New Zealand hardcore punks Carradine Choke

This is the debut  album ‘Planet Fatigue’ by Christchurch hardcore punkers Carradine Choke. Released May 30 on Dust Up Records. The album was recorded at Nightshift Studios by local legend Arnie Van Bussel. These 14 tracks that are fast, fun and in your face punk. Tune in and enjoy.

Favourite track: Shoot the Dog

The Spectre Collective release ” Delirium Imperium”

These new Zealanders have released some pretty cool music already. “Electric Waffle” and “Cosmosis” where both released last year and have given me some cosmic fun. Now they return with a new record called “Delirium Imperium”. This album is a quality blend of psychpop, kraut and fun. Tune in and check them out now.

The Spectre Collective Drop Psych Track 'Swamp Fling' + Video


Earth Tongue released ‘Floating Being’

I remember being overwhelmed by the track ‘The Well of Pristine Order’ by the New Zealand two-piece psych/fuzz band Earth Tongue when it was released. I was patiently waiting on new music by this duo and kinda forgot about them. Now I see their new album is already out! This is really great because they release a single and then I would have to wait to hear more and now I can check out the full album and so can you. Earth Tongue released a really great album, it is full of original songs, they are one of the few bands who can release catchy psych/fuzz and be incredibly heavy at the same time. Excellent producing, excellent vocals, excellent riffs, well you get the idea i guess. Tune in now for ‘Floating Being’ wich was released June 21.

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The Spectre Collective release ‘Electric Waffle’

The New Zealand psych rockers released their album ‘Cosmosis’ in January this year and they are already back with a new one.

‘Electric Waffle’ is released May 31 and is filled with psychedelic tunes, kraut and exotic vibes. I would have tought this album would be a bit rushed, releasing new music so soon but its not. The album has a really good psychedelic atmoshpere throughout all the songs. Mellotrons, Synths, Organ and sitar make ‘Electric Waffle’ an adventure to listen to.

Tune in now.

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New Zealand rockers Ounce release ‘OZ’

With great pleasure I present you the new album by New Zealand band Ounce. The five piece with their fuzzy sound delivers a great record with their very own sound.

‘OZ’ is filled with motorik, garage, fuzz and psychedelic rock making it one hell of a groovy album.

THe album was made possible with 1:12 records. Buy yourself a copy at their bandcamp or Flying Out Record store.

Favorite track: Dead Mirror

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New Zealand garagepsych Ounce is back with a single

This is one of those bands with a bright future ahead. The New Zealand band Ounce have released two singles from their upcoming album ‘OZ’ wich will be released March 1.

The psychedelic rockers have mastered their own unique sound, with a mix of kraut, psych and garage they are ready to release on hell of an album.

Ounce is a band to watch!

Check the singles here and get ready for the release on March1.

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New Zealand psych The Spectre Collective

The New Zealand trio The Spectre Collectve released their second album “Cosmosis” January 18.

Their new album is filled with kraut kraut jams and psychedelic tunes. The album contains a hypnotic quality, the basslines of the tracks slowly creep into your brain.

This is a real good and original psych album by a new band we will hear a lot from in the future.

Favorite tracks: The Banshee, Peyote Ugly

Enjoy The Spectre Collective.

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