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Mountain Movers release “Pink Skies”

The way Mountain Movers used their guitar noise in their first released track “This City” peaked my interest immediately. The track groans and moans and still succeeds at being a calm soothing track. The epic track made me want so much more and here we are, their full album “Pink Skies” has arrived.
From the start I pressed play I knew this was going to be an really good album. The opener “Freeway” starts of with a spacey groove and the guitar screeches perfect troughout the whole track. “Snow Drift” is more of a grunge track with psych vocals. Mountain Movers are a band that know what they want and they own their sound.  Check them out for yourself.
Favorite track: Snow Drift
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Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen, mensen op toneel en binnen


new music

The Great Music Dump

To little time, too much good music. Here is a crapload of good music all cramped in a  list for you people. Check out more music on Fuzzy Sun’s spotify list.
Alien Mustangs


Greece psych rockers Alien Mustangs released their latest album “Alianation”. Gorgeous psych tunes on this one!



Quality relaxing Spacerock made by КОМВУИАТ ЯОВОТЯОИ. Check out”Modul 12″ and “Modul 13”.



The Uk instrumental stoner/space rock band Deltanaut released their new album “Part I” June 29. check them out for some cosmic riffs.

Crypt Trip


Crypt Trip is a Texas heavy psych band that released the album “Rootstock” back in January. I seem to have missed them but the psych sounds on this album are awesome!

The Asteroid Shop


LA Rockers The Asteroid Shop share new single “She Moves”. have a listen

Whetmann Chelmets


Original sounds on the experimental album “Annihilate Your Masters” by Whetmann Chelmets combining noiserock, post rock, ambient and lots more.

The YeahTones


Explosive rockers The YeahTones released a single “Son of a Gun”.

The Classic Hunt


Philidelphia rockers The Classic Hunt release cosmic album “The Lyrids”.

Mountain Movers


The track “This City” is from the upcoming album “Pink Skies” by Connecticut rockers Mountain Movers.  The extra noisy track has an original sound and really makes me wonder how the full album is going to sound. Out October 12.

The Original Cowards


Very chill rock track with a nice retro vibe to it!

Easy Tide

easy tide

Explosive catchy garagerock from Ireland!  Check out their latest track Vacation!



You need to listen to the self titled album by Texas space rockers ST-37.