The Great Sabatini is here to destroy you

With their new album “Goodbye Audio” the sludge/hardcore/noise rockers show what they are worth. Riffs that could sever your spinal cord without you noticing it, eardums that grow legs and take off just to escape The Great Sabatini.

Check out Goodbye Audio (2018, Ancient Temple Recordings) now.

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GØGGS released Pre Strike Sweep

GØGGS is a a heavy garage/punk supergroup consisting of Ty Segall, Fuzz’s Charles Moothart and Ex-Cult’s Chris Shaw and Michael Anderson. They released their latest album “Pre Strike Sweep” on September 28.
Favorite track: Vanity
Check them out here. And check out more music on Fuzzy Sun’s spotify.

Noisy stuff on the new Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing (with memebers of Palehorse) will release their new album Blood Loss on Hominid Sounds. ‘Blood Loss’ is a very heavy noiserock influenced album and it feels like there is blood gushing out of my ears when listenening to this. Experience some emotions and listen to Remote Viewing. Out on July 27.

If you want more you can listen to a full album stream now on The Quietus. And if you still need more you need to check all the music on Hominid Sounds , The excellent label is full of goodies.

foto van Hominid Sounds.




Every Stranger Looks Like You release new track ‘Halfway House’

The new single ‘Halfway House’ by Belgian Hardcore/sludge outfit ESLLY is out. The 2 minute track is as hard as nails and is from their new album “I: Levensmoeheid” wich will be out fall 2018. Check out the video and their previous music.


Bonecrushing Noiserock by Belgian Youff

Belgian Noiserock band Youff has an exceptional raw and agressive sound. The first track from their debut is called ‘Permafuck’ and is accompanied by a slightly disturbing vid. The track ‘Permafuck’ is taken from their debut LP “Et Cetera” (March 23). Featuring Charlie from Charlie & The Lesbians.  Get mentally ill and listen to Youff.