Turkish Delight – Howcha Magowcha reissue

The album ‘Tommy Bell’ by Boston noisy rock band Turkish Delight was reissued by the IHRTN noise label last year. The experimental rock band released their second album ‘Howcha Magowcha’ in 1996 and gets now another reissue by IHRTN.
The band played a reunion show at the Middle East on July 20th.
Favorite track: Smooth Karate

foto van Turkish Delight Reunion.

IHeartNoise – A peculiar label

IHeartNoise is a blog/label for underground music with Boston roots wich started in 2008, mostly focusing on amrep/noise. Later becoming both a blog and a record label as well as event organizer – some of the bands that played the showcases include Skyjelly, Violet Nox, Guiding Light (ex Mercury Rev/Hopewell), Dark Sunny Land, Sadha and Sound Down Cellar. Covering Hasslefest (Boston), Moogfest (North Carolina) and Northside Festival (Brooklyn).
Check out some music on the IHN bandcamp and share!