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The Italian band Hallelujah! makes very strange music ranging from weird synth music to agressive noisepunk. The synths are always there and make this whole album a bit nuts, a bit crazy and unhinged. I like it when things get weird and Hallelujah! sure does this. So lets get weird and listen to their latest album thats called “Wanne Dance”. Out on Maple Death Records.

new music

Experimental noiserockers Spirale

The Italian band Spirale released their album “Carne della mia carne” in December last year. With a newer line up the band made a more industrial approach on their latest.

The whole thing is a mix of sludgy riffs, industrial tones and noise rock elements.

“Carne della mia carne” An agressive and dark album, one to put on loud.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 1 persoon, een muziekinstrument bespelen, op podium en nacht