The Gluts return with new noiserock

The Italian band will release a new album on Fuzz Club. The noiserockers released a first track called ‘E The Real Punk Rocker’ filled with reverb and noise.

‘Dengue Fever Hypnotic Trip’ will be released April 12. Check them out now and playu loud.

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The Underground Youth on Fuzz Club

The Postpunk/psych prject Underground Youth is fronted by Craig Dyer and ready to release a new album. The new album is called ‘Montage Images Of Lust & Fear”.

Check out two released tracks from the forthcoming album on Fuzz Club.

Release March 29.

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Fuzz Club Sessions: A Place To Bury Strangers

This Fuzz Club Sessions are getting something to trust on, each time an incredible band goes to the boat turned record studio and makes a LP.

This time its time for A Place to Bury Strangers. The New York psych/noise band released the first track called “Punch Back” for the LP that will be released February 15 on Fuzz Club of course.

Tune in.

Helicon release “Zero Fucks” on Fuzz Club

Helicon is a psychedelic rock band from Glasgow and it has been more then a year since their debut album.  Now they return with a three-track EP called “Zero Fucks”. On “Zero Fucks” Helicon shows what they are capable off, The tracks are full of energy and that awesome cosmic sound they produce.

The EP is released January 11 on Fuzz Club and is highly recommended. Check them out now.

Favorite track: Come on Get Off

Check them and more out on Fuzzy Sun’s List.

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Fuzz Club Session: The Janitors

The great Fuzz Club Sessions return again on the boat turned record studio. This time its The Janitors turn.

The Swedish fuzzed out psych and noise band released their latest album “Horn Ur Marken” April 2017.

The first track “Here They Come” is taken from their upcoming Fuzz Club Session wich will be released January 18th. You can pre-order the vinyl at


New music by Helicon on Fuzz Club

The psych rockers Helicon released their self titled debut album in 2017. With their cosmic motorik sound they return for a three track EP “Zero Fucks” on the great Fuzz Club.

The three instrumental tracks balance between post rock and psych. starting of quite easy the freshly shared track ‘I Hate Everyone But I Quite Like You’ ends in a cosmic blast.

Enjoy Helicon and watch out for the release on January 11.