Deaf Wish releases Lithium Zion

A gorgeous post/punk noiserock album by the Australian Deaf Wish. The album ‘Lithium Zion’ wich is out today on sub pop constantly shifts between the nervous noiserock and balanced postpunk resulting in a constantly interesting and challinging record. it does not matter if they bring Sonic Youth to mind because Deaf Wish brings enough originality to the table and does it with perfect execution.
Favorite track: The Rat is Back

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Deaf Wish unleash the explosive 'FFS' from new album

Australian post-punk Deaf Wish

In a couple of days (July 27th) the Australian postpunkers Deaf Wish will release their new album ‘Lithium Zion’ on Sub Pop Records. Warm up with two of their already released tracks and dive in to their garage/post punk vibe.

Deaf Wish unleash the explosive 'FFS' from new album