Krause share first track of upcoming 7″

Somewhere in 2019 the Greek noiserockers released their sludgy noiserock album ‘THE ECSTASY OF INFINITE STERILITY’ as a joint release by Riot Season Records and Fuzz Ink· Records! Krause is made up out of active and past members of VULNUS, Cut off, Rita Mosss, Casual Nun, Progress of Inhumanity, Dusteroid and Straighthate.

Now they are back with a new 7″ that will be released September 26  on Inner Ear Records. Their first track is out and is called ‘Vague Outlines of Almost Recognisable Shapes’ and is Krause at their best, very dirty, sludge noiserock. Tune in now and enjoy.

Durya Dava anounce new album, share track

The Greek band recorded their self titled live in 2018 making 70 minutes of psychedelic tunes for all of us. Their music is varied but its goddamn psychedelic. The first track is called Σάτανα (which means Satan i think) and is 8 minutes mindtripping where you can find tribal drums, experimental psych and punk vocals (i think i even heard some weird flutes).

God knows i am curious to hear more of this band, if all the tracks are as original as this one it is going to be a fun album to listen to. The Album will be released May 10 through Inner Ear records.

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A Victim of Society’s powerfull psych rock

Today was hot, I’m tired, i just want to lay down. In a hurry i check out this band called “A Victim of Society”. BAM! I’m wide awake and now i need to listen multiple times to this awesome fuzzed out psychedelic rock n roll.
I suggest this album to everyone. Its full of energy, psych and rock n roll.
Listen to their latest masterpiece “Freaktown”. released April 26, 2017 through inner ear. A Victim of Society is a 3-man band from Athens.
Favorite track: Attention Whore

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