Re-release on vinyl for the Peruvian folk/doom band Reino Ermitaño

The self titled album by these Peruvian rockers was first released in 2003 and has immense energy and still sounds fresh. This is the first time the album will be available on vinyl. The album is released through the great Necio Records.

Buyt this nice vinyl on their bandcamp and enjoy some fuzz.

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New music by Ecstatic Vision

Philadelphia psych rockers Ecstatic Vision return with new music from their upcoming album.

‘Grasping The Void’ is the new track from their album ‘For the Masses’ wich will be released September 20. This is very fuzzed out heavy psych with a goddamn flute in it wich makes it even better.

An absolutely awesome track, tune in now:

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French stonerrockers Mars Red Sky to release new album

From the moment I heard the the track ‘Strong Reflection’ a couple years back i knew i was hooked on this fuzzed stoner band. A lot of stoner bands sound the same and it is great to have a band loke Mars Red Sky with their unique sound and exceptional vocals.

Their new album ‘The Task Eternal’ will be released September 27 but we can check out a couple of tracks in the meantime. And it seems we can expect that same quality fuzzed out sound again. Turn loud and enjoy these sounds.

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Heavy riffing with Saint Karloff

This Norway heavy fuzz band has three members. Mads Melvold, Ole Sletner and Adam Suleiman from Saint Karloff and their music is made of godly riffs. The groove and fuzz on their new track is just immense. 

The track ‘On the Mountains of Loudness’ is from a split with Devil’s Witches called ‘COVEN OF THE ULTRA-RIFF’. To be released Sept 6th on vinyl through Majestic Mountain Records and cassette through Stoner Witch Records.

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Tomorrow is the release of the album ‘Bent’ by Stonefield

Tomorrow is the release date for the upcoming album by psych/prog band Stonefield. The album will be released through Flightless Records.

The Australian rockers released the track ‘Sleep’ and ‘Dead Alive’ with accompanied videos from the upcoming album. This is the fourth album they release. Their music is filled with psychedelic fuzz.

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Possum share new music from ‘Space Grade Assembly’

Somewhere in Toronto there is Brandon Bak (guitar, vocals), Tobin Hopwood (guitar), Patrick Lefler (bass) and Bradley Thibodeau (drums) who came together to form the fuzz band Possum.

When they released their first two tracks ‘The Hills Part1’ and ‘The Hills Part 2’ it was pretty clear we dealt with a band ready to take the world on with their versatile psych sound. A healthy dose of kraut, fuzz, psych and jazz mixed for maximum pleasure.

They recorded their upcoming album ‘Space Grade Assembly’ themselves and will be released June 21 on Garment District Records.

Now it is time for two of their new tracks called ‘Worms Hollow Part 1’ and ‘Worms Hollow Part 2’. Tune in and you will understand why this will be one hell of an album.

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The Budos Band released ‘V’

Everyone talks about The Budos Band and like always i am late on the hype train. Happily procrastinating i come too late to the fun show because thats what this is, a funshow. The Budos Band created with their album ‘V’ a dancable fuzz fueled fun show.

The Budos Band plays a mash of Afro-beat, soul fuzz and you know whatever, i am not really good at this stuff. Tune in and check them out for yourself because this is some high livel wizardry.

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