Heavy batch number whatever

A post filled with another batch of heaviness. A series of bands i didn’t find time to check out properly but still deserve to be shared. Here is some more sonic terror.


Dirty sludge from Bruges, Belgium. The new self titled album will be out February 16. Check out the three released tracks here.


Great Falls

The post-hardcore/noise Rock trio featuring former members of Undertow, Kiss It Goodbye, Playing Enemy, And Jesu. New album out through CorpseFlowerRecords.



A band with ex members of morbid angel and mayhem. and it sounds exactly what you would think. Awesome


Cegvera/Vinnum Sabbathi

A split of two very heavy doom bands. Vinnum Sabbathi is a mexican Doom band and Cegvera brings post doom from Bristol.

Released in July 2018.



Withered Fist

Groove doom by ex-Acrid Nebula and ex- Two Tales of Woe member.

A Pale Horse Named Death

The metal band was create by Sal Abruscatu (former drummer of Type O Negative). In 2019 they will release their new album “When The World Becomes Undone”. Check out the first track “Vultures”.


Hell Obelisco

the Italian sludge band released their latest album “Swamp Wizard Rises” March 23.


The Wisdoom

Doom and drone on the latest album by Italian band The Wisdoom.









Heavy Dump II

Another batch of heaviness. Play Loud, play now.


High on Fire
Album number eight is called “Electric Messiah”. Released October 5.
Favorite track: Drowning Dog

Kuar Nhial
The Belgian metalband Khuar Nhial signed to consouling sounds for their upcoming self titled album. Check out the video for “Spiraal”.


This White Light
A new heavy band with members of Sunn O)), Goatsnake, Engine kid, Pelican and more share two new tracks. check them out here.
La Muerte
Heavy noise hailing from belgium. La Muerte will release their new album on December 7 through Mottow Soundz.



The Lousiana heaviness WOORMS released a new single. Check out “find a meal, find a bed, find a god”.

The UK post-metal band Ohhms released their new album “Exist” on  November 9.




Strange Illusion by The Shattered Mind Machine

A heavy garage rock album by Swiss rockers The Shattered Mind Machine. Six tracks filled with great garageriffs, swirling energy and a feeling you want to destroy something and finding it immensly fun while doing it. A great fuzzrock album that is dying to get in your ears.
Favorite track: Dreams

foto van The Shattered Mind Machine.

FInd them on Fuzzy Sun’s spotify list


First track by Elefant from new album

I have said it before, Elefant is weird, loud and truly original. As a fan from the eccentric Belgian band it makes me glad there is going to be a new album. The thing is called ‘Konark Und Bonark’ and we get the first first track ‘Wie Scharf Ist Dein Messer?’. Outlandish beebs and heavy riffs while a computer voice to finish, did i say weird? Yes, and fucking great. Out on 9000 Records-consouling (who just announced great news and music from Future Old People Are Wizards).



Psychedelic bluesrock on Great rift’s VoodooWoodland

Great Rift is an Austrian blues/psych rock band. They released VoodooWoodland July 1st. Hazy riffs with a good voice that will give you a nostalgic feeling back to 70’s blues/psych. Carefully crafted and a real good sound make Great Rift a must listen. Enjoy
Favorite track: The Godess

great rift2