Twin Sister’s heavy drone leaves you weak-kneed and disoriented

Dutch band Twin Sister, with band members from Sex Swing, Dead Neanderthals and Mugstar, presents its eponymous debut. Heavy, repetitive drone that knocks you off your balance.

The album consists of five tracks, ranging from 4 to 10 minutes. The pace is very slow, the mood threatening and abbrasive. Every track is made up of one heavy riff that is repeated over and over, with only minimal variation. The result leaves you dizzy and disoriented, like it’s meant to bring you in a slightly unsafe trance. Listening for a while gives you the feeling that the overtones of the riffs are nestling themselves between your brain lobes.

What really stands out here, is the album’s consistency. Five tracks, no compromises whatsoever on the recepy: slow, heavy and repetitive doom-drone. The album should come with a warning though; do not drive and listen, high risk of heavy car crash.

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Dutch rockers Beroerte release “Gezond Verstand”

Beroerte previously released their first track “Zeilen” and i cannot get the track out of my head.  Hopefully a new track from their full length will replace it and bring some new noise in my head. Beroerte mixes garage rock, catchy tunes and some filthy stoner riffs in their new album. “Gezond Verstand” is an absolute pleasure to have on repeat.  2018 can not go wrong anymore with Beroerte.
New favorite track after Zeilen: Nooit