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Gaffa Bandana too release ‘Fraught in Waves’ on Human Worth

There is something absolutely bleak and brutal about the music from Gaffa Bandana, the EP starts with ‘Breakage’ wich has an incredible intense and heavy riff and this together with the excruciating vocals of Gill Dread who you may know from Bruxa Maria who made an incredibly heavy album last year (ended on my end of the year list as wel). Some tracks are faster and even more brutal and it beats me how this two piece (with Jennie Howell (So3ek, Sleeping Creatures, Gorse) on the drums) succeed in making such a rich and brutal sound. This absolute beast will be out February 26 on Human Worth and is recorded by Part Chimp frontman Tim Cedar. Two tracks are already out.

Pre-orders Friday 5th Feb with all profits going to mental health charity Mind.

new music

Gaffa Bandana released ‘Fraught in Waves’

Did not know this band until I played the firs rack and instantly recognized the vocals of Gill Dread from Bruxa Maria who released the incredible album The Maddening this year. Now Gaffa Bandana is Gill Dread and Jennie Howell and though only with two it sounds like they are with much more, their sound is full and rich and the riffs are intense and punishing. The drums make the whole even more agressive. These six tracks are a perfect mix of noiserock, sludge, punk and metal. Tune in now.