Remove Your Skin Please by Chat Pile on best of

This album has been growing on me for a while now and it keeps on getting better. It really got under my skin. So I decided to put them on my best of 2019 list. Chat Pile made really impressive music with “Remove Your Skin Please” and I really think you should take the time to listen to this intensively.

Best of 2019

Remove Your Skin Please by Chat Pile

The new album by Oklahoma City heavyness Chat Pile is called “Remove your Skin Please”. This is a very great example of how you mix a lot of different genres and create something new and succesfull. This metal/postpunk/noiserock/doom project is a very great listen. very versatile with superb vocals. Chat Pile has made themselves masters in creating an eerie and agressive atmosphere. Tune in and “Remove Your Skin Please”.

Favourite track: Davis

Supergroup Human Impact share first track

Human Impact is made from members of members of Cop Shoot Cop, Unsane and Swans. Pretty frikkin incredible line up, and what is even more awesome is that they shared their first track. The track is called “November” and is taken from their upcoming self titled album wich will be out March 13, 2020 on Ipecac Recordings. The six minute first track shows how strong this band is in song building and atmosphere.

This news is making me really looking forward to 2020.

Tune in now.




I’m Being Good release “A Constellation Of Bad Ideas”

Excellent weird music by the UK trio I’m Being Good. This band has been releasing weird music for so long and they stayed weird, and this is good because their new album “A Constellation Of Bad Ideas” as a really good one. Filled with original stuff, heavy frikkin riffs and an overal eerie atmosphere. Yes, this is is quite depressing fun stuff to listen to. Would recommend ten out of ten.

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New Bedlam release ‘Working Stiff’

Atlanta rockers New Bedlam released their new EP ‘Working Stiff’. This is one of those no nonsense riff fueled punk/noiserock/sludge  bands that make high energy rock that is just impossible not to like. ‘Working Stiff’ is five tracks long and is at least ten tracks short. This is the kind of music that I can play all day long, this is car music, work music, sports music (I don’t know this for sure though, have not tried sports yet), this is music that gives you energy, that makes you think you are better then everyone else but sadly you are still the same loser.

‘Working Stiff’ is medicine for the riff worshipper. Tune in now and be blown away.

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i’m being good

I like this, the sounds i’m being good makes, these are pretty cool sounds. First time i heard the sounds of this band and they are pretty good.  Their first track from the upcoming album ‘A Constellation Of Bad Ideas’ is called ‘Furniture With Feet’ and sounds pretty weird, and I like weird.

Slow riffs, lots of noise, weird vocals. Yes please, give me more. This album will be released November 20. Tune in to check out the first track.

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Boris release ‘LφVE & EVφL’

Too put Boris in a box is a bit too easy, yes, their music is drenched in doom but Boris are a very unique band with a sound that has shifted and changed through the years. Their new records ‘LφVE & EVφL’, for me personally, is Boris at their peak, at their absolute best. The sound on their new record is sounds like a balance between light and happiness and haunted and filled with dread. Some tracks can be soothing and filled with hope and then you have those riffs and vocals that are dragging doom and ruin with the most gorgeous of guitar solos making that make it even more epic. The album starts with an epic postrock track that speaks of hope, the next track ‘Coma’ is follow-up but the dread is building up. ‘Evol’ is 16 minutes of experimental songmaking, this track is made of epic ambient doom, doomriffs that suck your soul out and postrock solos. ‘Uzume’ is bleak magnificent drone and ‘In the pain(t)’ ambient. The album ends with ‘Shadow of Skull’ wich is my favorite. This is brilliant, take your time and listen to Boris.

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new Petbrick track ready to destroy your face

Petbrick is Wayne Adams (Big Lad/Death Pedals/Johnny Broke) and Iggor Cavalera (Sepultura/Soulwax/Mixhell). They released their first track ‘Horse’ a while ago and with that we have ourselves a new band who searches for the extremes in the experimental. ‘Horse’ was a great track to set the mood but now the band released their second track called ‘Radiation Facial’ featuring Dylan Walker from Full of Hell. After hearing this track it is quite clear this album will be extreme, a mix of noise, industrial and experimental metal, wich is of course awesome. Out October 25 on Rocket Recordings.


The Japanese doomlords Boris are back

Their is going to be a new double LP called ‘LφVE & EVφL’ by the Japanese Heavyweight Boris. We can expect it to land October 4th through Third Man Records. The first track from that upcoming beast is released and is called ‘Love’ and is a gorgeous piece of work. The riffs are tantalizingly slow and create an eerie atmosphere together with the gosthlike vocals. With this track the trio again shows they are masters in what they do.

Tune in for the first track ‘Love’ and pre-order the album here:

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Heavy Dump III

Riffs, chaos, yelling, strange irritating noises, feedback, weird instruments, migraine inducing screeching, weirdness, thunderous drums, shattering bass, grunts and solos. All this fun stuff can be found on a Heavy Dump.


This band from Tampa absolutely rules the riffs on their new album ‘Culero’. Absolutely brutal heaviness. ‘Culero’ was released August second.


If you want extremely loud and noisy punk than Chicago band C.H.E.W. is the music you want. tune in for their new album ‘Punx Play 2040’. Out August 9.

Human Leather

how a duo can produce this much noise is beyond ridiculous. Their latest album ‘Succulent” was released in march and is pretty fucking amazing.


On September 6 ‘Bongs of Praise’ by UK sludge band Gurt will see the light of day. Check out some of their ridiculously heavy tracks now.

Catface Meowmers

A new track by the band with the best name. Tune in for some very dense noise by UK anonymous band Catface Meowmers.

Bad Breeding

A whole lotta noise on the latest hardcore/punk/noise album ‘Exciled’ by the UK band Bad Breeding. Released June 21.


very agressive and fast noisepunk by the Chicago band RealBadRealFast. their new album ‘Safety First’ is released August second.

Eye Flys

‘Crushing of the Human Spirit’ is the new track by Eye Flys (Full of Hell, Backslider, and Triac).The track is taken from their debut EP ‘Context’ wich will be released September 13 on Thrill Jockey.


are you in need for some angry fueled noisepunk! then you are in luck! The New Jersey band Shut Up got a frikkin good track for you.


Pharmakon is not slowing down, this is for sure. Embrace yourself, try to stay calm and listen to some noise. The new track ‘Spit it Out’ is released from her upcoming album on August 30.

Holy Serpent

first track by the Australian doom baand Holy Serpent. their new album ‘Endless’ will be released October 18. check out the first released track ‘Lord Deceptor’.


‘Misshapen Thing’ is a new two track live recording by the Memphis noiserockers Pressed. They are working on new material and in the meantime you can check out this beast.


King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard share ‘Organ Farmer’

This is getting ridiculous, I just shared an incredible track from the Oh Sees new record and now we get another new track from King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard wich seem to have gone full thrash metal for their new record.

They already shared the tracks ‘Self-Immolate’ and ‘Planet B’ and now you can check out the third track ‘Organ Farmer’. The band promised their new album ‘Infest the Rats’ to be their Heaviest record to date.

We can expect this album to land August 16.

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The Progerians release ‘Crush the Wise Men Who Refuse to Submit’

‘Crush the Wise Men who refuse to Submit’ is the name of the ne album by Brussels noisy rockers The Progerians (The Fabulous Progerians, The Mighty Progerians). Out on Mottow Soundz in May 24.

Check out this heavyweight now.

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King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard share ‘Self-Immolate’

It seems King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard are going for the most versatile band around. Their latest releases ‘Fishing For Fishies’ and the track ‘Planet B’ are very different yet they keep that typical Gizzard sound.

The new track ‘Self-Immolate’ is again heavy stuff. The riffs and drums make this a trash metal track and a good one too. Old school solos and fast paced, this is a track to play loud!

I can only hope to hear more of this stuff! Tune in now.

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Seattle rockers Helms Alee release album ‘Noctiluca’

This is the fifth album by Seattle rockers Helms Alee and again of great quality. They released their album ‘Noctiluca’ April 26 on Sargent House.

What is great on this album is that their music is hard to pin down, to put in a specific box. It seems Helms Alee has grown more experimental over the years, and in a good way. As a band with loads of experience they have woven an album filled with heavy riffs, softer dreamy tunes and just excellent songwriting.

Tune in and check them and more on Fuzzy Sun’s Heavy List.

Seattle rockers Helms Alee release second track ‘Beat Up’

On the great label Sargent House we get new music from the Seattle grunge/metal band Helms Alee.

Their fifth studio album will be called “Noctiluca” and they have released their second track ‘Beat Up’. Tune in and check them and more on Fuzzy Sun’s Heavy List.

“The Beast You Are” by Big Business

“The Beast You Are” is the name of the new album by the heavy rock band Big Business. Their previous album “Command Your Weather” dates back from 2016. Since that album the band is a duo consisting of  Jared Warren (KARP) and Coady Willis.

“Let Them Grind” is a powerful album with quality songwriting.

released April 12.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard share new track/video ‘Planet B’

‘Planet B’ is the new track by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, though it seems ‘Planet B’ will not be on the upcoming album ‘Fishing for Fishies’.

The band shifts in style with ease, this time the track is filled with heavy riffing and psychedelic guitar solo’s. This track shreds from start to finish.

This is again very exciting, is this from another new album? Maybe the track is a cut from a previous album? who knows.

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Pure heaviness on the debut by Ungraven

Like a sledgehammer to the face the debut by Ungraven arrives. Ungraven is mix of noisemetal, industrial and sludge by Jon Davis (Conan).

The debut is called ‘Language of Longing’ and is incredibly heavy and a feast for the fan of the extreme. As a bonus we get the artwork by Alan O’Neill.

Favorite track: Onward She Rides To A Certain Death

Only enjoyable on max volume!



Brutus release ‘Nest’

The Belgian trio Brutus do not dissapoint. Their debut album ‘Burst’ was released in 2017 and the world instantly digged the tunes of the energetic trio.

So the bar was pretty high for their second album and now that ‘Nest’ is released on Sargent House it is pretty clear that Brutus is one of those bands that never dissappoint.

Discover the power that is Brutus.

Check the track out here and find them and more on Fuzzy Sun’s Heavy List.

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Third single by Brutus before release ‘Nest’

The Belgian trio Brutus released their third single today. ‘Django’ is on their new album ‘Nest’ and is out March 29, out through Sargent House.

The first singles ‘War’ and ‘Cemetery’ made Brutus come back with a blast. The rockers are ready to release a damn powerful album.

Check the track out here and find them and more on Fuzzy Sun’s Heavy List.

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