Kooba Tercu shares ‘Qasan’: there’s always something lurking in the shadows

Psychedelic noise band Kooba Tercu, based in Athens and partly in London, shares the first track from their upcoming album Proto Tekno, to be released late May at Rocket Recordings. The track is called Qasan, the mood is tribal and ominous.

The tracks starts off with a threatening, repetitive riff accompanied by menacing floor toms. Then, tribal-like moans join in. A fast paced blues-beat interspersed with high toms, bells and weird chanting strengthen the impression of a tribal war party around a gloomy bonfire. There’s a pause, and then the mad dance really hits off.

The accompanying video is shot in the woods around what is probably Athens. Again, the mood is sinister, like there’s something evil in the dark, preying on the city. In interviews, the band often expressed that the dichotomy between civilisation and rapid progress on the one hand and counteractive forces on the other hand is a recurrent theme.

What better time for a theme like that? We usually go about feeling safe and secure, supported by the pillars of society. But now, while the coronavirus is raging, we know there’s always something lurking in the shadows.



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Kooba Tercu release ‘Kharrub’

I have to admit it is the first time I heard from the band Kooba Tercu. They released a new album through Hominid Sounds, Body Blows Records and Mafia Records.

I’ve been following Hominid Sounds closely because the bands on the label are always special, they always have a very unique sound. And it is no different with the Greek band Kooba Tercu. They have been described as Exotic Noise Rock, Masters of Hypnotic Rythm and thats very to the point.

On the new album you can hear a hypnotic vibes, heavy noise rock and industrial sounds Again a band that can shift between genre’s with ease. Tune in now and buy yourself a copy of ‘Kharrub’. Released on April 11.




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