4 track EP by The Routes

The Japanese fuzzed out garagerockers are back with a new EP. These mountain people are from Hita, in Oita (Japan) are Chris Jack – vox/guitar/bass/organ/percussion,
Shinichi Nakayama – Drums, Toru Nishimuta – Bass  and come back strong with their 4 new tracks.

Their garagerocking tunes are out December 16 on Ghost Highway Recordings. You can find the Routes on The Cosmic Side Of Japan.


Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 3 mensen, lucht, schoenen, wolk en buiten


Ty Segall released “Fudge Sandwich”

Ty Segall released his cover album “Fudge Sandwich on 26/10 on In The Red Records. In 2018 Ty succeeded in releasing “Orange Rainbow”, “Freedom’s Goblin”, “Joy” with White Fence and “Pre Strike Sweep” with the Goggs.
Covers by bands like Spencer Davis Group, Funkadelic, Lennon and more.
An album thats full of fuzz and fun. Join the fuzz and listen to Ty Segall’s Fudge Sandwich. Order at In the red records.
For More Fuzz check out Fuzzy Sun’s Heavy and Psych List.

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Rebel Drones release “Abusing the System”

The Portland  rockers Rebel Drones released their new album “Abusing the System” today on Cardinal Fuzz/Little Cloud Records. A lot of carefully crafted guitar noise is embedded in their almost pop like songs wich gives the whole album that extra kick.
There is a cosmic vibe in this album, a vibe that knocks you of your seat and makes you go boketto.
Favorite track: Can’t Close My Eyes

Geen automatische alt-tekst beschikbaar.

An Ascent to Confusion (FULL LIVE SESSION) by The Psychotic Monks

The Psychotic Monks are a heavy band from Paris and when they released ‘Silence Slowly and Madly Shines’ last year i was completely overwhelmed. Heavy riffs alternating with softer great songwriting i knew instantly this was a really great record. So i was really glad when the live session ‘ An Ascent to Confusion’ came out. Two tracks that together span about 22 minutes. I will put this in my playlist together with dead confederate and i can put this on repeat all summer. The Noiserock and garagerock influenced session is something you really need to hear.


foto van The Psychotic Monks.

Psychedelia by Dorothy Vallens

While surfing the net i came across a track called ‘The Existentialist’s Persian Rug Mantra’ (listen below) by the band Dorothy Vallens. The track completely blew my mind! So i started checking out more music by this psychedelic UK band. And there is a ton of incredible space music to listen to. This January they released a compilation of music and some unreleased tracks they have worked on from 2014 – 2017(listen below). Go to their soundcloud and bandcamp to enjoy more magic!



Girlsville Records & Tapes is filled with goodies

Only a short while ago i discovered the girlsville records and tapes and wow, am i happy i know this know. I still have to go through their whole catalogue but the first two things i discovered are absolutely great and i really need to share them with you.
The first is the all female sludge/punk/garageband Towanda who will release their EP ‘Freak of Nurture’ on April 6. This EP has a real heavy sound that makes you slowly moving to the riffs. This is great stuff!


The second thing is the our voltage compilation. These are compilation is stuffed with garage and punk. Discover some gems for yourself! Out March 1.
Open thy wallet now.

our voltage1.jpg