Baby Vanga share new summer psych track

The South London six piece Baby Vanga make refreshing neo psych wich is truly perfect for this summer. At this moment I am sweating profusely due to an extreme heat wave and it is heat waves that I truly hate. But luckely Baby Vanga can ease the pain a bit here because their new single ‘Electric Air’ is a perfect summer track, the mix of psych, indierock and jazzzzz is ideal with a drink outside. The track is accompanied with an excellent video too. Out on Strong Island Recordings!

Listen now and enjoy these breezy tunes


Three track premiere by the sonic wizard Headboggle on Ratskin Records

Alright, I believe it is important (and fun) to broaden our horizons and try out new stuff, and the good guys of Ratskin Records have offered me something new. Now i have to say this evokes some special feelings, cause the stuff that coming is pretty magical. Let us dive in to the world of Derek Gedalecia with his moniker HEADBOGGLE. His discographie is 100 + releases long and quite impressive. Headboggle deals in electronics, psychedelics and synths.

Now we will take a look at the new release thats coming, Headboggle gifted us with a new album called ‘Polyphonic Demo’ wich will be released April 22 on Ratskin Records.

What we get here is an album with fourty-four one minute tracks. On each of this tracks Derek creates a small sonic universe out of nothing, each track shows a glimpse of a dream. What we hear here is an artist that has experimented a lot and has become an expert with sounds, synths and electronics.

‘Polyphonic Demo’ is an abstract listen, but is easy digestible and feels good from the first minute/track.

There are four tracks that are already up for a listen. But let us first check out the premiere of ‘Sister Synth’ and ‘Siren Phonics’ and ‘Detective Work’.