Finnish noiserockers Throat release ‘Decade of Passive Aggression 2009​-​2019’

Only in August 2018 did the Finnish noiserockers Throat release their second album ‘Bareback’. In 10 years they made a couple of mini albums, singles, splits and now we get the 10 years anniversary of Throat, wich is a double album titled ‘Decade of Passive Aggression 2009​-​2019’.

What is collected here is released wich were all previously unavailable. Take your time to listen to this double album because Throat shows what they are capable of. This are 27 of the heaviest noisy tracks that are just delicious. A gorgeous piece of work wich shows this Finnish band is absolute master at noiserock.

Buy the album on Koas Kontrol now.

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While you are here, check out the previous release by Throat:

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Finnish noiserockers Throat

“Bareback” is the second album by Finnish noiserockers Throat. The first thing thats clear on their new album, released in August 2018, is that they know how to make a good riff and are not scared of experimenting with noise and machines.

“Bareback” a interesting listen from start to finish. Out on Svart Records

Favorite track: Rat Domain

Buy the album on Koas Kontrol now.

For more noise check out Fuzzy Sun’s List.


Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 3 mensen, staande mensen, lucht, gras, wolk, buiten en natuur







Boar – Poseidon

Finnish doom rockers ‘Boar’ release new album ‘Poseidon’ tomorrow, 1st June. A melting pot of styles see ‘Boar’ create an album that continues to grab your attention all the way through.

First track off the album ’12’ demonstrates that no-one can do doom like the Finns! Available on LostPilgrims Records on an exclusive green 12″ vinyl that looks pretty awesome.

boar LP.jpg

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Finnish ritualistic duo LIAR

Today i found the new album by Liar (Love is the Answer) in the mail. LIAR is a mind altering ritual music project from Helsinki by Kalle Sipilä and Jani-Petteri Olkonen.


In the quest for the purest form the album Headreader was made. The dream-like music is filled with witch drums, ritual percussion, kendang, cajon, bells & bones, voc, flutes, loops, didgeridoo.