New Primals release ‘Horse Girl Energy’ on Learning Curve Records

New Primals make that in your face super energetic jumpy noisepunk and they do it really great. “Horse Girl Energy” ozzes fun and energy. This is one of those heavy, noisy albums that are really cool te  listen to, people are screaming, guitars are trashing everything but somehow it makes you happy to listen to.

I am bored shitless and all this heavy music really helps me through the day, taking long walks with New Primals makes me feel good, listening to their dirty punk while seeign absolutely no one. Listen to their new album “Horse Girls Enery” that was released on Learning Curve Records.

Favourite track: Wax Poets

New Primals to release ‘Horse Girl Energy’ on Learning Curve Records

Minneapolis noisy punk rockers will release their new album ‘Horse Girls Energy’ in March on Learning Curve Records. I learned about this band through the great New Primals/Pinko split. The band shared the first track and it is called “Modern Lover”. Play loud and enjoy.