Surf/garagerockers Bad Hoo released ‘What is When’

Somewhere in British Colombia we find the fuzzy surf/garagerockers Bad Hoo. The 4-piece released their new album ‘What is When’.

Their new tunes are filled with fuzzy joy, surf vibes and psychedelic vibes. Tune in for some feel good rock now!

Favorite track: Banana Splat


Dutch Garagepunkers Charlie & The Lesbians

If you are in the mood for some dirty garagerocking punk then Charlie & The Lesbians is the right band for you.

It feels like the catchy happy tunes they make are thrown in the mud, then thrown in a grinder and finally made into an audio file.

Check out their latest work ‘Paper Trail of Happiness’. This was released February one on Bottom Shelf Records.

Great, dirty stuff you need to listen to.

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Into The Iris by Flat Worms

The LA rockers Flat Worms released their new album February 8. The six song album “Into The Iris” is a cumulation of heavy fuzz, garagerock and punk.

Where else can you expect this being recorded than at Ty Segall’s house on his God? records.

experience maximum fuzzyness with Flat Worms new album “Into The Iris” now.

Favorite track: Plastic at Home

Check them and more out at Fuzzy Sun’s Heavy list.

New Zealand rockers Ounce release ‘OZ’

With great pleasure I present you the new album by New Zealand band Ounce. The five piece with their fuzzy sound delivers a great record with their very own sound.

‘OZ’ is filled with motorik, garage, fuzz and psychedelic rock making it one hell of a groovy album.

THe album was made possible with 1:12 records. Buy yourself a copy at their bandcamp or Flying Out Record store.

Favorite track: Dead Mirror

Check them and more ate Fuzzy Sun’s psych list.

The Prefab Messiahs

The psych/garage band The Prefab Messiahs are back with new music. The trippy band has a history dating back to the 80. With that long experience they are now again ready to put out new psych.

Listen to the new track “(Don’t Give Up On) Beautiful Things.

And while your here, check out some of their previous music too.

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New album on the way for Frankie And The Witchfingers

The LA psych rockers shared their first track called ‘realization’ from the upcoming album ‘ZAM’.

ZAM is out 3/1/19 via NYC’s Greenway Records.

Their new track is bursting with energy and good old garage/psych fun. Check them and more out on Fuzzy Sun’s Playlist.

Only a while ago the band released a 7″ called “Pleasure”. This one you can buy on Greenway records too. check out the track.

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