Khana Bierbood

the Guruguru Brain is one of the coolest labels around and now we can find new music by the Thai psych band Khana Bierbood(คณะ เบียร์บูด) with the album ‘Strangers From the Far East'(คนแปลกหน้าจากดินแดนบูรพา).

The first full length is produces by Go Kurasawa from Kikagaku Mojo (check their amazing last album Masana Temples). Khana Bierbood is Thai psychedelia with surf and garage influences. This is for all the fuzz fans out there.

Favorite track: เย็นมาริน/Jeanmaryn

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Roda Lits delivers fuzzy garagefun

I saw Roda Lits a while ago live in Belgium together with the noisepunkers Pink Room. The Antwerp based band creates very catchy punk songs with enough fuzz and garage influences to make a fun show.

Their new album Common Specimen/ Indoor Mold is up since December 6. A fun listen for the whole family. Out on Belly Button Records.

Favorite track: What You Want

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listen to Workin’ Man Noise Unit

Back in 2015 Workin’ Man Noise Unit released “Play Loud”. The heavy rockers return this year with a new album.
‘It’s Not Nothin” will be released November 23 on the great Riot Season Records. While waiting for this rocknolling album we can listen three of their released tracks from the album.

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Fuzzed out doom rockers Mountain Tamer

Get ready for some dirty psychedelic doom rock. Mountain Tamers are a band from Los Angeles.
Their new album “Godfortune // Dark Matters” was released August 24. The three piece have released a grung sounding heavy psych album that is absolutely woth your time. Play loud and enjoy.
Favorite track: Funeral of a Dog
Check out more heavy here.

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The Acid Sisters

Las Vegas psych rock The Acid Sisters released their self titled full length on September 21.
There are some great tunes on their new album, the band mix psychedelic rock with some fun garage tunes. Some extra spice added by the great vocals.
Tune in and check out The Acid Sisters.
Favorite track: Desert Song

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Harvey Rushmore & the Octopus

Harvey Rushmore & The Octopus is a garage/psych/surf band. if you combine these three genres you get a psychedelic trip thats extremely fun to listen to.
The band released their first single from their upcoming album “Futureman”. The track “Slime on the Beach” is an uptempo trip that you want to hear.
Tune in for some fun now and check out more on Fuzzy Sun’s psych list.