The last time my earholes were so pleasantly destroyed was when listening to Gnod. Orchestra of Constant Distress has that same destructive sound, a sound that you play so loud because there is no other way, it pains you but you need it.

The new song is called ‘Discomforted’ and is taken from their future album ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ out on Riot Season Records on April 19.

It seems we are in for a treat, the controlled chaos is so heavy this will be one magnificent album. Tune in now!



Kungens Män release CHEF on Riot Season Records.

The Stockholm band keeps amazing with their music. Time and time again they release cosmic music influenced by psych, noise and drone.

This time Kungens Män release their new album “CHEF” for the first time on Riot Season Records. Their previous album “Fuzz på svenska” ended up in my best of 2018 list. “Fuzz på svenska” had more Jazz influences while “CHEF” ends up on the rock/drone spectrum.

Kungens Män is most effective in bringing atmosphere, in creating a cosmic feeling to their music.

This gorgeous album will be on my 2019 list again. Enjoy, and for more psych go to Fuzzy Sun’s psych list.



Geen automatische alt-tekst beschikbaar.

Frozen Planet….1969 share unreleased track

The instrumental psych band released their sixth album “The Heavy Medicinal Grand Exposition” only a short while ago. The concept album is a gorgeous psych album full of cosmic sounds and solos.

Now they shared a new, unreleased track called “The Mystery Wheel”. Another psychedelic work with amazing solo work. Check out the 25 minute track here.

Out on Pepper Shaker Records.


Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: binnen


Comacozer is the doom from space you have been waiting for

The 3-piece psychedelic spacerockers from Australia will release their magnificent album “KALOS EIDOS SKOPEO” the first october through Headspin records.
The album is filled with slow crushing riffs and spacey shit you need to hear. Buy this album and play it loud. Very loud. This is what you have been waiting for.
Listen to the first released single “Axis Mundi”.