Stake share new single ‘CATATONIC DREAMS’

The Belgian heaviness Stake (previously known as Steak Number 8) return with their first new music since their new name. You can check out a subtitled docu about why Stake Number Eight changed their name to Stake.

And now we can check out the new track ‘Catatonic Dreams’ from their upcoming LP. Tune in for some agressive postmetal.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 4 mensen, lachende mensen, zittende mensen


Belgian Noisepunk sensation Pink Room return

Like a fart Pink Room’s music fills the room ruthless, fast and completely. Vocals that sound like you (accidently) squished a chihuahua, guitars and bass that turned evil and drums from the gutter.

They have released an EP and 2 singles in 2018 and now they return with new music. They have gifted us a new track/video from their upcoming album “Zum Kotzen” wich will be out March 22.

The new track is called “Wasted” and is a slow paced noiserock track that has that filthy destructive sound everyone wants (but some are to scared to admit).

Watch out for Pink Room, they creep in, destroy eardrums and leave you alone wanting more. This is one of the Belgium bands that needs to be played everywhere.

Pre-order a vinyl at Belly Button Records on Bandcamp or drop a message to the new off-stream vinyl shop ZOEZOE Records in Gent (wich is filled with only the best stuff, so check them out).

Find Pink Room on The Big Belgian Noiserock list and on Fuzzy Sun’s Spotify

Check out their previous singles and EP here:

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 3 mensen, zittende mensen


Belgian Noiserockers Crowd of Chairs release new video

The Debut LP ‘FUCK FUCK FUCK’ by Crowd Of Chairs was released on the Live Fast Die Young Label in 2017. ‘FUCK FUCK FUCK’ assaults on all senses with perfectly constructed chaos. The Ghentian noiserockers have just released the Video for their third single ‘Crowds Suck Me Dry’. Crowd of Chairs is on the The Big Belgian Noiserock List.
Check them out


Bonecrushing Noiserock by Belgian Youff

Belgian Noiserock band Youff has an exceptional raw and agressive sound. The first track from their debut is called ‘Permafuck’ and is accompanied by a slightly disturbing vid. The track ‘Permafuck’ is taken from their debut LP “Et Cetera” (March 23). Featuring Charlie from Charlie & The Lesbians.  Get mentally ill and listen to Youff.