificent work of experimental tunes that feeds the mind and the creativity.

The current line-up of Xiu Xiu is Jamie Stewart, Thor Harris, Jordan Geiger and Angela Seo

Check them out now.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 2 mensen, kind en binnen


Warish release new EP

Warish is a noisy punk band from California with some great riffs. The band is fronted by Tony Hawk’s son Riley Hawk.

The first track from their upcoming EP is called “Fight”. The EP will be released February 1 through the great Riding Easy Records. Now they released their second track “Human Being’.

Check out thetwo released tracks here. Find Warish and more on Fuzzy Sun’s heavy playlist.

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Henge release first track “Teddy Bear” from upcoming album

Hereby I announce one of the top albums of 2019. Henge is a band from London and they mix up all the best genres, you can here doom, psych and noise rock in their music. In 2016 they released their first LP.

Now they released the first track from their upcoming album ‘Nothing Head’. The track “Teddy bear” is 5 minutes 50 of cosmic noise, slow doom riffs and psychedelic solos with angry vocals.

This is a band that masters their own sound and brings you wall of sound from space. “Nothing Head” will be released March 1 on God Unknown Records.

Listen loud.

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Great Falls/Great Sabatini split

For the fan of the slightly heavier sound we get a split between Seattle Great Falls and Montreal’s Great Sabatini.

Great falls (Ex-Kiss It Goodbye, Undertow, Playing Enemy, Jesu) recently released their album ‘A Sense of Rest’.

The Great Sabatini also released a new album called ‘Goodbye Audio’.

Their is a limited edition from te new split available through the Oregan Hex Records. Both bands have an extreme energetic sound full of riffs, noise, punk and sludge.

Released January 18 through Hex Records.




Fuzz Club Sessions: A Place To Bury Strangers

This Fuzz Club Sessions are getting something to trust on, each time an incredible band goes to the boat turned record studio and makes a LP.

This time its time for A Place to Bury Strangers. The New York psych/noise band released the first track called “Punch Back” for the LP that will be released February 15 on Fuzz Club of course.

Tune in.

Woorms is here

Post-apocalyptic  noise makers Woorms have already released three tracks from their upcoming album that’s called “Slake”. On their new music the Lousiana rockers own their sound, wich feels like it comes from the pitts of hell.

We can expect this beast to enter our realms on January 18 so prepare yourself and listen to the music from the band that is know as Woorms.

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