Boar – Poseidon

Finnish doom rockers ‘Boar’ release new album ‘Poseidon’ tomorrow, 1st June. A melting pot of styles see ‘Boar’ create an album that continues to grab your attention all the way through.

First track off the album ’12’ demonstrates that no-one can do doom like the Finns! Available on LostPilgrims Records on an exclusive green 12″ vinyl that looks pretty awesome.

boar LP.jpg

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Belgian Noiserockers The Waltz

The amount of heavy, noiserock influenced bands Belgium spits out is just staggering. This time were are talking about the 5-piece heavy rockers The Waltz. They released the fresh track ‘Force Publique’ from their upcoming debut EP. A sing-along accompanied by heavy riffs. added to the The Big Belgian Noiserock List.