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Chat Pile covers Sepultura

One of my favourite newish bands is Chat Pile, a band that kinda difficult to pin down and has the sound like an industrial concrete mixer. If you don’t know them I really need you to listen to ‘Remove Your Skin Please’ and I promise you will be blow away. Now for the Flenser’s upcoming compilation they did a cover of ‘Roots Bloody Roots’. Tune in now.

new music

Joseph of Kirezi/切れ痔のヨーゼフ share ‘Bleeding Jam Session vol​.​2’

The Tokyo psych rockers  Joseph of Kirezi make fuzzed out psych and now they return with their second volume of the Bleeding Jam Sessions. This is 42 minutes of highly trippy psychedelic rock. Be sure to check out the bandcamp from the band, their is a lot of good stuff to check out.If you are in need of more psych you can check out more Japanese heaviness on my Cosmic List.

new music

White Suns release ‘The Lower Way’

On the Decoherence label comes the new album from White Suns. Be prepared before you embark on this sonic journey, White Suns did make some absolutely destructive music in the past but I think they have now made the loudest stuff possible. This deranged album is something between bonecrushing noiserock and mind altering noise. The experimentalism on this album makes it even better, the sounds stay fresh and wild and it keeps surprising. This is not for the faint of heart though, ‘The Lower Way’ is extreme, experimental and above all, a sonic wet dream for the noise lover.

Best enjoyed in the dark with no friends.

new music

Warish share first track from upcoming album ‘Next To Pay’

The Californian band Warish fronted by Tony Hawk’s son Riley Hawk returns even stronger than before. The trio has released some awesome punk/stoner in the past but this track may be their heaviest yet and instantly my favourite one. The track is called ‘Say To Please’ and is taken from their upcoming album ‘Next To Pay’ wich will be released April 30 on Riding Easy Records.


Crash Toto release The Riptoffer EP

The Belgian label Kraak and the Inhouse label of Swallowing Helmets released the new Ep from brussels band Crash Toto. The EP is out since January and is gorgeous riff and noise fest, filled with relentless guitar work and repetitive drums the whole ep feels psychedelic and trippy. Their is some experimental songwriting involved wich makes it very refreshing and fun to listen too. The Synths give that extra kick to it.

I added Crash Toto to The Big Belgian Noiserock List because they belong on it too.


Territorial Gobbing returns! This time with his first release on Vinyl through Buzzhowl

Territorial Gobbin aka  Terry T Gerb has quite released quite a lot of stuff over the last years. If you should feel bored and you need your sinusses to be sonically cleansed then Terry is the man for you, his music is extremely experimental and mostly in your face noise (the good kind if there is even a bad kind). A while ago I was really happy to share the album stream of his co-release with BlackCloudSummoner called ‘Heavier Than A Desk In The Factory’ (obviously influenced by Les Reallizes Denudes).

But now we are here for a joyous moment, today is the surprise release of his new album ‘Automatic For Nobody’ wich is on a beautiful LP out on Buzzhowl Records. The album is something special (well what did you expect), it is filled with almost hypnotic sounds that bring you in a trance real fast and I can tell you this because I was listening and my eyes glazed over and my brain stopped working and the people who saw me looked really weird at me. But who cares about people right.

So, Territorial Gobbing’s album ‘Automatic For Nobody’ is out today via Buzzhowl with artwork by Theo Gowans. Get yerselves the LP now and fry you brain with some really weird tunes.


Lush Worker release new album on Cruel nature Records

Lush Worker is Mike Vest wich we know from bands like Mienakunaru, Ozo, Blown out, Melting Hand, 11 Paranoias and more. As Lush Worker he released a new album called ‘Immunosuppression / Preacher / Cygnus / Consort’ on Cruel nature Records. The whole album has a very cosmic spacerock atmosphere filled with experimental trippy guitar work and ambient vibes.

new music

Nokti release ‘Cockschmerzen’ on Crass Lips Records

I have never heard of the Croatian band Nokti before now and the first track instantly intrigued me. It is very weird and that is what I really like about music. But not only that, a couple seconds in you can hear a saxophone, wich I absolutely love in loud and weird music, so much I made a playlist about it and even added Nokti.

This whole album is a mix of gorgeous experimental weirdness and intense noiserock and it hits me just right in the feels.


Lush Worker to release new album on Cruel nature Records

Lush Worker is Mike Vest wich we know from bands like Mienakunaru, Ozo, Blown out, Melting Hand, 11 Paranoias and more. And now lush worker is back with a new album wich is called ‘Immunosuppression / Preacher / Cygnus / Consort’ and will be released January 29 on Cruel nature Records. The first track is out and is a marvellous piece of cosmic trippy music.

new music

White Suns to release ‘The Lower Way’

The trio have released some really heavy music in the past and the band has always been somewhere between experimenbtal noiserock and noise. Now they return on the great Decoherence label with new music. The first track ‘Ordinance’ is out and it is heavy, experimental and chaotic, perfect to play at the family table this Christmas. It is taken from their upcoming album ‘The Lower Way’ wich will be released January 25, 2021.

Play very loud to get the right feeling.


Silk Leash release ROT​/​PIGS

I noticed their a quite a lot of bands that are difficult to find more about and a lot of them are these hardcore/noise/punk bands and I always like their sound. A sound that is very dirty, raw and loud. Silk Leash is a band like this, The Maryland hardcore/noisepunkers released two tracks and both are really loud and good.


Album Stream: Territorial Gobbing & BlackCloudSummoner – Heavier Than A Desk In The Factory

Leeds noise terorrist Territorial Gobbing (who also makes noises for Thank) has an immense output of brain destroying noisestuff wich you can check out at his bandcamp if you like to get a sonic beating. But that is not what we are her for at the moment. We are here to listen to the full album stream ahead of release of Teritorrial Gobbing and BlackCloudSummer. BlackCoudSummer is a harsh noise artist from Nottingham. Together they made ‘Heavier Than A Desk In The Factory’ wich is clearly influenced by the mysterious Japanese band Les Rallizes Denudes. If you are in to Japanoise you can check ‘The Cosmic Side of Japan‘ too

Self-recorded and engineered at abcdefg, the three track album will be available on limited editioncassette and download from NIM in the U.S. (Nim-Brut), and Outsider Arts in the U.K. (Outsider Art)

The three tracks are really good, the first track captures the soul of the noise that Les Reallizes Denudes created so long ago and gives the three track album a tranquil start. ‘Peaches and Crayons’ is more eerie and ends with a retro horror noise feel. ‘Playing All My Black Dice Records At The Same Time’ is in your face scary noise.

‘Heavier Than A Desk In The Factory’ is split in three different parts, each of them conveying a different feeling. Tune in for the eerie atmosphere now.

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Spraint release ‘Radio Caca’

On Premature Records comes the new EP by Spraint. The EP is called ‘Radio Caca’ and is really cool, it has a lot of different influences wich makes it a really interesting listen, here and there the album feels like a grunge album but then the noisy garageriffs blast throughout and it is heaviness all around. Cool stuff, yes, cool stuff.

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Shit and Shine released ‘Malibu Liquor Store’ on Rocket Recordings

Shit is getting confusing, there well come a time when I will try to make a post about Shit and Shine where I will try to order their records a bit from weird techno to strange electronics to brutal sludgenoise. Lately Craig Clouse (wich is, I think, the mastermember) has been releasing al his older albums on bandcamp and it brought me a lot of joy. So while I have been checking out all these releases Craig has been releasing new music as well.

‘Goat Yelling Like A Man’ is the album that is released on Riot Season Records and wich is mental sludgenoise. And right about the same time we have got the new album ‘Malibu Liquor Store’  wich is out on Rocket Recordings. Trippy and fat beats for moving your body. I tried moving my body on these beats and I must say it was pretty fun.

new music

Mange Ferraille release ‘Erba Spontanea’

The French band Mange Ferraille released their new album ‘Erba Spontanea’ on Dur et Doux records and it is forty minutes of hypnotic dronerock with noiserock influences, ambient and experimental stuff. This is very trippy stuff and a gorgeous listen. Tune in, listen and buy.

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Petbrick release ‘Pet Sounds Vol. 1’

Petbrick is Wayne Adams (Big Lad/Death Pedals/Johnny Broke) and Iggor Cavalera (Sepultura/Soulwax/Mixhell). The band released the album ‘I’ october 2019 but have not been sitting still since then, they have released  the remix track ‘Gringolicker’, the remixes of the ‘I’ album and my favourite, the collaboration with Deafkids called ‘Deafbrick’. Now, on Bandcampday, they return with an EP called ‘Pet Sounds Vol. 1’ wich is a mix of eerie soundscapes, industrial destruction and drum driven choas.

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This perfect hangover music comes from Copenhagen and is called Eyes and their debut album is out and is called ‘Underperformer’ and was released September 25 through Indisciplinarian.

This entire album is made out of pure anger, riffs, punk, metal and other hard stuff. It is very agresssive and very good for your soul. Only possible to listen to this very loud. Tune in.

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Shut it Down: Benefit for the Movement for Black Lives

On Fourth of September, Bandcamp Day, The new compilation album ‘Shut it Down: Benefit for the Movement for Black Lives’ was released. 100% of proceeds going towards The Movement For Black Lives. On the compilation we have 46 tracks and a great variaty of metal, punk and noiserock. Some of the artist deliverds brand new tracks and others unreleased tracks and demos and stuff.

Due to the many tracks and great artists ont his I can only say it is very, very awesome and it is a true delight to listen to everything and just enjoy the noise and riffs and certainly to get to know some new artists.

This is one you need in your collection. It is not a lot of money when you hear what you get for it. Tune in and buy it now.

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Deafkids and Petbrick release ‘Deafbrick’

I was really looking forward to the release of this album and it does not dissapoint. The sheer brutality and extreme sounds on this album are gorgeous. This is the perfect mix of metal, noise, experimentalism and industrial. ‘Deafbrick’ is a succes in searching the boundaries of extreme and experimental music. A must have for the fan of the extreme.

Out on Rocket Recordings

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second track by the Deafkids & Petbrick collaboration

Experimental Brazilian Deafkids and industrial band Petbrick (IGOR CAVALERA) have collaborated to make super intense industrial tinged heaviness. Their first track ‘Forca Bruta’ is just an all out assault to all senses wich felt like a truck driving over your face, now we get the second track wich is called ‘Sweat Drenched Wreck’ and is again industrial unfermented wildness. This new collab is intense, awesome and absolutely great.

The album ‘DEAFBRICK’ will be released on Rocket Recordings on September 4.