Dead Mammals release debut

In Rochester are two dudes called C. Garth and P. Basden and when you put these two dudes together they start making really loud noises and they make these noises under the name Dead Mammals. Are you a fan of dirty postpunk and noiserock? Bass hooks and dirty vocals? well then this is perfect for you! And if you are not a fan of dirty postpunk and noiserock, bass hooks and dirty vocals then it is time to change that. Stop being a wuss and start listening.

Out on Forbidden Place Records.

Frack! release ‘Accelerant’ on Forbidden Place Records

From Sacra, Califas comes the trio Frack! who released ‘Accelerant’ on Forbidden Place Records. Frack! makes riff fueled punk/stoner/noiserock. The band has an oldschool sound and is filled with agnry energy.These are some great musicians, the whole album is filled with great basslines, riffs, drumming and good strong vocals. Tune in now.

FFO Fu Manchu

Escape To Weird Mountain by Forbidden Place Records

The Colorado label hosts an crapload of cool bands and on their Volume six of the Escape To Weird Mountain they compile 24 tracks of the bands on the label and on it their will be bands who will deliver new music! Cosmic riffing an interesteller heavy psych and stoner ‘n stuff. Play loud and enjoy.

Haaz share new track/vid

From Värmland, Sweden comes the fuzzed out noiserock by Haaz. Haaz is a solo noiserock project (C-J Larsgarden). His self titled is out on Forbidden Place Records and is a great piece of fuzzed out noiserock with enough variation to keep it fun for ten tracks. Now he released a new track called ‘Frame’. Check it out here.

Spooky Sounds From the Underground Volume 1 by Forbidden Place Records

Forbidden Place Records has a lot of gems on their label, it is filled with filthy stoner, noiserock and other lovely genres. Now they bring us a halloween compilation called ‘Spooky Sounds From the Underground Volume 1’ and it is perfect to play in the dark while completely wasted (on candy of course). Tune in to hear excellent bands play creepy music.

The Tunnel released ‘Condemned​/​Collapse’

San Francisco trio The Tunnel released their latest album ‘Shapeshifter’ on Forbidden Place Records and I really liked it so I am happy to share with you their two new tracks called ‘Condemned’ and ‘Collapsed’ out on King of Sticks Recording Collaborative ( And it is Recorded by Jordan Sobolew (you know, Reptiod, the one I have been ranting about).

Tune in now.

Haaz release self-titled on Forbidden Place Records

From Värmland, Sweden comes the fuzzed out noiserock by Haaz. Haaz is a solo noiserock project (C-J Larsgarden). The self titled is out now on Forbidden Place Records and is a great piece of fuzzed out noiserock with enough variation to keep it fun for ten tracks. Tune in and check it out now.

Latest releases from Forbidden Place Records – Spectrum/Static, Dungeon Weed and The Crooked Whispers

The Colorado label Forbidden Place Records has had most of their releases covered here on Fuzzy Sun. The bands on the label are always interesting and most of the time they bring something refreshing and it is always heavy. I wanted to share with you the three latest releases because their is yet again some awesome stuff in it.

Dungeon Weed

This Oakland band has a really great name and I was expecting regular doom but their is psych and a lot of trippy guitar work involved too. The six tracks bring you in some kind of trance.


Somewhere in Oregon is this two man noise unit called Spectrum​/​Static. There is some really dirty noisepunk in this album called “Change of Head”. Tune in and embrace the noise.

The Crooked Whispers

“Satanic Melodies” is the debut of The Crooked Whispers’ and his this uncle acid vibe but with some more funky evil style, hope i can say this and that they do not put a curse on me.

Burn Ritual release first track on Forbidden Place Records

A very doomy and groovy first track from the Texas rockers Burn Ritual. An excellent riff with some great vocals make this a very cool track from their upcoming album ‘The Void’ wich will be released on Forbidden Place Records on August 7. Tune in and check out.

Scary Busey is here with a new LP

Somewhere in Oregon I believe is the band Scarey Busey who released their EP ‘Tower Peeler’ a while ago. I did not expect new music so soon so this comes as a really fun suprise. Their new self-titled is quite impressive, it is difficult to pin down what kind of heaviness this is and that is a good thing because this makes it interesting. It feels like these guys just got their material together and started just musicing the fuck out of the music. This self titled EP is something of hybrid between wild noiserock, unfermented punk and dangerous occult rock. Listen, its great, tune in now. Out on Forbidden place Records and it needs your attention. There is a videoclip that you should see too.

Scary Busey delivers one hell of an EP

“TOWER PEELER” is the new Ep by Scary Busy wich features guitarist Jake Spece of The Kronk Men who released new music just a while ago (and a slowed down version of their album). Now ‘Tower Peeler’ is three tracks long and has a crapload of good noisy and groovy riffs , awesome vocals and enough heaviness to make everyone heavy. This is very good noiserock/metal. Out on Forbidden Place records. Extra points for the last cool track.


The Kronk Men release an Evil version of their ablum “3”

Out of Forbidden place records came the new album by oregon rockers The Kronkmen. Their new album “3” was recently released and was really good stuff and now they did something really weird. They released their same album but slowed way down. The thing sounds again good, but now it sounds like the evil sludgy twin brother that is out to get you while you are drooling in your bed at night. This is the soundtrack to your nightmare. Tune in for the Evil verion of The Kronkmen.



The Kronk Men

The stuff that comes out on Forbidden Place Records is always pretty damn cool and it is no different with the Oregon rocker The Kronkmen. They released their thrid album called “3” (who could have guessed that?). This is ten tracks of panic induced surfnoise. Though I always miss vocals on bands like this I have to say I really like this album, the basslines are supercool, its catchy and superentertaining. Listen to The Kronk Men and buy their LP.




Okay, 2020 just looks a lot better after listening to this release. Forbidden Place Records is a very good label and has released some excquisite records in the past but now they released their 2020 sampler with the artist they are going to work with in 2020 and it is goddamn amazing. There are 20 tracks on “ESCAPE TO WEIRD MOUNTAIN VOLUME 5” and some of the artists I know others are new to me. I love learning about new bands and I am very much looking forward to new music by Jars, Melting Human Trash, This is Wreckage and Ed Hall. what a glorious release. Buy the album and press play.

The Tunnel release “Shapeshifter” on Forbidden Place Records

San Francisco trio The Tunnel makes something very unique and cool. and their new album they have created a dark and ominous album. The blbum “Shapeshifter” is something of a mix between noiserock, grunge and doom with Manson like vocals. A very dirty album that really wants a place in your collection.

Favourite track: Punisher

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