Oozing Wound release ‘High Anxiety’

Their previous album ‘Whatever Forever’ was an awesome album and showed what the Chicago trio was capable of, but it seems the trashers stepped their game up and made the must violent and agressive album possible. ‘High Anxiety’ is out March 15 and feels like a radioactive Orang-Utan hitting you with his palms right on the ears. Yet, strangely, the ringing in your ears feels like pleasure and fun and you want it again and again. This music feels ominous yet fun, agressive yet you want to jump with joy. Hell, I don’t know, this frikkin thing is great and it should be mandatory listening for the ages between 6 and 66.

Favorite track: all of them

Enter the world of Oozing wound now!

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Brutus release second track ‘Cemetery’ from upcoming album ‘Nest’

The Belgian trio Brutus released their second single today. ‘Cemetery’ is on their new album ‘Nest’ and is out March 29, out through Sargent House.

The first single ‘War’ made Brutus come back with a blast and now hearing their new powerful track we are going to get one hell of an album.

Check the track out here and find them and more on Fuzzy Sun’s Heavy List.



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Japanese noisemakers Endon release ‘Boy Meets Girl’ on Thrill Jockey

ENDON is something special, the Japanese band are credited as the most extreme band in Tokyo. Screams, distortion, noise and overal panic is the trademark of the experimental metal band.

‘Boy Meets Girl’ is a horrorish experience, not for the faint of heart.

Released on Thrill Jockey February 15.



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Seattle rockers Helms Alee release first track

On the great label Sargent House we get new music from the Seattle grunge/metal band Helms Alee.

Their fifth studio album will be called “Noctiluca” and they have released a first powerful track. Check out “Interachnid” and check them and more on Fuzzy Sun’s Heavy List.



listen to “Let Them Grind” by Big Business

“The Beast You Are” is the name of the new album by the heavy rock band Big Business. Their previous album “Command Your Weather” dates back from 2016. Since that album the band is a duo consisting of  Jared Warren and Coady Willis.

“Let Them Grind” is the first released track and the last one on the album wich will be out April 12.

Check the track out the track here and play loud.


USA/MEXICO release first track from “Matamoros”

Ow Lord, I knew this was coming, but still, this makes me so happy. USA/MEXICO is going to make my year so much better. Sometimes I am desperatly searching for that particular wall of sound, the sonic cement block. And so many times I found it in their previous album “Laredo”.

So you can imagine how happy i am too see and hear the new track by the supergroup with guitarist Craig Clouse (Shit & Shine) drummer King Coffey (Butthole Surfers) and Nate Cross (Marriage, When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth) releasing their first track from the upcoming album.

I little nervous, because my hopes are high, i pressed play and yes, this is it. From the first second the track “Matamoros” destroys.

The album “Matamoros” will be out  march 22 on Riot Season Records. Play as loud as possible!



Hollowed by Helium Horse Fly

The Belgian experimental band Helium Horse Fly delivers a dark aan brooding album. “Hollowed” is a piece of art, something that needs a lot of intense listening. The stunning vocals of Marie Billy make the noiserock/metal influenced music only more powerful.

It’s not easy to put this band in a box so i won’t do it, but i do know this album has a lot of different sides to it, the only thing that stays the same is the ominous and dark sound.

An absolutely magnificent album!

Favorite track: In A Deathless Spell

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