Mrs. Piss is Chelsea Wolfe and Jess Gowrie. Their new collaboration is called Mrs. Piss and is really good. This was not really what I expected though, I really like Chelsea Wolfe and expected more doom I guess but this is way more my style, there is something really punk in their sound, something that says fuck you. The Industrial and doom is still there and just makes the whole thing so much better. This sounds like music for rebels and wackos. This is a gorgeous new band, tune in now and enjoy their album ‘Self​-​Surgery’.





Dump Whatever

It is possible i am suffering from braindamage, possible even from before this crisis but this crisis has not helped it, that is for sure. So I forgot which number this dump is and I am too lazy to search for the answer so it is now called whatever.

I have been sharing the best music, as all of you know, and now and then I dump them all in a dump. So this is one of those amazing music dumps filled with the most awesome stuff.


I believe Linguini is the weakest pasta under the pastas. I am sure i am going to get in a lot of trouble by saing this, especially to this guys with their band Linguini with their new album ‘Eat Linguini’.


The band made a stand alone single release. this is the first track written and recorded by the band in their individual homes during isolation lockdown.


The debut of hardcorepunkband Subdued ‘Over the Hills and far Away’ will be released June 5.

Brackwasser Knipp

agressive noise on the new album ‘Schieres Entsetzen’ by mad german band Brackwasser Knipp.

Black Mountain

The vintage sounding rockband Black Moutain has a two new tracks out.

Quarter Rats

‘All Parades Must Pass’ is the new


Pedrum Siadatian aka PAINT known also from Allah-Las shares a new track sung in Farsi called ‘Ta Fardah’ from his upcoming album wich will be released on mexican Summer.


and angry demo by a probably angry band called Total Reality. The demo is called ‘Trigger Time’ and is out on the Belin label SFR-Hardcore.

Wailin Storms

Occult rockers Wailin Storms from North Caroline released their new album called ‘Rattle’ and it is a gorgeous piece of ominous heaviness. Tune in now.

Ruff Majik

Did a post a while ago called ‘I bless the punk and psych down in Africa‘ where Ruff Majik where a part of and now they shared a new track ‘All you need is speed’. The name of the track says enough. tune in now.


Mrs. Piss is Chelsea Wolfe & Jess Gowrie. Their debut album “Self-Surgery” will be released 5/29 on Sargent House.

Snakes Don’t Belong in Alaska

I posted a lot of the music from Snakes don’t belong in Alaska on Fuzzy Sun. Their extremely trippy music is always welcome. Now they shared a new track that they recorded live in January.