Uniform and The Body too release ‘Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back’

This is going to be the second collaboration between The Body and Uniform. Their previous album in June 2018 was called ‘Mental Wounds not Healing’. This album was absolutely great because of its darkness, the album spewed hell right in your face.

Now they are back with a first track called ‘Penance’ from their upcoming ‘Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back’ wich will be out August 16 on Sacred Bones. The new track sounds a bit more industrial and accesible than their previous album. very curious to hear more.


Uniform FB page

Sacred Bones FB




RAKTA & DEAFKIDS release EP together

Deafkids is a Brazilian band that released one hell of a weird and original album in March called ‘Metaprogramação’.

Together with the Brazilian two piece Rakta they have made a two song EP with otherworldy heaviness. Tune in for some weird awesomeness.




Taiwan Housing Project release ‘Sub​-​Language Trustees’

So, this is quite something. I have listened to Taiwan Housing Project before, their previous album ‘Veblen Death Mask’ was wild and frenzy and pretty good. And now they have a new album out and it is called ‘Sub​-​Language Trustees’. The first track is so frenzy it almost kicked me off my chair. I thought i would not be able to take a full album like that first track, but that is the fun about Taiwan Housing Project, their music is not al the same, each song is wildly different. One thing stays the same though, their music is extremely chaotic, wild and energetic.

‘Sub-Language Trustees’ is an absolutely awesome album but you have to give it a chance, you have to check out each track and then do that all over again, then you’re hooked.

Favorite track: Universal Size


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The Infinite Three released ‘Ascension Zone’

The London experimental trio The Infinite Three released their fifth studio album wich will is completely instrumental. ‘Ascension Zone’ was released May 3 on Actual Size Music.

The Infinite tree is made of ex-members of Cindytalk, God and Leisur Hive. With their background in noise, noiserock, dub, drone and metal they create their very own varied sound.

Their new experimental album is a varied piece of work with hints of psych, postpunk and drone.









Heavy stuff with Intercourse, Torche, Dead Daughters, JARS, Tankengine and Aseethe

Another load of heaviness for you guys, ranging from noiserock to stoner to doom.


Very agressive hardcore/noiserock by the Connecticut band Intercourse. Their new album ‘Bum Wine’ is released May 20 and is as heavy as a brick thrown in your face.



Torche shared their first track since their last album 4 years ago. The album ‘Admission’ will be out July 12th via Relapse Records. Check out the first track ‘Slide’.


Dead Daughters

Lansing, MI (wherever that may be) trio Dead Daughters makes fuzzed out stoner/doom. Check out their self titled album that was released in April.



Here is some russian noiserock/punk for you. This trio released a new album called ‘VILNIUS III’ on April 12.



On Cruel Nature Records comes the new EP by UK band Tankengine. The EP is released May 17. Play loud for some sonic terrorism.



The Iowa trio Aseethe released their album ‘Throes’ on Thrill Jockey Records. Tune in for some bleak doom and noise.




Burning Axis release Self Titled on Hominid Sounds

If you want some hypnotic drone then you are in luck, the band with members of Noxagt, Golden Oriole and No Balls released their new LP. Their self titled album has a dark and eerie vibe and their tracks are all based on evoking that dark ambience.

Again a magic experience on Hominid Sounds. Tune in now form some experimental stuff.



Gentle Persuaders by Sly & The Family Drone

The jazz/noise/drone band Sly & The Family Drone return with a new album called ‘Gentle Persuaders’. In the past the band has made some absolutely gorgeous records sometimes with Dead Neanderthals or with Colin Webster but now ‘ Gentle Persuaders’ is made by Sly & The Family Drone alone and I am happy it is because the band show what they are capable of.

The 15 minute opening track ‘Heaven’s Gate Dog Agility ‘ has some epic sounds that instantly travels my mind to some dark fantasy world where there are two evil races that are about to start some brutal war.

The music on this record evokes an atmosphere for the listener, it creates a dreamworld. ‘Gentle Persuaders’ is in my opinion their best work yet. The album was released April 26 on Love Love Records.

Tune in for some experimental sounds.



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