Mong Tong 夢東 release ‘Mystery 秘神’ on Guruguru Brain

Mong Tong 夢東 are a trio from Taiwan with  the Brothers Hom Yu and Jiun Chi  who also play in ​Prairie WWWW​ (落差草原 WWWW) and Dope Purple. And now they released their new album ‘Mystery’ on Guruguru Brain.

This band may very wel be one of my favourite discoveries of 2020. There is something absolutely magical in their sound, you can just feel the dreamlike soundscapes, the vintage samples in combination with the krautrock and psych. Combine this with the traditional Taiwanese music and the original approach of this band you get something truly hypnotic and magical. catchy basslines, futuristic synth sounds, vintage samples, they combine it all and the whole sounds sooo good together.

Easily one of the most refreshing releases of the year so far. This should still the hunger of every music fan, does not matter what kind of music they like.

Mong Tong makes magic with sounds.

Third track from Mong Tong 夢東 on Guruguru Brain

This is the third track from a gorgeous new band (for me anyway) called Mong Tong. They will release their new album ‘Mystery’ June 19 on Guruguru Brain.
The third track is out and I just can’t help but be completly blown away by this, the psychedelics and samples and atmosphere are so good in this music, it feels refreshing and it is so much fun too listen too. The band from Taipei just released the third track called ‘Ancient Mars’ and it is an absolute pleasure. Tune in now.
Mong Tong 夢東 are a trio with  the Brothers Hom Yu and Jiun Chi  who also play in ​Prairie WWWW​ (落差草原 WWWW) and Dope Purple.

Mong Tong 夢東 on Guruguru Brain

Guruguru Brain is a gorgeous label, If you don’t know it you need to check it out fast. The bands that are on this label are always exceptional, original and give me pure joy. So here is another new band for me, One that I have never heard of.
Mong Tong 夢東 is a band from Taipei and will release their new album “Mystery 秘神”  June 19 on Guru Guru Brain. We get the first two tracks wich are called ‘Chakra’ and ‘Jou Tau’. This is absolutely amazing sampled based psych. The base line is far beyond, alien sounds and voice samples make these first two tracks soooo frikkin good, I can not wait to hear more from this band. Absolutely amazing stuff! pre-order the album fast because this will be gone fast.
Mong Tong 夢東 are a trio with  the Brothers Hom Yu and Jiun Chi  who also play in ​Prairie WWWW​ (落差草原 WWWW) and Dope Purple.

Minami Deutsch to release new album on Hoga Nord Rekords

On the Swedish label Hoga Nord Rekords  comes the new EP by Japanese krautrockers Minami Deutsch. Their previous album ‘With Dim Lights’ was released last year in April on Gurugurubrain.

The new EP is called ‘Can’t Get There’ and will be out 26/07. Check out the first two released tracks on the EP.




With Dim Light by Minami Deutsch

Formed in 2014, Minami Deutsch released their debut album in 2015 on the Cardinall Fuzz label. Now we get ‘With Dim Light’ on the Gurugura label. The six tracks on the album are crafted with precision, accuratly delivering a repetitive cosmic psych vibe, sporadically accompanied by hazy vocals. A beautifull album that will be played a lot at Fuzzy Sun.