‘Splintered Metal Sky’ by White Hills

White Hills is  Dave W. and Ego Sensation and their music has this experimental dangerous sound that borders between industrial, post-punk and other eerie sounding stuff. Their new album is called ‘Splintered Metal Sky’ and is released October 23 on God Unknown Records and it features a lot of guest performers wich gives the whole album yet another dimension. We can hear Jim Jarmuch (from the movies and SQURL and stuff like that), Simone Mare Butler (Primal Scream), Jim Coleman (Human Impact/Cop Shoot Cop) and Yasmine Hamdan.

The result is this nasty sounding, sometimes 90’s horro feel, industrial post punk with synth vibes that goes from experimental to goddamn catchy even. I think it is quite clear that you need this music, even more now in 2020.



Petbrick release ‘Pet Sounds Vol. 1’

Petbrick is Wayne Adams (Big Lad/Death Pedals/Johnny Broke) and Iggor Cavalera (Sepultura/Soulwax/Mixhell). The band released the album ‘I’ october 2019 but have not been sitting still since then, they have released  the remix track ‘Gringolicker’, the remixes of the ‘I’ album and my favourite, the collaboration with Deafkids called ‘Deafbrick’. Now, on Bandcampday, they return with an EP called ‘Pet Sounds Vol. 1’ wich is a mix of eerie soundscapes, industrial destruction and drum driven choas.


Uniform release ‘Shame’

‘Shame’ is an impressive album, it shows the Uniform at their strongest. Their blend of noiserock and industrial metal is refined and shifts between an epic feeling and dirty industrial filled with bleak heaviness. The tracks are strong and perfectly transfer the feeling of dread that is so strong in their music. A truly amazing album that has catchy tracks as well as destructive punk and choas.  Tune in to hear ‘Shame’ the new album by Uniform that is out now.


Uniform to release ‘Shame’ listen to three tracks

Uniform returns with a new album called ‘Shame’ that will be released September 11. The band released their previous album ‘The Long Walk’ in 2018 but gave me so much pleasure with their bleak destructive collab albums with The Body. Both the albums ‘Mental Wounds Not Healing’ and ‘Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back’ where such incredibly amazing and dark albums.

Now this is a reminder that you should check them out and tthe new third track ‘Shame’. This is Uniform at its best and this sounds really promising. Check them out and pre-order now.


Alexis Marshall (Daughters) release first track ‘Nature in Three Movements’

In 2018 Daughters released ‘You Won’t Get What You Want’ wich was not only their first album in a long time but was an amzing piece of art, that album is intense, original and godlike. It still is one of my favourite albums.

And now it is Alexis Marshall, the vocalist from Daughters, is making himself ready to release his first solo album. When this album will be released and when we will hear music from it is unclear but he shared a standalone singel just now called ‘Nature in Three Movements’. Tune in for the powerful new track now. Out on Sargent House.

Couldn’t be left alone.
He picked up a pen, drew a line across his throat.
Couldn’t be left alone.
He picked up the hammer and nail, tied his feet to the ground.
Then the telephone came alonging,
The front door started calling.
Can’t be weighted down.
He took it as a sign of weakness.
He couldn’t put the hammer down.
He wore one right between his eyes.
He couldn’t be left alone, and took it as a sign of weakness when the baroque tune came upon.
Oh, the telephone came alonging.
The front door started calling.
He couldn’t put the hammer down.
Can’t be weighted down.


Uniform upgrades their sound on two new songs from upcoming ‘Shame’

Again great news now from the underworld. Uniform returns with a new album called ‘Shame’ that will be released September 11. The band released their previous album ‘The Long Walk’ in 2018 but gave me so much pleasure with their bleak destructive collab albums with The Body. Both the albums ‘Mental Wounds Not Healing’ and ‘Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back’ where such incredibly amazing and dark albums. Now we heave two new tracks from ‘Shame’ that are up for a listen called ‘Delco’ and ‘Dispatches from the Gutter’ and for me it seems the New York trio has been born anew. Their sound on these tracks is wy better, it sounds if the producing is better and cleaner but they still keep their industrial heaviness. The atmospheric riff on ‘Delco’ blends so perfect with the industrial darkness. This sounds like a new Uniform and it sounds absolutely awesome. I need this.


Industrial heaviness on the new Primitive Knot

Combine massive riffs with electronics , noise and splendid heavy vocals then you get Primitive Knot. This band is quite impressive in their unstoppable in your face riff destruction. Each track is heavy as the next one. their album ‘Lost Wisdom’ has an Industrial feel to it, this sounds like music for trolls and orcs. Tune in for eleven tracks of some sludgy noise.




Mrs. Piss is Chelsea Wolfe and Jess Gowrie. Their new collaboration is called Mrs. Piss and is really good. This was not really what I expected though, I really like Chelsea Wolfe and expected more doom I guess but this is way more my style, there is something really punk in their sound, something that says fuck you. The Industrial and doom is still there and just makes the whole thing so much better. This sounds like music for rebels and wackos. This is a gorgeous new band, tune in now and enjoy their album ‘Self​-​Surgery’.





Blush Hurts My Ears!

Joshua Rush Crawford seems to be the man after the Blush project wich is an experimental heavyweight. The new album is called ‘Blush Hurts My Ears!’ and is a mix of very heavy industrial and noiserock. I have never heard of this and just stumbled upon it and I am quite amazed, the music is varied, original and most of all it is really heavy. This is the perfect mix between industrial and noiserock. Tune in now.



Sightless Pit (The Body, Lingua Ignota, and Full of Hell ) release “Grave of a Dog”

Today is the release of “Grave of a Dog”, the album by Sightless Pit, the band with members of The Body, Lingua Ignota and Full of Hell. I am very excited fot this release because of the originality on this record. The band seems to incorporate a whole lot of influences in their music, you can hear industrial and techno as well as classical and metal influences. The really awesome part of all this, is that it is actuallly very listenable! I would have expected this to be a very harsh album, a very difficult one but it is not.  Although they use extreme voice sampling stuff and lots of noise it is still a very accessible and varied album with lots of layers.  I strongly advise this album to anyone who likes their music a bit heavier and loves something new. Out February 21 on Thrill Jockey.




Sightless Pit (The Body, Lingua Ignota, and Full of Hell ) release two new tracks

Goddamn, this is one of the surprises of the year for me. After going wild of excitement of hearing about the forming of Wasted Shirt ( Ty Segall and Brian Chippendale of Lightning Bolt) and Human Impact (Cop Shoot Cop, Unsane and Swans) I heard of the forming of Sightless Pit wich is made of members from The Body, Lingua Ignota, and Full of Hell. They shared their first impressive track “Kingscorpse” a while ago and I knew this was going to be one of the releases of the year. The band has shared two new tracks today. One is called “The Ocean of Mercy” and is extrememly epic and bleak. The second song is “Drunk on Marrow” and is bleak industrial techno and experimental metal. “Drunk on Marrow” is a victory in experimental music and the succes of beautiful combinations of different genres.

Their new album will be released this friday on Thrill Jockey. This beast is called “Grave of A Dog”.




The Body, Lingua Ignota, and Full of Hell members form Sightless Pit

Well this is a supergroup! A trio all with an eclectic music taste thrown together in a band called Sightless Pit. They shared a first track and it is quite amazing. The experimental industrial sound on “Kingscorpse” is absolutely epic and brutal. The track is from their upcoming album “Grave of A Dog” and will be released February 21 on Thrill Jockey. This bleak piece of heaviness is best on very high volume. tune in now.


Electronic Sunday: “No Sleep ‘Til Avon” a compilation by the Avon Terror Corps label

I really want to add a new layer to Fuzzy Sun and I want that layer to be experimental techno/Industrial/noise. Or something like that, I am not an expert, I feel like a baby trying to steer a helicopter. I shared Shit and Shine, Oil Thief and Giant Swan already and I feel I am doing pretty good. To all the noiserock fans and psychedelic rock fans I can only say, hope you enjoy this stuff too.

This time i am sharing “No Sleep ‘Til Avon” wich is a compilation of the Avon Terror Corps Collective. As I said I am new to the game but there are quit a lot of bands on this comp I really dig, there is some psychedelic and Industrial sounds on this that are absolutely smashing. So dig in.

Most of the links from the bands are on the bandcamp page.



Street Sects release track with Nick Sadler & Lingua Ignota

Anthony Fantano of The Needle Drop is releasing a Various Artist LP, wich  benefits the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC), “a national nonprofit that works with immigrants, community organizations, legal professionals, and policy makers to build a democratic society that values diversity and the rights of all people.”

The LP will be released November 8 and features excellent artists like Zeal & Ardor, Oxbow, Street Sects ,Xiu Xiu and many more.

Now we can check out the industrial lords Street Sects. Their new song is called ‘Fourteen Frames’ and features Nick Sadler of Daughters and Lingua Ignota. An extremely powerfull and industrial track.




Kim Gordon released ‘No Home Record’

Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth, Body/Head, Free Kitten, Glitterbust) has released her first solo album. The thing is called ‘No Home Record’ and has exceeded all my expectations. Kim Gordon has made some absolutely great music since Sonic Youth, I really like her Body/Head project so I was thinking in those lines but I did not expect the sounds on this album.

Kim Gordon drops a magnificent album with ‘No Home Record’, the album has a lot of different influences. There are noiserock tracks on it that are very catchy and rocknroll but she experiments with electronics and she does it masterfully.

Not a lot of artist get away with suck different styles on an album but Kim gets away with it and its is truly great.

‘No Home Record’ is out today, October 11 on Matador Records.



Image result for kim gordon sketch artist

Kim Gordon drops ‘Hungry Baby’ from upcoming album

In a couple of days is the release of the new album called ‘No Home Record’ by Kim Gordon. She already dropped a couple of tracks and they are all really good. Now it is time for the thrid track called ‘Hungry Baby’. Tune in and get ready for the album release. Out October 11.



Image result for kim gordon sketch artist

Second track ‘Air BnB’ from Kim Gordon’s upcoming solo album

After the release of the first track ‘Sketch Artist’ from Kim’s first solo album we get the new track called ‘Air Bnb’. I absolutely loved the ‘Sketch Artist’ but this new track is goddamn awesome, it is more noiserock, it is chaotic and still catchy. Kim Rules and this album will rule too!. The album is called ‘No Home Record’ and will be released 11 October through Matador Records.



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new Petbrick track ready to destroy your face

Petbrick is Wayne Adams (Big Lad/Death Pedals/Johnny Broke) and Iggor Cavalera (Sepultura/Soulwax/Mixhell). They released their first track ‘Horse’ a while ago and with that we have ourselves a new band who searches for the extremes in the experimental. ‘Horse’ was a great track to set the mood but now the band released their second track called ‘Radiation Facial’ featuring Dylan Walker from Full of Hell. After hearing this track it is quite clear this album will be extreme, a mix of noise, industrial and experimental metal, wich is of course awesome. Out October 25 on Rocket Recordings.




Kim Gordon release first track from upcoming solo album

Kim Gorden will release her first solo albm ‘No Home Record’ through Matador Records on 11 October. She shared her first singe ‘Sketch Artist’ wich is actually a really good track. her new music is dark, industrial and full of catchy beats. Again experimental, wich is of course what we want from Kim Gordon, searching for the extremes of the sonic world.

No Home Record Tracklisting:

1 Sketch Artist
2 Air BnB
3 Paprika Pony
4 Murdered Out
5 Don’t Play It
6 Cookie Butter
7 Hungry Baby
8 Earthquake
9 Get Yr Life Back

Watch the video now.

Image result for kim gordon sketch artist