Dead Arms release ‘Simply Dead’

Dead Arms is dirty noisepunk featuring members of USA Nails, Death Pedals and Los Bitchos.

Their second album ‘Simply Dead’ is released on Hominid Sounds / Rip This Joint Records on 10th May 2019.

Press play for some agressive and noisy punk.

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Burning Axis release Self Titled on Hominid Sounds

If you want some hypnotic drone then you are in luck, the band with members of Noxagt, Golden Oriole and No Balls released their new LP. Their self titled album has a dark and eerie vibe and their tracks are all based on evoking that dark ambience.

Again a magic experience on Hominid Sounds. Tune in now form some experimental stuff.

We Wild Blood release ‘Blood/Money’ on Hominid Sounds

Alright, again something special on Hominid Sounds. The London band We Wild Blood is difficult to catagorize. The only thing for sure is the band produces some heavy fuzzed out tracks. The repetitiveness of some of the tracks adds that extra layer of power. We Wild Blood is a band you need to hear. Tune in now. Out on Hominid Sounds April 1.


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Kooba Tercu release ‘Kharrub’

I have to admit it is the first time I heard from the band Kooba Tercu. They released a new album through Hominid Sounds, Body Blows Records and Mafia Records.

I’ve been following Hominid Sounds closely because the bands on the label are always special, they always have a very unique sound. And it is no different with the Greek band Kooba Tercu. They have been described as Exotic Noise Rock, Masters of Hypnotic Rythm and thats very to the point.

On the new album you can hear a hypnotic vibes, heavy noise rock and industrial sounds Again a band that can shift between genre’s with ease. Tune in now and buy yourself a copy of ‘Kharrub’. Released on April 11.

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Burning Axis to release LP on Hominid Sounds, share first track

As disturbing as it is hypnotizing we introduce the new track by Burning Axis. The band features members of Noxagt, Golden Oriole and No Balls. Their music is experimental and dark.

Somewhere in spring we can expect their debut LP to land on Hominid Sounds.

Lay down and let the nightmarish tunes of Burning Axis wash over you.

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Blood/Money by We Wild Blood on Hominid Sounds

From the moment you press play and absolutely great riff starts and introduces you to a great band.  We Wild Blood is a heavy three piece from London and they will release their first EP on the great and weird Hominid Sounds.

But it is not only riffs, its the controlled chaos and repetitiveness that make this first track really great. This is one of these tracks that heats up your blood, craving for more and getting you slowly agressive.

If this first track ‘Dark Connections’ sets the example for the rest of the album then we are in for a treat.

Out on Hominid May 1.


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SHUCK release their new EP “WUNDER”

The Manchester punk duo SHUCK released their new EP “Wunder” on Honinid Sounds. The duo creates a noisy punk vibe.

Shuck has a unique sounds, the tracks are gritty and loud but still full of hooks and catchy tunes. Both artists have some history in the scene, Jon Perry (drummer of GNOD, Lake Of Snakes) and Al Wilson (bassist/vocals of GHOLD).

Again a great release on the underground label. Check them out and buy their EP.

Favorite track: I Dream of Sarah Conner

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