Hardcore punkers Rolex

Rolex is a Californian hardcore punk band that just released their new selftitled 7″. These are ten tracks of absolutely ferocius heaviness released on 11 PM records. Tune in if you want your nerves shot and go in a mild panick attack.

Angry harcore punk Tower 7

Sometimes I really love me some dirty godawful noisy hardcore punk. And this is perfect for my mood, Tower7 released ‘ENTRANCE TO A LIVING ORGANISM’ wich is a mix of frikkin good riffs, hardcore punk and just plain awesomeness. The album is out at D4MT LABS INC NEUROSONIC RESEARCH and will soon get tapes for you freaks.


In your face hardcore punk from Ratcage

This is pretty fucking cool, this UK band Ratcage released an album calles “Screams from the Cage” that is just nonstop energy, riffs, hardcorepunk and heavy metal solos. All together about 19 minutes of relentless madness and angry guitars and vocals. This is the perfect soundtrack to start your day.