Girlville is a really cool label with some very nice fuzzed out garage, psych and punk bands on their label. Now they released a compilation with really cool artists on it like Osees, Uk Gold, Hood Rats, Virvon Varvon and many more. The comp has new and exclusive music from bands like Osees, Gen Pop, Germ House, and UK Gold. Some stuff that had fallen out of print (The Primitives 2016 cover of “Been Hiding” by the The Aislers Set), some stuff never before in print (UV-TV, Hood Rats), and then some songs bands gave us just to be a part of it (Mr. & the Mrs., The Proletariat).

This is a benefit compilation for Prism Health in Portland, Oregon. “Prism Health is committed to offering safe, compassionate, and affirming primary and mental health care to all members of the LGBTQ+ community.”

Girlsville Records & Tapes is filled with goodies

Only a short while ago i discovered the girlsville records and tapes and wow, am i happy i know this know. I still have to go through their whole catalogue but the first two things i discovered are absolutely great and i really need to share them with you.
The first is the all female sludge/punk/garageband Towanda who will release their EP ‘Freak of Nurture’ on April 6. This EP has a real heavy sound that makes you slowly moving to the riffs. This is great stuff!


The second thing is the our voltage compilation. These are compilation is stuffed with garage and punk. Discover some gems for yourself! Out March 1.
Open thy wallet now.

our voltage1.jpg



Heavy rockers Towanda

Out through te great Girlsville we get the 3 headed all female heavy rockers Towanda. Their Ep ‘Freak Of Nature’ will be released on April 6. We can listen to two released tracks. This thing forking rocks, full of distorted heavy riffs this is more than some simple garagerock. Mixing some sludge and punk in their EP this is need to listen.




Girlsville compilation full of Garage, psych and punk

Various Artists: Our Voltage will be released on Girlsville Records on March 1st, 2018. The proceeds will benefit legal aid for anti-racist activists and a new community self-defense gym in Chicago called Haymaker.
Full of great artists and amazing tracks, this is a compilation you need to buy!
favorite track: Damaged Bug: Pilot’s Pipe

our voltage.png