Shut it Down: Benefit for the Movement for Black Lives

On Fourth of September, Bandcamp Day, The new compilation album ‘Shut it Down: Benefit for the Movement for Black Lives’ was released. 100% of proceeds going towards The Movement For Black Lives. On the compilation we have 46 tracks and a great variaty of metal, punk and noiserock. Some of the artist deliverds brand new tracks and others unreleased tracks and demos and stuff.

Due to the many tracks and great artists ont his I can only say it is very, very awesome and it is a true delight to listen to everything and just enjoy the noise and riffs and certainly to get to know some new artists.

This is one you need in your collection. It is not a lot of money when you hear what you get for it. Tune in and buy it now.

Deafkids and Petbrick release ‘Deafbrick’

I was really looking forward to the release of this album and it does not dissapoint. The sheer brutality and extreme sounds on this album are gorgeous. This is the perfect mix of metal, noise, experimentalism and industrial. ‘Deafbrick’ is a succes in searching the boundaries of extreme and experimental music. A must have for the fan of the extreme.

Out on Rocket Recordings

second track by the Deafkids & Petbrick collaboration

Experimental Brazilian Deafkids and industrial band Petbrick (IGOR CAVALERA) have collaborated to make super intense industrial tinged heaviness. Their first track ‘Forca Bruta’ is just an all out assault to all senses wich felt like a truck driving over your face, now we get the second track wich is called ‘Sweat Drenched Wreck’ and is again industrial unfermented wildness. This new collab is intense, awesome and absolutely great.

The album ‘DEAFBRICK’ will be released on Rocket Recordings on September 4.

New music by Shit and Shine on Rocket Recordings

Shit is getting confusing, there well come a time when I will try to make a post about Shit and Shine where I will try to order their records a bit from weird techno to strange electronics to brutal sludgenoise. Lately Craig Clouse (wich is, I think, the mastermember) has been releasing al his older albums on bandcamp and it brought me a lot of joy. So while I have been checking out all these releases  Craig has been releasing new music as well. ‘Goat Yelling Like A Man’ is the upcoming album that will be released on Riot Season Records and wich is mental sludgenoise. And right about the same time we get new music wich will be released on Rocket Recordings. This new track is called ‘Hillbilly Moonshine’ and comes from the upcoming album ‘Malibu Liquor Store’ wich will be released October 9. Tune in for some trippy electronic vibes and then listen to some bone crushing noise.

‘Walk It Dry’ by Sly & The Family Drone

This new album by the UK band Sly |the Family Drone is just gorgeous. Their previous album ‘Gentle Persuaders’ was a lot better then all they had released yet and with ‘Walk it Dry’ they continue this trend. The album is focussed on atmoshpere, and the atmosphere is extremely eerie. When I listen to this I always get the feeling I walking in a jungle at night, a jungle filled with dangerous animals and deadly plants but they are all out of sight but I know they are close, the weather is sweaty and the ground wet. ‘Walk It Dry’ is addictive and controlled noise and Sly & the Family Drone show they are masters in their genre. I suggest to lay down when listening to this album. This is music that you should absorb. Gorgeous cover art by Kazland.

New track by Cunts

Cunts are made of members of  Dead Cross, Qui, Retox, Virginia Reed, Hepa.Titus and Planet B. The band released their first album a while ago on Ipecac Recordings and blew me away.  They are on my end of the year list og 2019 too. Now they are back with a track they made during quarantine. The track is called ‘The Nail’ and is in your face hardcore punk.

Check it out and listen to their debut album too if you haven’t yet.

Shy-Talk (Blóm, Cave Suns, Hermitage, Onlooker, Waskerley Way, Young Liar) release double single

Shy-Talk is a new band, a band made of members of Blóm, Cave Suns, Hermitage, Onlooker, Waskerley Way and Young Liar.

Shy Talk makes refreshing heaviness, a good dose of punk, sludge and riffs and it is filled with raw energy. I am not really a writer so mostly I just write down some dumb shit here about how the music sounds like a crashing airplaine full of wobats or something. I am not going to do this today, today I am just going to say I really like this music, and that I am grateful and happy that it is not only one track but two.

Their double A-Side single ‘Chauvinism / Didn’t The Do Well’ is out now. ‘Chauvinism’ is fast paced fun and ‘Didn’ the Do Well’ is slower heaviness, the kind that hits you right between the eyes.

Their sound is strong, their vibe is awesome, their looks are cool, be like Shy-Talk.

Out on the great Box-records!

Second track from ‘Walk It Dry’ by Sly & The Family Drone

Sly & The Family Drone is becoming some kind of addiction for me, a couple of years ago I discovered their music and was instantly hooked by it, the controlled choas and the experimental and ominous atpmosphere in their music is addictive. And since the release of their previous album ‘Gentle Persuaders’ I feel the band kind of stepped it up. I thought it would be difficult to match the quality of  ‘Gentle Persuaders’ but on their two new tracks ‘Shrieking Grief’ and now the latest track ‘My Torso is a Shotgun’ they succeed yet again in their brilliant noise. A force that sounds so brute and primal, Sly & The Family Drone is something you need in your life. Also, the art by Kazland is gorgeous and fitting. They are on my sax list ofcourse too.

Tune in for the first two tracks and listen to this as loud as possible.

Deafkids & Petbrick collaborate and release brutal first track

Wel hello, Brazilian Deafkids is awesome with their experimental tribal drumming and shit and Petbrick with their industrial aproach, each of them released pretty great music not long ago and now they have collaborated for a new album on Rocket Recordings wich will be called ‘Deafbrick’. The track is called ‘Forca Bruta’ and is just a wall of sonic loudness and awesomeness ready to destroy your soul. Tune in and check it out.

Listen to ‘III’ by Sloath on Riot Season Records

Sloath has released their album ‘III’ on June 19 on Riot Season Records and it is quite something.  The album was made in 2014 and has aged since then waiting for a master to mix it and release it.

The album is filled with gorgeous riffs, a sludgy and doom atmosphere and some spacerock, you know, to make it even better. Their are a not a lot of vocals on this album and normally that is something that bothers me bot not on this album, this album has so much atmosphere that the sparcely used vocals only make it stronger. ‘III’ sounds like a fine aged wine.


Sloath share new track on Riot Season Records

Sloath will release their album ‘III’ on June 19 on Riot Season Records. The album was made in 2014 and has aged since then waiting for a master to mix it and release it. The mix of repetitive riffs, otherworldly sounds and heaviness makes Riot Season a perfect home for this. ‘Rewengue’ is the first shared track from this album and is a perfect track to start the album with.


Seaxes release selftitled EP on The Ghost is Clear

I did not know this band, never heard of this duo before but goddamn, Seaxes is awesome. Their Ep is out now on The Ghost is Clear Records and they make this superenergetic punk and noiserock that really makes you hyped up and ready to destroy some shit. really loud and cool stuff, tune in now.

Favourite track: Fin

African experimental noise Return To Worm Mountain

It is quite incredible what kind of bands I am discovering thanks to my new African list. Someone commented I forgot about this band called Return To Worm Mountain wich seems to be a two piece between the the singer / guitarist of Black Math and some strange individual. Their music absolutely rules and they have just a new album out called ‘Therianthropy’ (it is about monsters). The album is released on Forbidden Place Records.  Tune in enjoy some heaviness.

Update 3: The Cosmic Side of Japan

Okay, I found a lot of new music from Japan again, again from friends and forums and fb groups and researching myself. This psychedelic/noise stuff from Japan is unending and is the most incredible stuff. This post is just the update with the bands I added. For the who list click on ‘The Cosmic Side of Japan’.

Shakuhachi Surprise

Going to start with my favourite new discovery which is a collaboration between Space Streakings and Mount Shasta. They released an album together called “Space Streakings Sighted Over Mount Shasta” wich is absolutely gorgeous. You can fin Saxophones, noise, and other explosive stuff on this godlike album!

Mady Gula Blue Heaven

This is a softer project wich nice hazy psychedelic elements. In th ememenbers of this band I recognize Cotton Casino from Acid Mothers Temple and other projects. Take breath and listen to Mady Blue Heaven.

Magical Power Mako

I think we all agree I am sharing music that is way beyond crazy, I have fallen deep in the pit of crazy japanese psych and noise, so why stop now? lets go deeper! Let us listen to Magical Power Mako’s album ‘Super Record’ from 1975′.


“Sooner or Later” is from 1987 on the P.S.F. label where you can find an awfull lot of these releases.

Up-Tight & Makoto Kawabata

Another obscure recording from Up-Tight with Makoto Kawabata (from Acid Mothers and like 1500 other projects).


Okay, I am having some trouble with this one. I think the band name is 88KasyoJunrei. I am not entirly sure but they make some cool punk/noise. It is also a fresh change from all these bands from the seventies. It seems these guys are young and rockin.

Purple Trap

This list is getting so long I even have no idea if I have something featurering Keiji Haino. Well, here is something pretty alien. Tune in for ‘Continuously Draw a Gentle Spiral… Red Death!’ released in 1998 on the New Japan Label.


Exclusive: Graves share track ‘Choke For Broke’

From London comes the band Graves, a band made of five dudes that seem to be making some blend of punk, noise and a bit of electronic surf tunes? It kind of gives me weird and good emotions, the music is heavy but also full of joy, but they are called graves wich is so dark but the punk are so joyfull but the vocals are so agressive. I went listening to their previous EP and it has that same quality, that surf’n’noise. That is what I am going to call this, Surf’n’noise. Now stop acting so dumb and listen to this goddamn track  that is premiering on this blog. It is called ‘Choke For Broke’ and it is full of energy and punk fun. Follow this band, there will be loads of goods to come.

If you can’t get enough of them then check out the some other music, like this track that is true surf’n’noise spaghetti punk.


17 minutes and 21 seconds of destruction by GALL

In case you are one of my big fans that think Fuzzy Sun is getting soft, DO NOT DESPAIR BECAUSE DESTRUCTION IS COMING. No, seriously, I still love the extremely heavy and noisy adn experimental stuff and I can’t get enough of it  and I found this band called GALL that made and album called “17:21” wich I think means the total of minutes because the tracks are so short but are many. I could check this with math, I could count all the minutes individually and add them together and then I would know for sure but math sucks so do it yourself.  But back to this band, I never heard of them and they seem to come from Germany and make the most gorgeous noise, I am completely blown a way by the noiserock/sludge/grindcore/powerviolence whatever thingy, this is really awesome. Song number 10 sucks though, the rest is like really good. Awesome! I give this a lot of stars.

Favourite track: Swarming Vessels

Japanese psych rockers Joseph of Kirezi share 2 tracks

The Tokyo psych rockers  Joseph of Kirezi make fuzzed out psych and new they are back with two new tracks that they released in March. The band has some pretty cool tunes released in the past and these new two are self recorded but of really good quality. The first track “Acid Wave” is epic psychedelic rock, raging solos and trippy vibes.The second track “Hirasaka” is 8 minutes long and is something between an epic heavy psych track and mellow cosmic tunes. The bend is together with a whole lot of other Japanese heaviness on my Cosmic List.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: buiten

“Sleep Running” by Baklavaa

If I listen to a full album I always start with the second song, then the first, then the last and then the rest like a normal person by wich I mean in correct order. I don’t know why I do this, I just do, okay. So I started with the second song from the new Baklavaa album and that song is called “A Thousand Dinners” and I thought: “What in the name of Coco Pops is this”. This is an epic blend trippy cosmic noise and this is the music that hits me right in the feels. So on to the last song on the album wich is called “Glowing House” and it starts again with a hypnotic bassline, faraway vocals and slowly building noise and atmosphere, so this is quite experimental music which I love. The first song shows their true colors, Baklavaa is an experimental postgrunge psychedelic noiserock band, I am sure of it.  The rest of the tracks give only more sublime experiments, from heavy in your face rock tracks to hypnotic indie tracks. Conclusion: The Baltimore  band Baklavaa made an excellent album with “Sleep Running”. Out February 28 with 20/20 records (vinyl) and Crass Lips records (tape).