New music friday with Melt Dunes, Earthless and Comacozer/Blown Out split

Today, Friday 16 March, is filled with fantastic new releases. Ranked from Heavy to Heavier to Heaviest.

Melt Dunes


The UK rock band Melt Dunes released their EP ‘Flesh’ through Strong Island Recordings. ‘Flesh’ is an eerie sounding psych record with some kraut creeping in.



The Heavy San Diego blues rocking Earthless release their album Haven’ Today. Filled with energetic riffs and solos this is something that you need to hear. AND with the release we get a video from the ‘Volt Rush’ track too! Out on Nuclear Blast. Enjoy!



The psychedelic spacerockers Comacozer(Australia) and Blown Out (UK) teamed up for a heavy psychedelic split that is released through Riot Season Records.