More Sounds of CHUNK To Come

This is the second compilation by Chunk! Chunk is  a Leeds based DIY practice space and venue, primarily producing weirdo noise rock, psych rock, metal and noise. And with their awesome compilation they raise funds DIY practice space and venue.

The bands on this compilation are really cool, just as in the first comp their are a lot of new bands for me, and all of them are something else alltogether. Some of the bands like Thank, Hamer and Territorial Gobbing have been featured on Fuzzy Sun.

So buy this new comp (and the old one).


The Sounds of Chunk

Well hello there, a compilation of tracks from a DIY practice space in Leeds. This compilation is to raise funds for Chunk, the practice space that primarely houses weirdo noise rock, psych rock, metal and noise. There are a lot of bands on here that have been on Fuzzy Sun, lots of new ones too. There is new music, old music and previously unreleased music on this one.  All proceeds will be going to upkeep at the CHUNK space.

Trow five pounds at these bastards so there can be born more of thise beautifull weirdo bands.

‘Nature’s Champion’ by Cattle

I learned of this band through the CattleXGirlSweat live album and was instantly hooked to their awesome sound. They succeed to bring so much heaviness and noise and still sound catchy. The band produces a mix of raw punk rock and brutal noiserock. The catchy bass lines and raw vocals make this album a really cool listen. “Nature’s Champion” was recorded and released in 2016 and is versatile and heavy and is something you need in your life. Tune in now.

Favourite track: Acrylic

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 1 persoon, glimlacht, op podium, een muziekinstrument bespelen en binnen

Cattle/Girl Sweat split

Recently i discovered the radio station BLACK IMPULSE wich plays all kinds of psychedelic rock, noiserock and stuff like that. So through them i discovered these two bands from Leeds that recently released a live split ‘Live At Assembly House’.

Both of them make experimental stuff ranging from noise to punk.

Side One features ‘Light Assemblage’ a single, twenty-minute semi-improvised piece from Girl Sweat and Cattle, with side two as a live ‘ritual’ performance of two songs ‘Chant for Eternal Power and Glory’ and ‘Ingesting Godliness’ by Girl Sweat’s hypercult alter-ego, nine piece Girl Sweat Pleasure Temple Ritual Band, featuring guest guitar from avant guitarist Junzo Suzuki (Japan).

Tune in now

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen