The Tunnel released ‘Condemned​/​Collapse’

San Francisco trio The Tunnel released their latest album ‘Shapeshifter’ on Forbidden Place Records and I really liked it so I am happy to share with you their two new tracks called ‘Condemned’ and ‘Collapsed’ out on King of Sticks Recording Collaborative ( And it is Recorded by Jordan Sobolew (you know, Reptiod, the one I have been ranting about).

Tune in now.

Salvation to release new 7 inch

Two gifts today from Salvation, the noiserock/grungeband that released their incredibly good album ‘Year of the Fly’ last year. Now we get a remix of that album by friends of the band and 100% of the revenue generated by this EP will be donated directly to My Block, My Hood, My City. But even more awesome is their new 7 inch, two tracks that will be released limited to 200 copies (on Forge Again Records)! And also the physical and digital sales of this release will be donated directly to the Black Lives Matter Global Network. Feel free to pay more and buy multiple copies to share, as every single cent will go directly to the cause.

The first track is an excellent grunge track and shows that this is a great album. Buy these two albums, its for a good cause and its so gooood!

“Sleep Running” by Baklavaa

If I listen to a full album I always start with the second song, then the first, then the last and then the rest like a normal person by wich I mean in correct order. I don’t know why I do this, I just do, okay. So I started with the second song from the new Baklavaa album and that song is called “A Thousand Dinners” and I thought: “What in the name of Coco Pops is this”. This is an epic blend trippy cosmic noise and this is the music that hits me right in the feels. So on to the last song on the album wich is called “Glowing House” and it starts again with a hypnotic bassline, faraway vocals and slowly building noise and atmosphere, so this is quite experimental music which I love. The first song shows their true colors, Baklavaa is an experimental postgrunge psychedelic noiserock band, I am sure of it.  The rest of the tracks give only more sublime experiments, from heavy in your face rock tracks to hypnotic indie tracks. Conclusion: The Baltimore  band Baklavaa made an excellent album with “Sleep Running”. Out February 28 with 20/20 records (vinyl) and Crass Lips records (tape).

The Tunnel release “Shapeshifter” on Forbidden Place Records

San Francisco trio The Tunnel makes something very unique and cool. and their new album they have created a dark and ominous album. The blbum “Shapeshifter” is something of a mix between noiserock, grunge and doom with Manson like vocals. A very dirty album that really wants a place in your collection.

Favourite track: Punisher

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Baklavaa releases vid for “A Thousand Dinners”

If I type Baklavaa in google I get this =>

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor baklava

Is this the meaning of the band? Does this band has something to do with Turkish sweet dessert Baklava that has layers of phyllo sheets filled with nuts and full of extremely sweet syrup? Or nothing at all? I haven’t got a clue. What I do know is that it is a band from Baltimore wich makes the most sweet mix of noiserock and grunge and experimental music. They will release their new album “Sleep Running” February 28 with 20/20 records (vinyl) and Crass Lips records (tape).

Now we get the second track and video from the band. Tune in and watch “A Thousand Dinners”.

First track from Baklavaa

you should write donw February 28 in your little agendas because that is when the new album by Maryland noiserockers Baklavaa will drop. The beast is called “Sleep Running” and you can check out the first track and video.

This band produces unhealthy psychedelic grunge and postpunk noiserock. and it is frikkin awesome. Tune in and enjoy this is loud as possible. More is too come.

Infants share second track “I think I’m Broke”

Infants (previously known as Forever in Debt) just released their second single called “I Think i’m Broke”. Infants had an intriguing sound, they mix up sludgy noiserock with grunge and they get away with it. I think it is about time everyone started listening to this. This is the second single under their new name, but do net forget to check out their previous stuff. Out on Society of Losers. very good stuff, yes please.

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Faux Machismo release their debut

Guitarist Maeve Munro and drummer Anna Ridley form the fuzzed out band Faux Machismo. This band is taking fuzz to the next level and create an atmospheric and trippy grunge sound.

Check out their debut album and video for the track ‘Shake The Bones’. The album is released through Muzai Records on April 22.

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Seattle rockers Helms Alee release album ‘Noctiluca’

This is the fifth album by Seattle rockers Helms Alee and again of great quality. They released their album ‘Noctiluca’ April 26 on Sargent House.

What is great on this album is that their music is hard to pin down, to put in a specific box. It seems Helms Alee has grown more experimental over the years, and in a good way. As a band with loads of experience they have woven an album filled with heavy riffs, softer dreamy tunes and just excellent songwriting.

Tune in and check them and more on Fuzzy Sun’s Heavy List.

Infants release track ‘Apple of Her Eye’

Infants is the triplet offspring of Society Of Losers founding band Forever in Debt. The noise/grunge trio’s previous music was ‘Forget Me Knot’ and was released April 20, 2018.

The new track by the reborn noisemakers is called ‘Apple of Her Eye’ and succeeds at being ridiculously heavy and catchy at the same time.

Listen and download the track here:

While you wait for more Infants yyou can check out their previous music:

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Low Dose release S/T

Iterya Rosenberg (Ledendary Divorce) and the final lineup of the noise rock band Fight Amp come together to form the band Low Dose. The band makes heavy grunge with a splash of punk. Their ten track album is out March  29 on Knifehitsrecords and Brutal Panda Records.

Low Dose delivers an excellent energetic album and every minute is worth your time and money.

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Heavy rockers Low Dose

Iterya Rosenberg (Ledendary Divorce) and the final lineup of the noise rock band Fight Amp come together to form the band Low Dose.

The band makes heavy grunge with a splash of punk. Their ten track album is out March  29 on Knifehitsrecords and Brutal Panda Records.

Check out the first released tracks here.

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Fuzzed out doom rockers Mountain Tamer

Get ready for some dirty psychedelic doom rock. Mountain Tamers are a band from Los Angeles.
Their new album “Godfortune // Dark Matters” was released August 24. The three piece have released a grung sounding heavy psych album that is absolutely woth your time. Play loud and enjoy.
Favorite track: Funeral of a Dog
Check out more heavy here.

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Fuzzy rockers Sheer Calm share new track!

Sheer Calm released their first track ‘Mantle Piercer’ May 21 and it instantly made me a fan. The London trio mixes noisy rock with grunge and post-punk. They have this messy original sound which instantly wants you to crash your head through the wall. The only thing you want is more.
So I am very happy I can tell you they released their second track/video called ‘Copper Tongue’ with their frienzied tornado of anxiety driven rocknroll sound.
Find more music like them on Fuzzy Sun’s spotify list.

foto van Sheer Calm.