T-Tops release ‘Staring At A Static Screen’ on Magnetic Eye Records

The Pittsburgh band T-Tops just released their new album ‘Staring at the Static Screen’ and it is very gritty and dirty riffing. With an oldschool noiserock, punk and hardcore sound this band made a really excellent album, you get really good riffs, some wild solos here and there and the raw vocals. This secodn album by the T-Tops is out on Magnetic Eye Records and is really great. This is the link stuff.


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Best of Black Sabbath by Various Artists from the Magnetic Eye Record Label

Black Sabbath rules and stays one of the bands I keep listening to regularly. I made small list with a lot of Black Sabbath covers and I intend too keep that list updated. So now I came across this new compilation by Magetic Eye records with fifteen tracks and bands on it, some of the bands like Earthless and Saint Karloff I really like so I am looking forward to hearing them all. At this moment there are two tracks up for listening and it is ‘Wicked World’ by Caustic Casanova and Summoner by A National Acrobat . The full album will be released October 30.