Music Dump 13 #

I have said it 13 times already, there is so much incredible music. In every hole you look some amazing noiserock band jumps out. Psychedelic pop and rock of the greatest quality are everywhere. So now and then I dump all this incredible stuff together for you guys.


Here are some mellow psych tunes from Dino Almeida (Boogarins) and Pedro Bonifrate (Supercordas). Together they form the new duo Guaxe (wich is a bird apparantly). Their self-titled album was released September 6 and is a pretty fun listen.

Hissing Tiles

‘Boychoir’, the second album from the Cincinnati postpunk/noisrock band Hissing Tiles. These guys hit you up with some dark and eerie sounds. Enter the worlk of Hissing Tiles.


‘Duck’ is the new album by California band Facet. Eight heavy chaotic tracks made for you. And the cover is a pic of a nice duck, so that is an extra.

Spray Paint

First track from this Texas band Spray paint is called ‘Cleaning Your Gun’ from their upcoming album ‘Into the Country’ wich will be out October 25 on 12XU. Are your ready for your dose of negative postpunk vibes, if so, turn out the lights and tune this track full volume and weep.

The Body

Do we want a remixed album from The Body? Yes ofcourse we want too, the band already makes creepy music and their remixes aren’t getting more jolly. Tune in for the first remix by the eerie Lingua Ignota.

Blank Veins

Good lord this is some noisy stuff. Listen to the new track ‘Both Sides’ from the upcoming album ‘With the Ashes by noise/postpunk outfit Blank Veins. And where else could you expect this band on then on The Estranged Communications Record label. joy

Magic Moon

The Dutch psychedelic rockers Magic Moon are back with a new single. ‘The Vagabond’ is a track filled with hazy psych and catchy tunes. Tune in for the track while we wait for more Magic Moon.

Chelsea Wolfe

Another video from the doom and goth Queen Chelsea Wolfe. “Deranged for Rock & Roll” is from her album ‘Birth Of Violence wich is released September 13.

The Comet is Coming

The Comet is Coming never dissapoints with their wild and psychedelic saxophone rock. and they release quite a lot of music too, so prepare for their latest single ‘Lifeforce Part II’.

Buzzard Cult

Some strong grunge vibes from the Atlanta band Buzzard Cult. Their new track ‘Lucid Dream’ is from their upcoming EP out end of August.

Hand & Leg

The postpunk/noise/whatever duo Hand & Leg released their new album ‘Lust In Peace’ on September 6 through Slovenly Recordings. The album is a great, loud, wild and very different attack on the senses. Enter now.

Ghost Car

4 piece punk band Ghost Car released ‘Awkward’ wich is from a double A-side  single out on Greenway Records.

Mind Rays

Belgian garagerockers Mind Rays are back at it, their second track and clip ‘Maker’s Remorse’ is taken from their upcoming album ‘Course of Action’ wich will be released October 25 on PNKSLM.


‘Seasons of Uiu’ is the new album by the Finnish spacerock trio. it is filled with cosmic riffs and it can be psychedelic but pretty damn heavy too. Tune in now.

Kal Marks

Their are two tracks available to listen from the upcoming album ‘Let The Shit House Burn Down’ wich will be released September 27. Tune in for some good stuff and prepare for the new album.


Music Dump #12

More, tons more awesome music for you!

Loudness War

The Louisiana garagerockers Loudness War released and absolutely great new album called ‘Mystifier Deluxe’. The album is filled with high energy garage and psych vibes. Tune in and turn loud.


The Belgian hardcore punkers Allöchtöön released the first track ‘Kompass’ from their upcoming self titled. tune in for some heaviness.

School Disco

UK rockers School Disco are slowly changing from a surf rock band to a full on psychedelic garage rocking band and I can only be happy with this change! Tune in for one of their newest single ‘Caught in Space’.


Are you ready for some oldschool psychedelic tunes, because the Ontario fuzzband Holodais released their new track ‘Tired Eyes’ wich is an absolite pleasure to listen to. Space out now.

Taras Bulba

This band was formed by Fred Laird and Jon Blacow from Earthling Society. On Taras Boulba they are taking a new direction. Tune in to hear the psychedelic Asian/kraut/ psychedelic vibes on this record that will be released on Riot Season Records.

Protons and Electrons: Atom 12 – Parade of Deceit / Dale Crover Band

Conan Neutron, Tony Ash an Dale Crover release final installment of the Protons and Electrons series.

Hey Colossus

A double single from the Lodon heaviness Hey Colossus. ‘Carcass’ is the more poppy version taken from their latest album ‘Four Bibles’. And ‘Medal’ the riff fueled music you can expect from the band. Released August 9.


Chicago two piece Djunah shared their first track ‘Animal Kingdom’ from their upcoming album ‘Ex Voto’. The album will be released November 1.

Mind Rays

The Belgian garagerockers are back with a new track called ‘Makeshift Weaponry’ from their upcoming album ‘Course of Action’ out October 25 on PNKSLM.

The Black Wizards

The Portuguese band The Black Wizards released their new album ‘Reflections’


The new album by the Brazilian psychedelic/fuzz duo is out. It is called ‘Avalanche’ and is full of fuzz, shoegaze and psych. Take your time and tune in now.

Prissy Whip

Some weird stuff from La band Prissy Whip. This is their first track ‘Dr. Jessup’ from their upcoming album ‘Swallow’ out September 21.


Uk Industrial/Noiserock outfit Ramleh return with a new track from their upcoming album ‘The Great Unlearning’. Tune in for the track ‘Natural Causes’.


Post-apocalyptic epic post rock and doom (did that work?) on the new track ‘Blush Response’ by Bensnburner. ‘no_clip’ out sept. 27th.

Chelsea Wolfe

Ah yes, Chelsea Wolfe is great, The Queen of Doom returns with a new album called ‘Birth Of Violence’ but this time the album is acoustic with doom and folk vibes. Will be out September 13 on Sargent House. Tune in for another new track called ‘Be All Things’.


Hamer is a concation of speedy punk, garage and noiserock. With their new track ‘You Know’ it feels like the band rams a guitar right in yout throat. Tune in now