From my favorite label comes another release. This is the 50th release by the God Unknown Record label and to celebrate that you can order the double split 7″ with the mysterious Kill Life featuring CRASS’s Penny Rimbaud and possibly members of Integrity / Fucked Up / Eyehategod and more…), Casual Sect, Acid Cannibals and KLAMP.

The God Unknown Label deals in obscure and heavy stuff. you can find experimental music, punk, noiserock, kraut, garagerock,… .

Be sure to check and buy more music from the label.



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Second track by psych/doom band Henge on God Unknown Records

The UK band is set to release their new album “Nothing Head” March 1 on the amazing God Unknown Records.

The first released treack ‘Teddy Bear’  is a psychedelic trip to the cosmos, guitar solos, riffs and faraway vocals created an epic atmopshere.

On the new track ‘Beginners’ the band show their dirty side, a slow and sludgy track  with haunted vocals thats more leaning to doom then psych.

I am very much looking forward the “Nothing Head” and i am pretty sure this will be one of the best albums of 2019.

Check out the two released tracks and find them on Fuzzy Sun’s Heavy and Psych list.



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Bruxa Maria / MoE Split (GOD049) on God Unknown Records

Another incredible split between two ridiculously heavy bands. Check them out and buy the limited vinyl on the great God Unknown Records.

Bruxa Maria – Ferocious brutal heavy noise punk from South London.

MoE – Minimalist experimental noise rock from Norway



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Henge release first track “Teddy Bear” from upcoming album

Hereby I announce one of the top albums of 2019. Henge is a band from London and they mix up all the best genres, you can here doom, psych and noise rock in their music. In 2016 they released their first LP.

Now they released the first track from their upcoming album ‘Nothing Head’. The track “Teddy bear” is 5 minutes 50 of cosmic noise, slow doom riffs and psychedelic solos with angry vocals.

This is a band that masters their own sound and brings you wall of sound from space. “Nothing Head” will be released March 1 on God Unknown Records.

Listen loud.



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Arabrot/Radar Men From The Moon split on God Unknown Records

From God Unknown Records comes again a great limited edition split. This time we can hear the noise rock band Arabrot from Haugesund, Norway and the Dutch experimental drone/psych Radar Men From The Moon.

Order yourself the 7 inch now while they are still available.




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Henge to release “Nothing Head” on God Unknown Records

January is already a month wich will bring some incredible new releases. And this is one I am really looking forward too.

Henge is a London four piece that makes psychedelic noise rock! Fuzzy Sun’s favorite music! Their previous self titled was released in 2016 also by God Unknown Records.

The first track from the new album “Nothing Head” is called “Beginners” and is a noisier and rawer then their previous work. This track can melt your brain with the noise and scorching riff with a hint of Black Sabbath.

The album will be released March 1 on God Unknown Records. Get your wallet out and order this album, cause it will be worth it.

For more heavy stuff, check out Fuzzy Sun’s list.



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Rainbow Grave release 7″ on God Unknown Records

Rainbow Grave released their 7″ Sex Threat on God Unknown Records. The previous sentence should sent shivers down your spine because Rainbow Grave creates dirty and angry noise from the gutter and it is released on the magnificent label God Unknown Records (founded by Jason Stoll, who plays bass in bands like Sex Swing, Magstar and Bonnacons of Doom).

The band (featuring founding members of Napalms Death, Doom and Scorn) have succeeded in creating the dirtiest sound i ever heard.

“Sex Threat” sounds like two hobo’s going at each other with rusted scissors.

A must have, buy it on God Uknown Records now! for more heaviness check out Fuzzy Sun’s list.



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