Landing / Headroom Split LP

Again a nice surprice for the beginning of July. We get the first track of the split EP by Landing and Headroom. This first song is called ‘Seen’ and is gorgeous, it is a very trippy psychedelic song with strong Kraut influences. This LP will be released July 17. Check out the first track.

Dire Wolves/Headroom split

I did not have time to listen to this split and from what i have heard it was a pretty good one.

The split starts off with the track “The Process of Weirding Out” from the San Francisco space band. A easygoing track with spacey tunes and good singing. It is mostly the atmosphere that makes their three tracks so good, the psychedelic vibe on the soft tracks is excellent and brings you in the perfect mindset.

Headroom is quite amazing, the band brings guitar noise and psychedelica in perfect balance on their three tracks. I think i might be addicted to “Aomidori”.

This is an excellent split album with a superb vibe.