Okay, 2020 just looks a lot better after listening to this release. Forbidden Place Records is a very good label and has released some excquisite records in the past but now they released their 2020 sampler with the artist they are going to work with in 2020 and it is goddamn amazing. There are 20 tracks on “ESCAPE TO WEIRD MOUNTAIN VOLUME 5” and some of the artists I know others are new to me. I love learning about new bands and I am very much looking forward to new music by Jars, Melting Human Trash, This is Wreckage and Ed Hall. what a glorious release. Buy the album and press play.

Luminous Bodies release “Nah Nah Nah Yeh Yeh Yeh”

I am a complainer, I like to complain and nag and certainly when I am sick. Well, I had the flu and it really sucked you know, I was like four days in bed, I could not eat Pizza nor Pitta, could not drink (only if i forced myself i could drink that tasteless clear fluid), could barely walk around and you know, I am a man so it sucks even more. Afterwards I got a stomach bug and had the terrible shits. The only positive thing about this whole irritating illness is I could listen to as much Luminous Bodies I wanted. So I am really happy they finally released it so now I can get on with my life. I heard their album “Nah Nah Nah Yeh Yeh Yeh” mostly on the toilet and I found out the acoustics in that place is really good. Luminous Bodies (Terminal Cheesecake, Part Chimp, We Wild Blood, MGF, Melting Hand and Gum Takes Tooth) rocks really loud and good and they deserve a special place in your heart. Out on Box Records since February 7.

Favourite track: Fuck The Beatles

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Well release “Trench Dancer”

Big fat noiserock from Australia. Somewhere in Melbourne is the band Well and on their bandcamp you can find the info who played, plays aor plays again in the band but its quite complex. Unlike their sound though, they play gritty fast paced noiserock that is very enjoyable. Here and there in the tracks are arty atmopsheric pieces wich make the music more layered and much nicer. This new album is called ‘Trench Dancer” and is five tracks long and released January 17. Pretty fun to play loud.

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Gritty noiserockers Chief Tail release LP

This is some dirty noiserock in the genre of Pissed Jeans and the likes, fast paced, riff fueled heavy noise rock. Short powerful tracks that pump you full of energy and make you jump like a retard in your house all alone. Chief Tail brings no nonsense rock and roll for you and they brought it on Reptilian Records. Out January 17 and recorded and engineered by Steve Albini. Yes

Favourite track: “I Don’t Like Your Face”

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Lightning Bolt share new song

On the Adult Swim Singles Series we get a new track from Lightning Bolt. The band only released their incredible album “Sonic Citadel” last year and we already got new music! and not just a track, a track called “Spaceman” wich is in your face fast paced noiserock wich we love from the band. Drummer/Vocalist Brian Chippendale just released a first track from his new project with Ty Segall that is called Wasted Shirt. It is quite incredible what energy we get from this band. it seems 2020 is only just started but already brought the most amazing music. For some ridicolous reason I can not embed the track on this site. So you have to click the link and go to the adult swim page. Sorry.

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Second track from upcoming album by Luminous Bodies

“Nah Nah Nah Yeh Yeh Yeh” is the upcoming album by supergroup Luminous Bodies (Terminal Cheesecake, Part Chimp, We Wild Blood, MGF, Melting Hand and Gum Takes Tooth). The album will be released on Box Records on February 7.

We already got the first track “Choices” and now we get the second track “Hey You”. This track sounds like as if a hurricane picked up members of Terminal Cheesecake, Part Chimp, We Wild Blood, MGF, Melting Hand, Gum Takes Tooth and dropped them in a rehearsel space and then they made this track. I especially like the beginning of the  track, the middle and the end.

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Goon release “Natural Evil”

Do you feel a bit under the weather, a bit down? Do you have problems with energy and/or dark feelings? Are you at a loss of what to do with youself, no idea what your function is in the world? You don’t have any talents? No special skillset?


The new album by Goon is out on Convulse records and it is so loud and chaotic it suppresses all those feelings, even the good ones!

One full listen and all your feelings will start to fade.

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PART V: The best 150+ Noise Rock/Postpunk releases of the last decades. Selected by Ralph Schaarschmidt (TRIGGER CUT, Buzz Rodeo)

We are at part V. There is only one part left of this incredible long list of the most amazing music our universe has to offer. This list is curated by the great Ralph Schaarschmidt (TRIGGER CUT / BUZZ RODEO) and here and there some extra bands selected from myself. For those to lazy to search for the other parts on the website, you can find the first part HEREthe second HERE and the third HERE and fourth HERE.

Take your time and get to know some of the greatest, weirdest and loudest bands earth has to offer.

281. Quiters Club – Quiters Club

282. Rye Coalition – Hee saw dhuh Kaet

283. Ramones – Ramones

284. Ritual Device – Henge

285. Rites Of Spring – End on End

286. Rocket from the crypt – Paint as a fragrance

287. Rifle Sport – Made in France

288. Ricaine – Mainlanders

289. Replicator – You are Under Surveillance

290. Rapeman – Two nuns a pack mule

291. Red Lorry yellow Lorry – Talk about the weather

292. Regrets – New directions

293. Sonic Yout – Bad Moon Rising

294. Sunday Puncher – For your everchanging world

295. Silkworm – In the West

296. Sacharine Trust – Paganicons

297. The Stranglers – “Rattus Norvegicus”

298. Siouxsie and the Banshess  – JUJU

299. Slint – Spiderland

300. Spray Paint – Punters on a barge

301. Sewingneedle – User error

302. Superchunk – Superchunk

303. Shellac – At action park

304. Six Horse – Fine business

305. Swans – Cop

306. Super Thief – Eating alone in my car

307. Second layer—second layer

308. Sinking Suns – Death songs

309. Slug – The out sound

310. Shadowy man on a shadowy planet – Sport fishin

311. The Spitters – Sun to sun

312. Stunning – Dignified sissy

313. Steel Pole Bath Tub – Butterfly Love

314. The Stooges – Funhouse

315. Six Finger Satellite – The pigeon is the most popular bird

316. Shorty – Thumb days

317. Squirell Bait – Skag Heaven

318. Scratch Acid – Just keep eating

319. Sicbay – Firelit

320. Shipping News – Flies the fields

321. Silverfish – Fat axl

322. Surgery – Nationwide

323. Shudder to think -Curses, Spells, Voodoo, Mooses

324. Tunic – Complexion

325. Tanner – Ill Gotten Gains

326. The Mark of Cain – Battlesick

327. Tad – Gods Ball

328. Today is the Day – Willpower

329. Tropical Trash – Southern india drone

330. Table – Table

331. Throat – Short circuit

332. Spaceman 3—Sound of confusion



333. Tar – Jackson

334. Trumans Water – oh zeta zunis

335. This Is Wreckage – Q.Y. C.

336. Typical Hunks – We are typical hunks and so are you

337. Turing Machine – a new machine for living

338. Sloy – Plug

339. Schoolbusdriver—Nursery rhymes for old man

340. Sofy major–Total dump

341. Rema Rema—wheel in the roses

342. Scrawl – Velvet hammer

343. Slits – cut

344. Salvation – Sore Loser


346. Sky:Lark – Skylark 3

347. Super Luxury – Ten Solid Years of Applause

348. Snack Family – Bunny

349. Sperm Donor – sleight coincidence

350. Sweet Williams – Please Let Me Sleep On Your Tonight




Swimming Faith Records

All great record labels start small and today I wanted to share the new record label called Swimming Faith. Swimming Faith started in spring of 2019 by John Toohill who released his solo project Science Man (wich he wrote/recorded/mixed/… by himself) as first band on the label. Soon after came the excellent 2nd LP by Alpha Hopper (in wich John plays guitar).

Both very noisy bands and great names to start the label. The biggest question is ofcourse, can we expect new bands on the label soon? I asked John and he has great plans for the label. He is expecting to release a new Night Slaves (where he sings in) lp in early 2020. A MIDNIGHT VEIN 7inch and a BLACK & WHITE CAT / BLACK & WHITE CAKE flexi disc. It is quite clear John is not really the person to sit still. we can expect new stuff where he plays in, solo and side projects on the label and collaborations with other labels and after all that, wich is quite soon, somewhere end of 2020 he will start to bring new bands in.

I can just feel it, I do, this is going to become a great label, a home for a lot of noisy stuff to love.

Check some of the bands that are on the label and some that will end there sooner or later with new music.


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Luminous Bodies share first track from upcoming album “Nah Nah Nah Yeh Yeh Yeh”

“Nah Nah Nah Yeh Yeh Yeh” is a good strong title for a new album. Liminous Bodies is a strong name with members of Terminal Cheesecake, Part Chimp, We Wild Blood, MGF, Melting Hand and Gum Takes Tooth. That are a crapload of amazing good bands right in youf face. And this new album they are making is going to be released on Box Records. Again good news.

The new track is out and is called “Choices” and is strong, filthy noiserock. Tune in and enjoy. The album will be released February 7, 2020.

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PART IV: The best 150+ Noise Rock/Postpunk releases of the last decades. Selected by Ralph Schaarschmidt (TRIGGER CUT, Buzz Rodeo)

Aaaah, we have arrived at part IV of the greatest post ever about postpunk and noiserock. This list is curated by the great Ralp Schaarschmidt (TRIGGER CUT / BUZZ RODEO) and here and there some extra bands selected from myself. For those to lazy to search for the other parts on the website, you can find the first part HEREthe second HERE and the third HERE.

Take your time and get to know some of the greatest, weirdest and loudest bands earth has to offer.

207. Lorax – Yelville

208. Live Skull – Dusted

209. Lydia Lunch – Honeymoon In Red

210. Lardo – Gunmetal Eyes

211.Lubricated Goat – plays The Devil

212. Low Dose – Low Dose

213. Lightning Bolt – Ride The Skies

214. Low – The Curtain hits the Cast

215. Le Shok – We are eletrocution

216. Monorchid – Let them eat

217. Membranes – Crack House

218. Lungfish – Talking Songs for Walking

219. Mx80 Sound – Crowd Control

220. Mission of Burma – Forget

221. Messthetics – Anthropocosmic Nest

222. Motherfucker – Tae Kwon Do

223. Mark Stewart and the Mafia  – Learning to Cope With Cowardice

224. Man or Astroman – Experiment zero

225. Minutemen – Double Nickels on the Dime

226. Moving Targets – Brave Noise

227. Mudhoney – Mudhoney

228. Mount Shasta—-Put the Creep On

229. Marriage and Cancer —Marriage and Cancer

230. Metz – Strange Peace

231. Moss Icon / Silver Bearing Split

232. Les Reallizes Desnudes – Mizutani

233. La Muerte – Every Soul by Sin

234. My Disco – Cancer

235. Modest Mouse – The Lonesome Crowded West

236. Minor Threat – Out of Step

237. Laughing Hyenas – Life of Crime.

238. The Mekons – The Quality of Mercy is not Strnen

239. Modern Technology – Modern Technology

240. Lingua Nada – Snuff

241. Minutes – Roland

242. My Bloody Valentine – Isn’t Anything

243. The Nation of Ulysses – 13 Point Program to Destroy America

244. Nearly Dead – Drop of Red

245. Nonagon – No Sun

246. Nirvana – Bleach

247. Nick Cave – From Here To Eternity

248. No Means No – Sex Mad

249. Naked Raygun – Throb Throb

250. Oxbow – An Evil Heat

251. Pavement – Slanted and Enchanted

252. Pissed jeans – Why love Now

253. Panthers – Are You Down?

254. Porch – Walking Boss

255. Patois Counselors – Proper Release

256. Polvo – Exploded Drawing

257. Polonium – Seraphim

258. Public Image Limited – Flowers of Romance

259. The Pop Group – For how much longer

260. Pussy Galore – Right Now

261. Punching Swans – Nesting

262. Pachinko – Behind the Green

263. Pere Ubu – The Modern Dance

264. Protomartyr – Under colour of official right

265. Phantom Works – Phantom Works

266. Palais Schaumburg – Palais Schaumburg

267. Pailhead – Trait

268. The Paper Chase – Young Bodies Heal Quickly You Know

269. Pitch Blende – Au Jus

270. Pitchfork – Eucalyptus

271. Pink Room – Zum Kotsen

272. Pixies – Surfer Rosa

273. Pinebender – Things Are About to Get Weird

274. PJ Harvey – Rid of Me

275. The Powder Room – Curtains

276. The Purkinje Shift – Five For The Road and One For The Ditch

277. Party Diktator – Worldwide

278. Push-Pull – Between Noise and the Indians

279. Pile – Dripping

280. Pana Donor – Lobedom & Global


Lightning Bolt release video for ‘Blow To The Head’

Lightning Bolt’s new album ‘Sonic Citadel’ was released on Thrill Jockey on October 11. This album absolutely rules and the more you listen to it the more awesome it gets. So if you haven’t heard it yet you better start listening now.

The sonic duo released a video for their track openeer ‘Blow to the Head’. Check it out now.

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The Grasshopper Lies Heavy – Collection I

The Texas band The Grasshopper Lies Heavy was formed in 2005 by James Woodard. Since then the band has released a lot of albums wich can jump from posthardcore to drone to noise rock.

Check out the latest collection of songs by the band. They sold this album on their Japan tour. Check out their bandcamp for more heaviness.

Thank release ‘Please’

Good God, I thought I knew what the new album by Leeds noiserockers Thank would sound like. You know, I thought it would be a strong punk/noiserock album in the line of their debut and their split with Blom. But this is something absolutely incredible, the band experimented with electronics, they threw in some nervous computersounds and now their new album ‘Please’ is extremely fun to listen to. It is agressive, wild, still superb punk and very original. For some reason this stuff is almost singalong material, my lazy body who normally needs loads of booze before it wants to move starts moving out of itself when listening to this.

The ‘Please’ Ep by Thank is without a doubt amazing, addictive and  will be very high on my end of the year list.  Out on October 11. It will be released through Buzzhowl Records and Belgium’s EXAG. ‘Please’ is the first Thank release which has involved new member Gowans throughout the writing process.

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Lightning Bolt release new album ‘Sonic Citadel’

Am I getting used to all these noiserock bands and all these experimental stuff because I have the feeling the new album by Lightning Bolt is catchy? Can that be or am I slowly changing in one of those experimental weirdos that dress in gothic/disco clothes and drink only vodka and think harsh noise should be played nonstop on national radio.

I don’t think I am getting crazy though, I think Lightning Bolt is still a furious, wild and frenzy band that makes fast paced noiserock but their tracks are getting more catchy for sure, the rythms get stuck in your head and before you know it you are singing along. The riffs are absolutely great and they still shred your face off, the drums are still weapons of mass destruction.

‘Sonic Citadel’ is easier to listen to and for that matter maybe more fun. This album shreds, is loud and melodic, fast paced and it has the quality of growing on you, sounds better each time you spin it. Can’t me in as a big fan.

Lightning Bolt is a crazy band and the duo are excellent musicians and they really display their talents on their new album.

It is frikkin great.

Out on Thrill Jockey on October 11.

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Lightning Bolt share third track ‘Hüsker Dön’t’

We are creeping closer to the release date of the new album by Lightning Bolt. The new album is called ‘Sonic Citadel’ and they already released two tracks. The third track is out now and is called ‘Hüsker Dön’t’. The track is again a fantastic Lightning Bolt track, immense speed, gorgeous riffs, drums like they were made in the pits of hell and the distorted vocals. Again a pumped up epic noise track.

Out on Thrill Jockey on October 11.

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The Feral Young release ‘Complicated Transmissions’

Today is ridiculous, with the release of Girl Band I am extremely hyper. Just when I am starting to calm down the Turku based noiserockers The Feral Young are back with new music. The band shared their first new track and video since the release of the excellent 7″ ‘I Haven’t Seen Myself in a While’ that was released on Kaos Kontrol.

Again the band shows their high expertise in mixing noiserock and punkrock while riffing you face off. Brutal, loud and agressive. The Feral Young are back and they are going to destroy your ears.

For more noise check out Fuzzy Sun’s list.

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Lightning Bolt share second track ‘USA Is A Psycho’

Lightning Bolt that returns with a new album this year is again news that really excites me. I don’t know if it is only in my head but this year has already been extremely awesome and it is only September, my end of the year list will be really long with bands like this.

‘Sonic Citadel’ will be released through Thrill Jockey on October 11 and I promise you, it will be great. Now we can listen to the second released track ‘USA Is A Pyscho’. Prepare for some superspeed lightning bolt riff fueled noise rock, this is what you want, this is what you need. Tune in now.

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Third track ‘Salmon of Knowledge’ from Girl Band

Okay, so listen, this is the third track and last track Girl Band is sharing before the release of their new album ‘The Talkies’ on September 27. It is called ‘Salmon of Knowledge’ and you need to listen to it.

I will not yet post the full album review because this is quite important to me, ‘The Talkies’ will end as my favorite album of 2019 cause of it’s high experimentalism, brutal en innovative sound.

So I played ‘Salmon of Knowledge’ for my girlfriend because i like playing noiserock to her because she hates it and something strange happenend, She said: “The noises are really really irritating just like you and that guy should not yell so much but its better then most shit you play”. So this is the first time this happenend, so this is proof, Girl Band rules.

Now enough blabbering.

Listen to ‘Salmon of Knowledge’ and experience the godly sounds of Girl Band.

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