Easy Prey to release on hell of an album

This guy who does the vocals on Easy Prey sounds, like, really angry. If he is planning on yelling like this on the whole album I think he may have to see a psychiatrist about angry issues or something. I do have to say it goes pretty nice with the destructive riffs and with the drummer who is probably pretty pissed about something too. Together these four dudes made this nice song called ‘Gasoline Mouth’ and its taken from their upcoming album “Relentless Struggle” wich will be released May 29.


Florida hardcore punk Android

I don’t have words for this, like I mean I just woke up and I have no desire to write anything about this. If you are here the reason must be for listening to music so stop being and ass about this writing and just listen too it, okay. Jesus, just calm yourself down.

Ides drop new album “Hikikomori”

New Jersey hardcore punk outfit Ides released their new album “Hikikomori” and it is raw and heavy punk and hardcore. These are thirteen in your face tracks that are so full of energy it’s difficul to sit still while hearing this. “Hikikomori” is chaotic in moments, clear and heavy riffs in others but most of all its dirty and heavy the way it should be. This is an absolute blast, a real fun listen. Tune in now.


Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen en tekst

Human Impact release new album

Human Impact is made from members of members of Cop Shoot Cop, Unsane and Swans. The 10 track album is full of excellent songwriting, heaviness and above all there is an gorgeous atmosphere. There is an eerie vibe throughout the album, the tracks are heavy and yet they are stuck easily in your head. It is quite clear these people have lots of experience, every track is crafted carefully and excellently executed. This self titled album was released 13 March on Ipecac Recordings.

Favourite track: Consequences






4th Human Impact track

Human Impact is made from members of members of Cop Shoot Cop, Unsane and Swans. The band shared the tracks “November”, “E605”,  “Consequences” and now we get the fourth track “Cause”. These tracks are taken from their self titled upcoming album wich will be released on Ipecac Recordings on March 13. All this accumulated experience creates some really strong songs.