Cunts are made of members of  Dead Cross, Qui, Retox, Virginia Reed, Hep.Titus and Planet B. This band makes in your face punkrock, punkrock of the real kind, the kind that makes you slightly agressive and filled with energy you did not now you had. They just released their new album “Cunts” on Ipecac Recordings. This is 13 tracks long awesome punknoise. I am a bit blown away by this, this album is extremely fun to listen to, every track is great, there is an awesome Tom Waits cover on it. This album has it all.I absolutely recommend this album to everyone who like their music feral and energetic. Cunts are awesome. Released November one on Ipecac Recordings.

Favorite track: Dying To Hit and the cover Going Out West


The Colony by Oil Thief

You may not believe it but there is other music next to psychedelic rock and noiserock that I like. I have always liked bands like Burial, Shit and Shinen Autechre and stuff like that, but the problem is I know nothing about these genres but I am going to research whenever I find some time. Ofcourse it will still need to fit on Fuzzy Sun with the rest of the music so I am going to search for psychedelic or noisy electronics (someone suggested harsh noise but this is a bit much for me at the moment). I will try to find my way into Industrial and techno.

So, many of you will probably know way more then myself about this stuff, so help me, send some good stuff my way please.

I want to start with Oil Thief, I believe this fits the bill perfectly for me. There is a lot of atmosperic noise, Industrial and a really psychedelic vibe.

The Colony was released September 25 through Total Black and Chondritic Sound. Listen now.

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Swans drop second track ‘The Hanging Man’

‘Leaving Meaning’ is the the upcoming album from experimental rockers Swans. The first track ‘It’s Coming It’s Real’ has already been released.

This album features members from the 2010-2017 swans line-up (Norman Westberg, Thor Harris, Kristof Hahn, Christopher Pravdica, and Phil Puleo) and extra collaborations from Anna & Maria von Hausswolff, Ben Frost, The Necks, Baby Dee, A Hawk and A Hacksaw, Dana Schechter, Jennifer Gira, and more.

Now we get the second single called ‘Hanging Man’. This 10 minute track is something that gets under your skin. an absolute epic piece of work.

‘Leaving Meaning’ will be released October 5 through Mute/Young God.

Swans 2020 Tour Dates:
04/25 — Leipzig, DE @ Conne Island
04/26 — Krems an der Donau, AT @ Donau Festival at Stadtsaal Krems
04/28 — Berlin, DE @ Festsaal Kreuzberg
04/29 — Prague, CZ @ Divaldo ARCHA Theatre
04/30 — Warsaw, PL @ Progresia
05/03 — Stockholm, SE @ Nalen
05/04 — Copenhagen, DK @ Vega Main Hall
05/05 — Hamburg, DE @ Übel & Gefährlich
05/08 — Barcelona, ES @ Razzmatazz
05/09 — Madrid, ES @ KristonFest at Sala la Riviera
05/10 — Porto, PT @ Hard Club
05/13 — Zürich, CH @ Rote Fabrik
05/14 — Milan, IT @ Santeria Social Club
05/15 — Belfort, FR @ La Poudriere
05/18 — Wiesbaden, DE @ Kulturzentrum Schlachthof
05/19 — Paris, FR @ Le Trabendo
05/20 — Amsterdam, NL @ Paradiso Music Hall
05/22 — Brussels, BE @ AB
05/23 — Cologne, DE @ Gebäude 9
05/26 — London, UK @ EartH
05/27 — London, UK @ EartH

Order here

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Mexican psych Tajak release new video

I remember Tajak as one of the very first posts I made on Fuzzy Sun. The Mexican band uses an extreme amount of noise and fuzz in their psychedelic rock. The cool ting about the band is their influences, there can be drone rock or ambient influences but it stays absolutely great psychedelic rock. Tune in for the new track ‘I’ve Seen It Fall’ which is hopefully the harbinger for more music.

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Prissy Whip is something else, they have a sound not really from this timeline. I kinda picture a far away spaceship where there is an all-lifeform allowed party and Prissy Whip is the headliner of the party. While they play their futuristic noise some of those hipster tripletrunk aliens talk about how it sounds a bit like early humonoid punk and how they knew them way before they where popular.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 4 mensen, staande mensen

Dead Neanderthals release ‘Ghost’

I really like the moment I press play on a new Dead Neanderhals record. They release a lot of music, so that moment they release something new has become someting sacred for me. I know I have to be in a specific headspace to start to listen to a full record of them. The  music they make is mostly challenging and it always has a darker side to it, an eerie vibe. So this time it was me and my headphones late at night in an armchair ready to let 40 minutes of experimental stuff take me over.

This time the Dutch band (Otto and René) are collaborating with Scott Hedrick from Skeleton Witch so I thought it would be some kind of metal influenced album. But no, it isn’t and that is what makes this band so great. The first track ‘Bone Hill’ is 20 minutes and extremely intense, the building of the track is slow and excrutiating adding only layers when absolutely necessary. ‘Death Bell’ is more atmosheric and magical and erupts in an epic explosion in the end.

Again a magnificent record for the lover of the experimental, weird and intense.

Bleak noise on the new Conduit

I got the feeling like i am on a real dark corner on the web when i surf to the Estranged Communications label, the bandcamp page looks dark and eerie, there are no social media links and the music is just downright evil. Wich is good news! Because we like our music evil, noisy, and like my girlfriend always says: depressing.

So let us be despressed and listen to the new album by supergroup Conduit (featuring members of Twin Stumps, White Suns, and others). The album is called ‘Helium 3’.

For fans of Noises.