Helsinki noisy rockers Fun

Fun, the Helsinki band that made 3 LP’s, an EP, 7″ stuff, played a load of shows, quit, started again, recorded six new songs in winter 2018.

And yes, we can hear the first track from that upcoming album with the name ‘Death Star’.

The same titled track they shared is a noiserock with a fun vibe.’Death Star’ will be out on If Society and Kaos Kontrol on April 26th.


Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 3 mensen, close-up


Finnish ritualistic duo LIAR

Today i found the new album by Liar (Love is the Answer) in the mail. LIAR is a mind altering ritual music project from Helsinki by Kalle Sipilä and Jani-Petteri Olkonen.


In the quest for the purest form the album Headreader was made. The dream-like music is filled with witch drums, ritual percussion, kendang, cajon, bells & bones, voc, flutes, loops, didgeridoo.