Spacerockers Oblivian Reptilian

Heavy Psych/space rock ban Oblivion Reptilian is compromised of Andrew Panagopoulos (Comacozer) and Mike Vest (BONG, Blown out, 11Paranoias, Melting Hand, Lush Worker).

Together they started the project Oblivian Reptilian. On April 12 they wil release their new album ‘Fried On Rock’.

We can check out their first released track ‘Daraconian’ from their upcoming album.



Melting Hand release Faces of Earth

Again on Hominid Sounds there is this great band. The noisy psychedelic rockers Melting Hand released their new album “Faces of Earth September 22. The supergroup made from ex and current members of Gum Takes Tooth, Terminal Cheesecake, Luminous Bodies, Skullflower, BONG, Drunk In Hell, 11Paranoias, Blown Out and Haikai No Ku.
Their new album containes five hypnotic tracks filled with a perfect blend of noise rock and psychedelic rock. This is perfect music for your interstellar travels.
Favorite track: Gaia
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Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen, mensen op toneel en nacht

Melting Hand on Hominid Sounds

The psychedelic noise Melting Hand is back. And they are going to release their new album “Faces On Earth” on Hominid Sounds on September 22.
They released a first track “Dust”.  This is 7 minutes of good produced noisy psychedelia. Melting Hand are on their way to release a gorgeous album.
When finished check out all the other stuff on Hominid Sounds, it is filled with all kinds of awesome music!
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